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This problem is exacerbated by the growth of recreational technology that further promotes inactivity and less time in the fresh air. In other cases, parents are less controlling and teenagers are left to make their own decisions, leading to choices made from peer pressure rather than common sense. This means the good healthy and active lifestyle is rejected in favour of a more sugar, fat and alcohol fuelled existence combined with reduced exercise. This is not what the mind and body need for optimum performance.Teenagers tend to ignore direct instructions or suggestions so effective methods need to be more subtle. Undoubtably the most successful method is to teach them when young. Canny parents get their offspring involved in healthy eating and sport and exercise well before the adolescent years.One important habit is for the whole family to remove unhealthy foods and drinks from its kitchen shelves. If sugar laden drinks and fatty foods are no longer easily available then any youngsters are more likely to get into healthy habits too. Having more fruit and vegetables around and creating the habit of drinking water will create an atmosphere where healthy habits seem normal.