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Adele Bates

Creative Educator

Sometimes learning looks like quiet students focusing hard: reading, writing and typing.

Sometimes learning looks like arguments, debates and frustration (something may even get broken).

Sometimes learning looks like hilarity, spilt paint and gravy in a pupil's hair.

Sometimes learning looks like a daydream, a doodle... absence.

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Locked In

@ VOL 10 ON JUN 21, 2018

Adele Bates gives us an insight into being locked in a room full of teenagers and the surprising amount of engagement that grew when questions they actually want to know were anwered. Bates shows us the amount of interest teenagers can have when it comes to learning despite their negative stereotypes. Adele's unique outlook on education and youths challenges us to see children -our future- as a vast amount of knowledge and opportunity rather than burdons or misifits.

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Bexhill-on-Sea @ De La Warr Pavilion
Jun 21, 2018