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Alice RL

Artist in Winnipeg Canada

Alice RL is a professional Illustrator and Art Teacher based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The non-binary, Ojibawe artist draws inspiration from their experiences and cultural teachings and melds it with a signature palette of bright, playful hues to create stunning juxtapositions of human brutality and emotion with hope and whimsy. Alice’s range of projects include game and comic book art, digital and traditional illustration, and graphic design.

Alice is a Graduate of the University of Manitoba Fine Arts Program and Digital Media Design at Red River College. Alice is deeply involved in the local art community and strives to improve themselves and others. Whether working in digital or traditional art, Alice brings a unique personal style and emotional impact into all their creations.

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Navigating the Waters of Mental Health

@ VOL 32 ON DEC 06, 2017

Trigger warning:

Alice R.L. takes on a deep discussion on mental health, suicide, and self-harm. Please take care when listening and remember to keep on loving yourself. 

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What's up with Trans?

@ VOL 37 ON FEB 20, 2019

Alice RL is an Indigenous non-binary artist who lives a transgendered experience whose 20x20 talk cannot be expressed in words alone. In this honest, funny, and heartwarming talk, Alice lays down the facts that trans people live through, and gives a personal account of their own struggles and triumphs. This enlightening and dynamic talk on trans issues and experiences is not to be missed.

Alice's talk was recorded live at PechaKucha Night Winnipeg Vol. 37, on February 20 2019, at the Park Theatre. 

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Winnipeg @ The Park Theater and Movie Cafe
Feb 20, 2019