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Amy Strother Michael Gatz

Owners, Denicola's Furniture in Baton Rouge United States

Amy Strother and Michael Gatz are the owners of Denicola’s Furniture in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Denicola’s, in business for sixty-four years old and founded by Jasper and Sarah Denicola in 1953, provides the Baton Rouge community with age-old trades like upholstery, antique furniture repair, refinishing, and restoration.
Amy and Michael were “pickers” before picking was cool and have accumulated a large collection of special, iconic pieces over the last twelve years. As lovers of mid-century furniture, they met the Denicolas while searching for skilled craftsmen to restore their iconic finds, and a bond was formed over a common love of preserving the old. When Jasper retired in 2011 after a lifetime of craftsmanship, Amy and Michael purchased the company from him. Amy and Michael have grown Denicola's into a more design-focused and sustainable restoration business while working hard to maintain the Denicola's legacy of experienced craftsmanship for which the name is known.

Amy and Michael have brought new ideas and scope to Denicola's, and what has evolved is an alternative customer experience unlike most which exist in the furniture world. Now, Denicola's offers the very best of upholstery, refinishing, and restoration services, but with it comes a boutique of design elements including designer fabrics, interior design services, retail options, and sustainability.

In the summer of 2015, Denicola's made a move from its longtime location in North Baton Rouge to a new home at 1010 Nicholson Drive, or 1010Nic. All three aspects of the furniture restoration process happen in one place: Workshop, Showroom, and Service, offering clients a 360-degree service experience in a unique space. Within that experience is an intense focus on traditional craftsmanship applied inside of a contemporary design frame.

Denicola's operates by standards which are rare in the world of furniture fabrication and upholstery, as they practice fair trade, equal opportunity, and social responsibility. Preserving the dying trades while inspiring and teaching new craftsmen to work with their hands is a passion at Denicola’s.

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The Dying Crafts: A Solution-focused Presentation

@ VOL 6 ON OCT 27, 2017

With a focus on how to solve the problem, Amy Strother and Michael Gatz will discuss the dying crafts and the effects of their disappearance on manufacturing, consumerism, and the environment.

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Baton Rouge @ MidCity Ballroom
Oct 27, 2017