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Anita Chang

Artist, PR and Communicator , WORKTECHT and RAYARK in Tokyo Japan

Anita Chang is a Tokyo-based Taiwanese artist, was born in 1978.
In 2003, she graduated from AUT (Auckland, New Zealand) in Japanese studies.
Between 2003 and 2005, Anita focused mostly in collaborative cross-genre artwork in music (AAAportIS) and fashion styling fields (see photograph book of the movie Hana and Alice)
In 2005, Anita and Pei_3 formed an art group, nonsense. They have since produced their works under this new partnership.
Anita has relocated to Japan in 2006. She has produced several translative works (Tomodachinokabann ISBN 986-7461-37-1), as well as being a contributing columnist for famed Taiwanese magazines and periodicals. Currently she is working on personal art pieces that will reflect her diversified range in contemporary art and culture.
Anita has based in Tokyo since 2007, she is currently working on developing her own individual exhibition and finding chance to join many art events.
From 2012, Anita Chang had a chance to work with an APP music game called Cytus. This chance has opened anther path of pop-culture for her career.
Since June 2013, she starts to work in a Tokyo-based lighting design company as an artist and PR.
At the moment, she is planning to start a series of art-living cross-genre projects from 2015.

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Anita C‘s Art & Life Method

@ VOL 119 ON NOV 26, 2014

Anita C moved to earth 5 years ago. Now she is an artist, and also works in PR for a lighting design company. In this presentation, we are introduced to a few of Anita's recent works, as well as upcoming projects. She also introduce the Cytus project, an app music game made by the Taiwanese game company Rayark.

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Tokyo @ SuperDeluxe
Nov 26, 2014