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Alex Yerks

Wood Carver - Photographer, Myself in New York United States

Alex is a full-time green woodworker and photographer, carving spoons and kitchenalia while teaching globally. Teaching his Kuksa carving process, but on a smaller scale, Alex will help you learn new techniques, think laterally, and hone your efficiency in axe and knife work.

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Spoon Medicine, axe carving and slöjd

@ VOL 38 ON NOV 08, 2018

Alex Yerks is a full-time green woodworker and photographer, carving spoons in the tradition of sloyd or as he calls it “kitchenalia”. while traveling globally to teach. He’ll be sharing thoughts on “Spoon Medicine”, the therapeutic aspects of carving. Alex is a photographer, outdoorsman, musician, and last but not least, a greenwood worker—maker of simple and rustic items utilizing trees and other raw natural resources with just axe & knife. Dedicated to all things wooden, his skills and attention focus on learning the ways of yesteryear and examining their compatibility with the modern world. He believes we all have a connection with our natural environment and can enrich our lives if we surround ourselves with simple items crafted from the forest.

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Christchurch @ The Great Hall
Nov 08, 2018