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Admittedly, exercise can be boring, unless you plug yourself into an iPod or an mp3 player to ease the tedium. Making a motivating playlist can make the difference between a boring session and a great session. However, one problem with using an mp3 player is what to do with it whilst you exercise- if you don't have a pocket to slip it into then you might be left holding it in your sweaty palm. Luckily, manufacturers have wised up to this dilemma and created a range of iPod holders that will keep your device secure. Take a look at some online reviews before you splash out to get the best for your money.Anyone looking to get fit should know that transforming a shapeless tummy into sculpted six pack abs doesn't happen overnight. But sheer determination isn't the only thing you need to get the look you want. In fact, many people spend years trying to sculpt 6 pack abs but don't see the results they want. This is because they are probably unaware that there's a science behind body building and sculpting.One myth people hold on to is that constantly doing abdominal exercises will get them the body they want. While it will help build muscle in the area, it isn't an effective way of getting rid of the body fat that hides these muscles. The best way to address this is through a proper diet as well as aerobic exercise.