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Anthony Njau

Law and Finance Professional in Dar Es Salaam Tanzania, United Republic of

What 3 words can describe Anthony Njau, nerdy, curious and blunt (when it counts). Now the last is more than one word, still. He is a Tanzanian law and finance professional working to establish himself in the innovation and business ecosystem of Tanzania. He has worked in Tanzania and the Netherlands with companies in legal and finance consulting and has picked up quite a bit about the challenges and opportunities of greenfield operations in East Africa. His BHAG in his ever growing to do list is to help shape the legal technology landscape in Tanzania. Anthony is all about sharing the joy and the pain, and is continuously learning to improve his communication skills. Apart from Technology, his passions include volunteering, languages, live music and reading inspirational books.

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Dar es Salaam @ Triniti Guesthouse, Bar and Restaurant
Nov 09, 2017