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Abdul Muqeet

Student, - in Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates

I am Abdul Muqeet, popularly known as The Paper Bag Boy.I have been recycling old newspapers and making paper bags to stop the usage of the plastic bags.I spread awareness of not to use plastic bags by going to workshops and giving speeches and live demonstrations on how to make paper bags.So far I have gone to more than 175 workshops internationally.I have got the prestigious Abu Dhabi Award which was given by H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan,the crown prince of Abu Dhabi.I have also been invited by the United Nations Environmental Program to attend their children and youth conference in Indonesia.

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The Paper Bag Boy


"Say no to a plastic bag" and "Awareness is the key" are the mottos of Abdul Muqeet, a thirteen year old concerned about creatures survival and the Earth's future. He encourages a paper bag use and a conscious change starting now,realizing that we can not recycle the time.