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Alli Montgomery

Architecture, MHM in Knoxville United States

Alli Montgomery is a talented young designer that brings infectious energy and fresh ideas to create truly unique and functional designs. She is passionate about helping clients visualize and realize their dreams for their project. Alli graduated from the University of Tennessee with a Bachelors of Architecture and a minor in Business. Her brief but fulfilling career has involved her in all phases of design on a variety of projects, with a focus on K-12 education. Alli rounds out her professional service by serving on the AIA East Tennessee Board of Directors and is the committee chair for Emerging Professionals.

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PARK(ing) Day Knox

@ VOL 28 ON AUG 16, 2018

While many believe that the biggest issue with parking is the lack of, in reality most U.S. cities suffer from an excessive amount of parking. With all this space being designed for vehicles, what is happening to the space in the city of human experience. That coupled with the ever-changing technological advances in vehicular travel leaves Alli Montgomery and Justin Hare wondering what else can a parking space be used for besides just a car?
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Knoxville @ Mill and Mine
Aug 16, 2018