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Audrey Barrett

Acupuncturist, Middle Path Acupuncture in Ellensburg United States

A wanderer who recently relocated to Ellensburg, I am a part hippie child, part mystic, part sage, and part fool… okay, big part fool. A believer in several things: that we are all one, what you do for another you do for yourself, and that what you do for yourself you do for another. I believe that we are all beautiful, unique stain glass windows in which the light that shines through you is the same light that shines through me. I believe that listening and love are fundamental for healing. That our beloved earth is our biggest gift in life and that our bodies are “mini earths”—both of which contain innate wisdom to support us on our soul’s journey. If only we could honor them to the degree of the service that they provide.

I believe in the eyes of the young ones, the passion and sense of justice of our youth, and the wisdom of our elders.

My world view has been informed by the medicine that I practice. It has taught me to begin to understand the laws that cannot be enforced, nor denied, and can be found universally—in music, science, math, nature, art, thelogy, medicine, sociology, and psychology. All of the ‘ologies.

Thank you for this opportunity to sit beside you this evening, I am looking forward to the insight shared and whatever stirrings might present themselves.

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On Healing Energy

@ VOL 13 ON MAR 16, 2018

Audrey Barrett shares what happens when you let love in and its power to heal.

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Ellensburg @ Gallery One Visual Arts Center
Mar 16, 2018