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Osnabrueck @ Lagerhalle
Mar 03, 2009


Savannah @ The Sentient Bean
Mar 01, 2009


Savannah @ Structured Green
Apr 29, 2009


Savannah @ The Black Box Theater @ S.P.A.C.E.
Oct 01, 2009


Savannah @ The Black Box Theater @ S.P.A.C.E.
Feb 20, 2010


Savannah @ MUSE Arts Warehouse
Apr 22, 2010


Savannah @ MUSE Arts Warehouse
Oct 14, 2010


Savannah @ MUSE Arts Warehouse
Mar 06, 2011


Savannah @ MUSE Arts Warehouse
May 22, 2011


Savannah @ Starlandia Space Station
May 25, 2017

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Alone in Lofoten: 48 Hours with 17,000 Tons of Dead Fish

@ VOL 3 ON NOV 12, 2015

Adam Kuehl is an award winning photographer who's trip through Iceland, Denmark and Norway walked him into the lives of the local fisherman. He talks us through those experiences with his photos in this presentation "Alone in Lofoten: 48 Hours with 17,000 Tons of Dead Fish".

Adam Kuehl was born in Oak Park, Illinois. After obtaining a B.F.A. in photography from SCAD in 2005, he began working for the university to produce award-winning look books, national ad campaigns and other special projects.

Although Adam photographs a variety of subjects, his work is rooted in urban landscapes. His series Savannah Nights has exhibited internationally and gained him inclusion in Magenta Foundation’s Flash Forward Tenth as one of the Top 100 Emerging American Photographers. Kuehl was named 25 Under 25: Up-And-Coming American Photographers by the Center for Documentary Studies. His work has also appeared in The New York Times, National Geographic Traveler, Architectural Digest, Vogue, PDN, Metropolitan Home among many others.

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The Rabbit Hole of Puppet Making

@ VOL 1 ON MAY 27, 2016

"I'll talk about the surprisingly deep rabbit hole that is puppet making, and my creative tumble down it."

A graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design, Clay Achee has studied and worked in the film and television industry for over 10 years. His other hobby? Cooking? Golf? Nah, he makes puppets.

We thoroughly enjoyed his presentation The Rabbit Hole of Puppet Making at PechaKucha Night Baton Rouge Vol. I.

This was "PechaKucha of the Day" on Thursday, September 8th, 2016. 

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Leonardo Meza

There is no age limit -- or requirement -- to present at PechaKucha Night, and earlier this week 9-year-old "illustrillustrator" Leonardo Meza proved just that at the inaugural edition of PechaKucha Night in Savannah. That city's organizer Aaron Cohen had this to say on Leonardo's "Mythical Creature Drawings and Handmade Valentines" presentation: I don't know if it was his cuteness or his in-depth analysis of his own work, but this kid brought down the house. His keen observations and wonderment of how close the eye is to the brain and how two scorpions make a baby scorpion were hysterical. About four presenters thanked me afterwards for not having them follow his presentation.

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PKN Savannah Poster

Following up on our recent showcase of PechaKucha Night posters -- see Chattanooga and Gdansk -- here's a fun alphabetical take used for last week's PKN Savannah Vol. 1.

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PKN Savannah Vol. 2

PechaKucha Night in Savannah Vol. 2 was held back at the end of April, but it's never too late to cover an event, and we absolutely love the panoramic view of the venue -- the Structured Green warehouse -- sent to us by organizer Aaron Cohen, and taken by Travis Linville. Aaron also sends us the following report: The inaugural PKN Savannah that took place in March turned out to be such a fine mix of talent and company that we found ourselves slightly daunted at the prospect of putting together a second PKN to match. The second rendition grew in both scale and audience -- good thing the evening was spent in the expansive and super cool environs of Structured Green's warehouse space. There, with vodka lemonades and PBRs in hand, a stellar crowd kicked back on hand-built furniture as the evening unfolded on the big screen. Musician and writer Rigel Crockett took us aboard the tall ship, Picton Castle, for a trip around the world. Back on shore, artist and curator Harry DeLorme brought us on the road with him to visit the roadside shrines of Northern Argentina. Chef Robbie Wood extolled the pleasures of "clean food" in a graphic few minutes that left the crowd rethinking the food industry. With his art, Ben Bublick showed how art can envelope people in color, form and texture. Erin Salzer Hannah, landscape architect, brought us down to earth again with the demonstrated challenge of creating small, urban gardens. The second half of the program continued the awesomeness with Orlando Montoya of Georgia Public Radio whose impeccable voice and timing kept us raptly tuned into to the history of public radio. Sculptor Andrew F. Scott turned history on its ear with his take on African folk arts. Musician turned collage artist, Matte Wagner took to the mic like he was playing the Fillmore. Craig Drennen had the crowd look straight in the eye of darkness with his brilliant adaption of Shakespeare's Timon of Athens; the experience mapped pleasure, politics and humor in a convergence of representation. The night was capped by tattoo artist Ron Dacosta's bold account of his life and times with the needle. PKN Savannah Vol. 3 is planned for September.

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Flyer for PKN Savannah Vol. 3

PechaKucha Night in Savannah Vol. 3 has just about ended, and until we get some photos and report -- check in next week -- here's a look at the lovely illustrated flyer that was created for the event.

