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Anatol Bologan

Artist, Designer, Lecturer Department of Visualization , Texas A&M University in College Station United States

Anatol Bologan is an artist working in both traditional and digital mediums. His classical training in fine art began at the age of eleven and continued in the Russian Academy of Arts and the National University of the Arts in Bucharest where he completed a Bachelors of Fine Arts. After years working in the media industry, he continued his studies at the University of London, Goldsmiths College, completing a Masters of Arts in Image and Communications with a focus on Media Theory, Philosophy and Digital Art. Currently Anatol lectures on traditional and digital arts, graphic and interactive design in the Department of Visualization, College of Architecture at Texas A&M University. His research and recent artwork explores the philosophical concepts of posthuman embodiment with a focus on neuroaesthetics and neuroethics. The current series explores these topics through paintings, sculptures and installations.

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What is the human? Imagining The Posthuman Self

@ VOL 13 ON DEC 05, 2017

Exploring the confluence of the human body, science and technology
the focus of Anatol Bologan's art-based research is to develop a series of digital and interactive artworks that engage the viewer with the discourse of humanism versus technicism by immersing the viewers into a multisensory interactive space. Interdisciplinary at its core, the project engages scientific, medical and technology-based research and imaging in the fields of human anatomy, perception, neurology and computer science. It uses concepts of artificial intel¬ligence and medical imaging as source material for artwork that consists of digital images, sculptures and interactive installations. The digital paintings, interactive sculptures as well as the interactive installations explore the confluence of human body, science and technology to further enquire and attempt to answer the question: “What is the Human?”

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Bryan @ The Ice House on Main
Dec 05, 2017