So you think your city needs a PechaKucha Night?

1 Make sure you have read the 20x20 frequently asked questions page for all you need to know about PechaKucha Night.
2 If possible, try to attend a PechaKucha Night in a city near you, this is the best way to get a feel for what it's all about, and you can also have a chat with the organizers and presenters.
3 Get in touch via the form at the bottom of this page and tell us about yourselves.
4 You will need a day job -- we do not want people running PechaKucha Nights as their main business, because it is not a business.
5 We look for people from the creative industries to run PechaKucha Nights.
6 We want to avoid companies and existing organizations running PKN events, to keep it as “grassroots” as possible. We do have some great companies and organizations running PKN events, but it is preferable if people run them in their spare time and not through an office organization.
7 You will need a good network of people in your city in order to invite presenters, and also a good crowd to come and enjoy the presentations.
8 You will need a team of supporters, the broader and more diverse the network, the better.
9 City organizers are really seen as stewards of the PechaKucha spirit not owners!
10 You will need to hustle a venue. Bars and clubs are usually happy to have 200-400 people rocking up and drinking on a dead night like Monday or Tuesday, so it's often not that difficult to find.
11 If there is more than one person in a city wanting to run a city we usually put them in touch with each other, and to date this has proven successful. The more people from different backgrounds and networks, the more vibrant and interesting PKN will be.
12 It normally takes us a month or so to grant PKN “handshake” agreements. We sometimes say yes and sometimes say no - so be be prepared for both answers.
13 PKN “handshake” agreements are free, but we ask for a donation to the PechaKucha Foundation to cover our running costs.
14 We have never asked anyone to run a PechaKucha Night in their city -- every organizing team is made up of enthusiastic and passionate people who have asked us if they could run a PKN in their city. So go on, if your city needs one, get in touch with us and let's go from there!
15 Have what it takes to run PechaKucha in your city? Click here to apply.