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Andrea Cockerton

Director, We Are Sound & House of Cambridge in Cambridge United Kingdom

Andrea Cockerton is an arts entrepreneur, and in her spare time an investor pitch coach (in 2005 she founded Cambridge based pitch consultancy Mudhut, and has worked with over 1500 entrepreneurs & innovators on communicating business critical information under pressure). In 2010, she launched We Are Sound, which has gone on to become the UK’s first 'sound experience company' blurring the lines between bands and fans. In 2013 she founded The Dosoco Foundation, a music foundation which gives out grants to individuals and organisations using music for social good. And finally in 2017 Andrea was the brains behind House of Cambridge, a new multi-arts festival launching in Cambridge soon, delivering extraordinary events in unusual spaces. Her main passion in all of these is the place where unexpected things happen, and where people create things they didn't think they were capable of.

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An obsession with arts, hearts & buildings

@ VOL 14 ON MAR 06, 2018

Andrea Cockerton believes people are capable of more than they think. Buildings can be differently beautiful when used unexpectedly. Colliding these together through the arts is what drives her.

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Cambridge @ Espresso Library
Mar 06, 2018