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Message in a Bottle

@ VOL 8 ON MAR 04, 2016

George Boorujy was born and bred in New Providence New Jersey, and now lives in Brooklyn, along with almost everyone else. He is represented by P.P.O.W. gallery in New York, and teaches at the School of Visual Arts. 

Check out George's project, New York Pelagic, here!

Read about the bottle that washed up on a beach in France here!


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Copenhagen @ Roskilde Festival - expression stage
Jun 29, 2010


Erlangen @ E-Werk Erlangen, Kellerbühne
Jun 04, 2011


Erlangen @ E-Werk Erlangen, Kellerbühne
Aug 09, 2011


Koszalin @ Arbo retum!
Aug 19, 2011


Sydney @ Happy Talk Haus
Oct 20, 2011


Winnipeg @ The Park Theater and Movie Cafe
May 16, 2013


Nashville @ Emma Inc. Bistro
Apr 10, 2015


Dresden @ Verzahnungsfabrik
Jul 23, 2015


Beacon @ Quinn's
Dec 02, 2015


Aalen @ Evangelisches Gemeindehaus Aalen
Nov 30, 2018

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Aviation x Weather

@ VOL 23 ON SEP 16, 2015

Weather observing, reporting, and procedure are elements that are most important for aircraft operations. Take a sneak peek on how they actually work through the presentation by Arif Munandar.

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The Weaver's Workshop

@ VOL 10 ON SEP 26, 2012

Diane Wood from the Weavers' Workshop talks us through their year in yarns.

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Weather Permitting

@ VOL 13 ON FEB 24, 2015

Caldey is een minuscuul eiland voor de kust van Wales waar de tijd lijkt stil te staan. Wat ooit een bruisend eiland was met kinderen, een school en een buurthuis, is tegenwoordig de basis van een afgezonderd bestaan. Geen supermarkt. Geen straatverlichting. Alleen een vaste kern van achtentwintig bewoners, waaronder twaalf monniken, die één zijn met de ruige natuur. De eilanders zijn afhankelijk van het tij, het licht en elkaar.

Fotografe Ilse Wolf verbleef een tijdje op het eiland en portretteerde het leven en de bewoners.
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How One Man on a 75-Pound Bicycle Took a City's Temperature

@ VOL 16 ON APR 14, 2016

"How do we start thinking about heat waves and why are heat waves so important?"

In How One Man on a 75-Pound Bicycle Took a City's Temperature from PechaKucha Buffalo Vol. 16, architect and University at Buffalo Professor, Nicholas B. Rajkovich describes the design of a bicycle-based weather station used to find the “hot spots” of Cuyahoga County, Ohio. Every year in the United States, more people die from heat waves than any other type of natural disaster. Extreme heat events are expected to increase in the future due to climate change. Collecting a fine scale of microclimatic data can help to determine how physical characteristics contribute to human exposure to ground and air temperatures. These data also suggest how urban design strategies can reduce the impacts of the urban heat island effect. However, microclimate measurement poses substantial challenges. Rajkovich’s work investigates the intersection of energy efficient buildings, renewable energy, and climate change resilience.

This was "PechaKucha of the Day" on Tuesday, June 14th, 2016. 


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Death by Architecture

@ VOL 17 ON MAR 09, 2017

Architect Ananth Sampathkumar takes us through the world of architectural competitions - from historical examples of the Sydney Opera House and Pompidou Center to a cultural center in Sri Lanka. 

Ananth studied at the Illinois Institute of Technology and the School of Planning and Architecture in New Delhi, India before moving to New York. Here he co-founded NDNY Architecture and Design, completing projects in Srilanka, India, and the USA.

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Japan and the Temporal Craftsmen

@ VOL 17 ON MAR 09, 2017

Nicholas Coffee takes us through history of temporal craftsmen with examples of temples and shrines across Japan. His study was made possible by the Georgia Trust Foundation.

Nicholas is a LEED AP Architectural Designer at FXFOWLE working on a range of projects in NYC from urban design to interior design. Previously he worked at Bjarke Ingels Group on a variety of projects including the Hot to Cold exhibition and publication. He holds a Masters of Architecture from the Georgia Institute of Technology and a Bachelors of Environmental Design from the University of Colorado at Boulder (his hometown.)

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Life is Like a Weather Walked in

@ VOL 22 ON APR 11, 2017

Kris Regentin befriended an army veteran with a collection of nearly 3,000 Vietnam War photographs. Their lives have both dramatically changed since they both met. 


Kris is a creative hustler with a voracious appetite for productivity. He has a passion for old motorcycles, visual communication, dramatic imagery, and slower/hands-on processes in our world of instant gratification.

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Smart & Connected: Management of Thermal Extremes

@ VOL 19 ON MAR 14, 2018

"What is the connective tissue that we need—both technologically and socially—to create adaptive strategies that are greater than the sum of our parts?"

