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Alicia Cole

Writer/Artist, Self in Huntsville United States

Alicia Cole is a writer and artist in Huntsville, AL. She's the Editor of Priestess & Hierophant Press and the Interviews Editor of Black Fox Literary Magazine. She's learning disabled, autistic, and mentally ill. She enjoys spending time with her husband and their animals, loves coffee, plants, tattoos, and art.

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Building a Life Inside

@ VOL 7 ON AUG 30, 2018

Alicia Cole is a writer and artist in Huntsville, AL.  Born in Knoxville, TN, she moved to Huntsville at the age of four for her mother's career at NASA, where she lived until eighteen.  She traveled extensively from eighteen through thirty-seven before returning to live in Huntsville. An entirely self-taught artist, she's previously worked in fabric/embroidery and mixed media, and now creates drawings and collages while experimenting with sculpture and sculptural elements.  While her early drawings, shown here, center on hospitalization and mental health, she's currently working on both a series on aging/dilapidated signs within the Huntsville area, with the occasional sign caught while traveling through the greater region, and one on pop culture.  Her collage work, commissioned by the Science Fiction Poetry Association, challenges gender and racial parity and is featured on their SpecPo blog.  Challenged by the limitations of supplies in the hospital, she continues to limit her materials to office supplies or what can be used in a classroom, save for advancing to archival paper.  She draws heavily from graffiti and pop art as well as abstraction.  An essay about her time in the hospital, accompanied by five artworks, was recently published in Brain Mill Press' Makers on Making, BMP Voices series.  Her fabric work is in collections in New York City, Philadelphia, and Tennessee.  She lives with her husband, three animals, and five plants.  She loves coffee, plants, tattoos, animals, and art.

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Huntsville @ Alchemy Lounge
Aug 30, 2018