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Ana Arsenova

Project Manager , UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office in Vientiane Lao People's Democratic Republic

Ana Arsenova is a Macedonian, living in Laos for the past two years and working for the U.K. embassy on policy issues. 

She is also a food lover, and ever since moving to Laos she is in food heaven but struggled when it came to finding ideas on where to go to get good local eats. This is why she started the Vientiane Foodies Facebook group, a group that unites the food aficionados in Vientiane. Here they jointly explore good places to eat, exchange information on new events and places, review the local offer and talk all thing FOOD. 

The group is open for everyone to enjoy and the ultimate goal is to bring the tastes and opinions of the restaurant and cafe goers closer to the managers and owners. Vientiane has an incredible food offer, and this group will most certainly help good quality places to get noticed!

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Vientiane Foodies Group

@ VOL 5 ON MAR 02, 2017

Ana Arenova’s presentation really all made us very hungry and thinking about our next food adventure! She briefly introduced us to her home country’s delicacies and then shared with us the inspirations and challenges which have led to the creation of the Vientiane Foodies Group. With her, we discover some of the group best food voyage in Vientiane from Pakistani cuisine to North Korean or South Indian cuisine and many many more choices to tempt our taste buds.  Ana and her foodies group can definitely help us find our way in the city’s proliferation of restaurants and cafes without going bananas!

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Vientiane @ SunTara Restaurant
Mar 02, 2017