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Aleksandra Corwin

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Aleksandra Corwin is an award-winning journalist, writer, and book coach. She has reported extensively from around the world, with a particular focus on troubled hot zones like Afghanistan and Burma. Her work has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Foreign Policy Magazine, The Atlantic, Huffington Post, and Forbes, among others. She has co-authored or edited over a dozen books on topics ranging from conscious leadership, international adoption and child development, to historical and spiritual memoir. She is devoted to exploring connection, consciousness, truth, and freedom. She is a certified yoga teacher and has taught workshops on writing, creativity, and yoga. She is currently an Executive Editor at Round Table Companies, where she focuses on developing books for people who want to change the world.

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We All Have a Story, We All Need a Witness: Vulnerability as a Tool for Human Connection

@ VOL 1 ON MAR 15, 2018

Writing a book, Aleksandra Corwin says, is like falling in love. It involves opening up the most vulnerable part of us and sharing it with others. As a book editor, Aleksandra has helped countless authors go through this journey, by being the first witness and doula to their story. Her presentation is about this process, but it is also about a critical time in her life when, for the first time, the role was reversed and she needed to accept her own vulnerability.

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Alexandria @ Busboys and Poets Shirlington
Mar 15, 2018