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Aurore Stephany

Moving to Lofoten to work with farming in Bergen Norway

My background is in Biology and Teaching and I would like to work with farming in Norway.
Until 2015, I studied a master in Biology, Ecology and Teaching from the ULg (Belgium). I arrived in Norway in 2013 for an Erasmus exchange during the first year of that master.
After my studies I spent three months in Kenya visiting farms and learning about food production. Last summer I built a little house on wheel. I am currently learning Norwegian and working in a kindergarden. This summer I will drive my house along the Norwegian coast and work in farms.

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Bergen's Mini House

@ VOL 8 ON MAR 10, 2017

"I'm here to tell you how I built this little house."

In "Bergen's Mini House" from PechaKucha Bergen Vol. 8, Aurore Stephany answers why she decided to build a little house on wheel. She and her friends built the whole thing in Bergen last summer. It's a 6sqm box on a trailer. It has a kitchen, two windows and a hammock. They can sit comfortably 2 people on the sofa for a dinner. Next summer the little house will travel across Norway for more adventures.

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Bergen @ Cornerteateret
Mar 10, 2017