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Aaron McMahon

Manitoba Tourism Specialist, Travel Manitoba in Winnipeg Canada

For the last 10 years, Aaron’s worked in the Tourism & Hospitality Industry, allowing him to pull-off his personal mantra “save, travel, repeat.” His travel bug comes from the family road trips he took as a kid throughout North America, Europe and of course, Manitoba. Without hesitation, Manitoba still ranks first on his list of premier travel destinations. He currently works as a Travel Counsellor at Travel Manitoba where he reminds travellers from around the world just how diverse this province is. Nobody takes “Friendly Manitoba” as seriously as Aaron does.

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The Great Province of Manitoba

@ VOL 38 ON JUN 06, 2019

You will find very few people that love the Canadian prairie province of Manitoba more than Aaron McMahon does. As a Tourism Specialist, Aaron gets to passionately express this affinity for Manitoba and the many treasures it contains to both tourists and locals alike.

For his 20x20 talk, Aaron took the PechaKucha Night Winnipeg stage to tell us why he loves Manitoba so much, list off us some of his favourite spots in the province, and encourage us to get out there and love where we live.

Aaron's talk was recorded live at PechaKucha Night Winnipeg Vol. 38, on June 6 2019, at the Park Theatre. 

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Winnipeg @ The Park Theater and Movie Cafe
Jun 06, 2019