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Angus Woodward

Writer in Baton Rouge United States

Angus Woodward was raised in Michigan by Virginians and moved to Louisiana in 1987 to get an MFA from LSU. He has taught college writing since 1990, first at Delgado CC in New Orleans and, for the past two decades, at Franciscan University (nee Our Lady of the Lake College) in Baton Rouge. His books of fiction are Down at the End of the River, Americanisation, and Oily (a new novel about the Deepwater Horizon fiasco). Like you, Angus finds stories everywhere-- in the books he reads, the songs he hears, the people he watches, and the life he lives. He appreciates the power of stories to entertain us, change us, and heal us. Also, he went to middle school with a famous person.

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The Untold Story of Novels in Disguise

@ VOL 9 ON JUL 27, 2018

What do auction catalogs, textbooks, how-to manuals, dictionaries, and recommendation letters have in common? All of these documents have served as 'costumes' for novels by mischievous writers such as Vladimir Nabokov, Ursula K. LeGuin, Mohsin Hamid and others. How does that work? Angus Woodward explains...

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Why Did the Famous Person Play with the Glue?

@ VOL 12 ON MAY 11, 2019

So maybe you went to school with someone famous, and maybe he made a fool of himself one day in shop class. You might tell the story over dinner and at parties for decades, honing your delivery. But what's the point? What purpose does the anecdote really serve? You may not find out until late in life, and when you do find out, you may come to understand the healing power of story. Or, at least, that's how it happened for Angus Woodward

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Baton Rouge @ LSU Museum of Art / Bert and Sue Turner Gallery
May 11, 2019

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Baton Rouge @ Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge
Jul 27, 2018