In Smart & Connected from PechaKucha Buffalo Vol. 19, Assistant Professor in the University at Buffalo Department of Urban & Regional Planning, Zoé Hamstead, describes a linked practice-research endeavor that addresses how cities manage heat and cold events. Localized differences in exposure and coping capacity impact the effectiveness of public agencies, organizations and individuals to respond to episodic thermal events. Since thermal vulnerability is shaped by complex interactions across environmental, social and technological variability, addressing this challenge will require integration of traditionally siloed disciplinary knowledge and agency management strategies. As part of a National Science Foundation-funded Smart & Connected Communities (S&CC) planning grant, collaborators in Buffalo/Erie County, New York and Tempe/Maricopa County, Arizona are working together to build capacity for integrating research with practice for managing thermal extremes.

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A Weaver's Tale

@ VOL 32 ON NOV 07, 2018

A sustainable textile artist based between Kent and Brighton, Siobhan Martin launched Shiv Textiles in 2017 to explore the concepts of hand-made and local, whilst drawing on the inspiration from the global.


Video Report on PKN Victoria Vol. 4

PechaKucha Night in Victoria Vol. 4 was held a few days ago, and despite the bad weather, co-organizer Elisa Yon tells us that it was still a great event with about a hundred braving the storm. As always, here's a video report from the event, courtesy of Anonymous Advertising -- you'll find the full list of presenters with links on the official event page.

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Flyer for PKN Wellington Vol. 13

Wellington is having its PechaKucha Night Vol. 13 this coming Sunday (March 4), and it's going to be quite the special event, weather permitting. Here's more info from organizer Craig Nicholson, and you'll find the full list of presenters with links on the official event page.It’s a special outdoor event as part of the annual Performance Arcade – which is a performance space consisting of a series of containers outside the National Museum Te Papa Tongarewa. We’re holding on to our hats (almost literally) as a weather ‘bomb’ is due to hit Wellington on Saturday (high winds and lashings of rain). Hopefully it will blow over by Sunday.

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The Absurdities of Long-Distance Running

Wild dogs, extreme weather, high hurdles and devious competitors -- long distance running is more vicious a sport than most would think! In "The Absurdities of Long Distance Running" from Ho Chi Minh City Vol. 6, Mike Clancy details his illustrious 10-year career as a cross-country runner and some of the inane challenges that long-distance runners face. 

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PKN POSTERS: Deer, Kittens and Weather Maps

"Hot off the...photoshop. New poster designed for upcoming PKSTL 13. Thanks for the opportunity Pecha Kucha Night, St. Louis to juxtapose deer, kittens and weather maps. And for allowing me the opportunity to use the word juxtapose."  Ben Kaplan, PKSTL #13 poster designer .  See more of Ben's work at:  

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Cameron Beccario

At tomorrow's PechaKucha Night Vol. 116, software engineer Cameron Beccario will join us to talk about some fascinating weather visualization software he has developed.水曜日のペチャクチャナイトVol.116にてソフトウェアエンジニアのCameron Beccarioが開発した興味深い天気の視覚化ソフトウェアについて語ります。

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Keeping Up with the Wind

Bet you've never seen a better visualisation of the earth's weather than this: After happening upon a website that displayed the United States' wind patterns visually one day, Cameron Beccario set out to do something even grander. In "Keeping Up with the Wind" from PKN Tokyo Vol. 116, months of research and tinkering later, and after finding numerous sources of up-to-date weather data, he had created Earth: an animated map of global wind and weather. 

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Despite the stormy weather yesterday, we had a great event for our 4th Pecha Kucha Night at the Museum of Northwest Art. Thanks to everyone for having joined to listen to and discuss stories ranging from everyday life, to poetry, politics, science and science fiction. Presentations will be uploaded soon.

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Around the World in 20 Buildings

“I’m showing a different building for each slide - and that’s quite ambitious, actually, because I know we have 20 slides for one building.” In "Around The World in 20 Buildings", from PechaKucha Night Brighton Vol. 24 Nick Lomax takes us on a tour of twenty buildings he has designed all around the world. Facing different challenges, including weather and the surrounding environment. Nick is a phenomenal, prize-winning architect from the United Kingdom.

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City Focus: Bandar Seri Begawan

This week's City Focus lands on Brunei's scenic capital, Bandar Seri Begawan. Known for its elaborate mosques and beautiful weather, Bandar Seri Begawan is also teeming with fascinating tales and is known as the creative center for Brunei. With it's intricate architecture and blue skies, it's no wonder that people can find creative inspiration in this gorgeous city. Check out PechaKucha Night Bandar Seri Begawan's homepage to see a glimpse of the creativity happening in Brunei!

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PechaKucha Night Santander Vol 6

Indulged by the sunny weather of Santander and cold beer. PechaKucha Night Santander Vol. 6 was more relaxing and enjoyable. 5 Rockstars gave inspiring talks about their passion, experience, stories with Games. Interactive session after the talks made it more memorable. Great thank you to the Rockstars for participation and for such amazing talks. Big thank you to IFCA for the collaboration, and Il Boccone to hosted us. Thank you so much to all of you who joined us at the event.More pictures are coming soon. See you at PechaKucha Night Santander Vol.7!