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Abi Tariq

Artist/Student in Paris France

Abi Tariq is a conceptual artist whose primary concern is with alternative modes of communication. Through existential investigations using text, sound, action and manipulation of form he uncovers a counsciousness of already embedded, usually overlooked understandings present in our relations. He uses the term 'organic telepathy' to describe 'an understoodness' nurtured over time through intimacy.

Born in Karachi, Pakistan and based currently in Paris, France he is pursuing a low-residency Master of Fine Arts degree at Transart Institute between Berlin and New York. He is a core member of Pakistani artist troupe ‘TBP’ and works frequently with Paris based collective ‘Lamb Imaginarium’. His initial major displacement to Switzerland in 2007, has since made it imperative for him to create site/culture specific work.

At present Abi's research examines the overlap between mysticism and the absurd.

Abi has two upcoming openings in the Blue Mountains: the first being a culmination of his month long residency at the WEST project space in Hazelbrook on the 30th of May, and at the other, a group show at the Blue Mountains Grammar School Gallery on the 13th of June.

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Conscious Investigations

@ VOL 12 ON MAY 20, 2015

' Into/Out of ' or 'balance . . . '

AV piece created at WEST project space, Blue Mountains, Australia.

'Into/Out of' or 'b a l a n c e . . .' takes from physical endurance practices a life lesson of leaning into the pain, into the posture; easing into what is difficult as well as out of what is rigid and no longer efficient or worth nurturing.

Theoretically this implies not giving-in to the 'always-already tragedy', and instead attempting to steadily remain in the in-between space, where we are constantly moving 'into' and 'out of' moments (in our minds and in real-physical-space).

Though this may be an impossibility, it yields momentary escape and thus possibility, until we fall again. But we seekers, always keep trying against all odds hoping to break through as underdogs – don't we?

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Blue Mountains @ The Carrington
May 20, 2015