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Flyer for PKN Savannah Vol. 6

PechaKucha Night in Savannah Vol. 6 is just a week away, happening October 14 at the MUSE Arts Warehouse. You'll find the complete list of presenters with links on the official event page. Also, organizer Aaron Cohen lets us know that last Friday's "AIA Georgia x PechaKucha" event was a great one, and that he'll be sending us a recap soon.


PKN Charleston in the News

There's a great piece in the Charleston Regional Business Journal about how that city's PechaKucha Night series is fueling ideas to the community: Charleston needs its own music festival. This was one idea floated at Pecha Kucha’s 19th event, held Tuesday at Memminger Auditorium in downtown Charleston. Creative types, entrepreneurs, residents and businesspeople gathered to hear seven presentations of stories, ideas, passions and inspirations. Speaker Charles Carmody said the Spoleto Festival serves the city’s art and music scene well, but that local musicians and artists should work together to bring a festival dedicated solely to music to Charleston. Carmody, the manager of the Charleston Music Hall, noted that many other artistic cities, such as Savannah and Knoxville, Tenn., have their own music festivals — and some cities have multiple. “There’s no reason why we shouldn’t have one here,” Carmody said. “We need to be working together. We don’t need to be competing. We can feed off of each other.” Read the full article here.


Vol. 18 presenters announced

We are happy to you announce the Vol. 18 presenters! In no particular order:   Eli Miller, Art Director Eli Miller, a San Antonio native, attended Savannah College of Art Design where she earned a B.F.A. in Art Direction. After graduation, Eli returned to San Antonio where she met Chuck Kerr, the San Antonio Current'sthen Art Director. Upon receiving his business card she joked that she intended on stealing his job. Three months later she did. Eli has been working at the Current ever since.   Amanda Bianchi, Snazzy Arts Babe Amanda Bianchi works at Cinnabar art gallery in Blue Star and is a style contributor for the new LGBTQ publication, Out In SA. She has also been actively involved with the food and beverage industry in San Antonio for the past five years, working at establishments such as The Monterey and Feast that have helped to shape the current landscape we see today.    Avi Avalos, Mr. Piñata SA Avi Avalosis a Mexican-American artist and San Antonio native. His art is simply a visual language used to connect to the city’s vibrant culture in the most positive light. Mr. Piñata SA was initially created as a research tool for a children's book in 2013 but evolved into an initiative to bring fine art to public places in an effort to create cultural art awareness. Mr. Piñata SA is now an ambassador of San Antonio, and his adventures have taken him across the U.S. as he promotes our City on the Rise.    Lewis F. Fisher, Author and Historian Lewis F. Fisher is the author of numerous prize-winning books on San Antonio. They include American Venice: The Epic Story of San Antonio's River, Chili Queens, Hay Wagons and Fandangos: The Spanish Plazas in Frontier San Antonio and Saving San Antonio: The Precarious Preservation of a Heritage. His Maverick Publishing Company, which published 45 general interest nonfiction regional books by 26 authors, was recently acquired by Trinity University Press.   Corey Squire and Helena Zambrano, A Sustainable Relationship Helena Zambrano and Corey Squire both decided at a young age that they wanted to save the world, and they came to the same conclusion: that architecture is the way to do it. They both currently work as sustainability coordinators at neighboring architecture firms — Helena at Overland Partners and Corey at Lake | Flato Architects — and serve on the AIA Committee on the Environment (COTE) as chair and treasurer, respectively. They first met at a COTE meeting and bonded over their shared love of daylight simulation and their shared hatred of perforated metal. Corey and Helena live in Dignowity Hill where they spend their time cycling, composting, and subsisting off vegetables from their garden and eggs from their chickens.   David Martin Davies, Public Radio Journalist David Martin Davies was once arrested for playing punk rock music inside Wonderland Shopping Mall. Today, he hosts The Source on KSTX Texas Public Radio — a live daily call-in news program. He also hosts Texas Matters, which airs on Texas Public Radio stations. In his 20 years in journalism as a TV news producer, reporter and columnist, his work has been featured on NPR, Marketplace and the BBC. His many awards include the 2008 Texas Radio Journalist of the Year.   Jeremy Joseph, Clinical Psychologist Jeremy Joseph is a psychologist who conducts clinical research on treatments for post-traumatic stress disorder. He is interested in how we relate to our dreams, often working with patients who struggle with nightmares. The California native went to college in Chicago, volunteered in Israel, earned a Ph.D. from the University of Wyoming and did an internship year in Albuquerque. In 2013 he began a postdoctoral fellowship at The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. If you live in Monte Vista, you’ve probably seen him and his wife walking their greyhound, Sofia.   Libby Wardlaw Maddin, Road Trip Enthusiast Libby Wardlaw Maddin is a musician, road trip enthusiast, and San Antonio native. She spent the vacations of her youth packed into a 1978 suburban with her five siblings and parents, who ignited her passion for exploration and in more recent years provided her with a day job flexible enough to take business calls and write emails from the middle of the desert. When she's not hitting the road, she sings in various musical projects with her husband Chris and with the San Antonio Mastersingers. She has also been a host on KRTU's Indie Overnight for 10 years.  

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The Rabbit Hole of Puppet Making

"I'll talk about the surprisingly deep rabbit hole that is puppet making, and my creative tumble down it." A graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design, Clay Achee has studied and worked in the film and television industry for over 10 years. His other hobby? Cooking? Golf? Nah, he makes puppets. We thoroughly enjoyed his presentation The Rabbit Hole of Puppet Making at PechaKucha Night Baton Rouge Vol. I.