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ART Projects

arts, marketing and PR in Sofia Bulgaria

"ART PROJECTS" Foundation was established in May 2013 to work in public interest. Its main mission is to promote the cultural and social responsibility and to engage young people in cultural and social activities in the country, making them more responsible, more compassionate to the problems and at the same time progressive personalities.
Art Projects is to support the development of cultural activities in Bulgaria by organizing various events and activities and support the communication of cultural institutions, as well as independent artists and creators.

"Art Projects" Foundation organizes various events and social projects. The main activity of the Foundation is preparing marketing and communication strategies, management and producing. In 2013, "ART PROJECTS" produced the pilot edition of THEATRES NIGHT in Sofia (m. September) and joined Sofia theaters and artists to the fifth edition of the European Night of Theatre (November, which happened simultaneously in 11 European countries).