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Save our Sewers

@ VOL 10 ON DEC 03, 2015

Gail Hamilton is a wastewater engineer and environmental advocate. She currently works for Townsville Water and is on a campaign to save our sewers (and our sewer workers)

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Reap What You Sow: Connections between Land and Sea

@ VOL 11 ON MAR 03, 2016

Paul Costello's work involves monitoring of water quality and reef health on the inshore GBR for the Marine Monitoring Program (MMP). Here to discuss human influences on both maters and the importance of communicating the findings of the MMP. 

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Toilet Paper and Bed-Sheets

@ VOL 13 ON OCT 20, 2016

Eva Earhardt talks about her horticulture and garden design business has come to a grinding halt due to

Townsville’s current water restrictions, hence her passion for the topic.

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Restoring a coastal wetland or “how to turn a swamp into a wetland”

@ VOL 14 ON FEB 09, 2017

Ex CSIRO, Mike Nicholas continues work with Mungalla Aboriginal Corporation outside Ingham to make their country healthy.  This work is ground breaking, award winning and, improviing Great Barrier Reef water quality.  

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Restoring waterways in the Burdekin

@ VOL 19 ON SEP 20, 2018

Scott Fry

Senior Field Officer NQ Dry Tropics

Restoring waterways in the Burdekin

Burdekin farms are the filters through which water enters the reef, and farmers are also great fishermen. Scott is going to tell us about the work farmers are doing to improve reef water quality.


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PAST PechaKucha WAVE

Feb 21, 2010


Toronto @ Grip Limited
Nov 07, 2012


Midcoast @ Watt's Hall
Feb 15, 2013


Midcoast @ Watt's Hall
Apr 11, 2014


Seattle @ Seattle Central Library
Feb 26, 2015


Gliwice @ Centrum Organizacji Kulturalnych GCOP
Mar 25, 2015

PAST CLEan Water Powered by PechaKucha

Cleveland @ Music Box Supper Club
Jun 10, 2015


Exeter @ The Hall Exeter
Sep 27, 2015


Sunshine Coast
May 18, 2017


Taos @ TCA - Taos Center for the Arts
Apr 08, 2018

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Heavy Metal Crossing Borders

@ VOL 3 ON FEB 20, 2015

Marwan Al-Samara'e, who grew up in war-torn Iraq, has survived death threats - all in the name of heavy metal! Featured in a documentary called Heavy Metal in Baghdad, his band Acrassicauda was forced to leave Iraq and became refugees. He now believes dreams can come true (even if that isn't very metal) and lives in New York - preaching the power of music to cross borders.  


"Presentation of the Day" on June 2, 2015.

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Learning to Love Your Obsessions

@ VOL 4 ON MAY 18, 2015

Brigette Borders is an artist, designer, educator, and a producer at Google. She loves geometry. 

Her artistic and architecural studies allowed her to overcome some (but not all!) of her obsessive compulsive behaviors, through encaustic painting and pattern making. 

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Three Cups of Tea

@ VOL 7 ON DEC 04, 2015

Emma Exley traces the history of Africa's last colony, the Western Sahara, located on the continent's northern coast. Through images of traditional Sahrawi architecture and culture, we learn about the challenges of desert living, and how something as small as a cup of tea has massive significance in the every day life of the Sahrawi people. 

Emma Exley is a creative designer, former art educator, and diving enthusiast. After first discovering PechaKucha Night in Chicago in 2007, it was only a matter of time before she founded the Brooklyn chapter in 2014.


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Bringing a Big Boat Back to Life

@ VOL 8 ON MAR 04, 2016

Liz McEnaney is an urban historian and preservatioist who has worked in exotic locales such as Maputo, New Delhi, and even New York City! She co-founded BldgBlok - an app that provides tourists with location-based historic content.

Liz's latest restoration project is a big one! The SS Columbia - America's oldest excursion steamship - is making its way back to the Hudson River - listen to her tale of bringing the ship back to life!

Learn more about the SS Columbia project here

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The Future of Flooding

@ VOL 16 ON SEP 01, 2016

Samuel Lang Budin is a social documentary photographer living in Brooklyn and working primarily in the depressive realist mode. He makes 35mm and medium format slide shows about climate change anxiety, aging and death, naked people in their own homes, the personal discomforts of travel, and the encroaching sea. Just you wait!

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Spirit Fairies and Fish Skins

@ VOL 17 ON MAR 09, 2017

When a psychic tells you to take a trip to Scotland do you go? Design Principal Brynne Rinderknecht did! Find out what happens in her presentation from PK NY Vol 17..

Brynne Rinderknecht of From the Inside creates residential, commercial and hospitality interiors with a focus on connecting spirits to surroundings. Originally from ST. Louis and a graduate of SAIC in Chicago, Brynne has made New York City home: collaborating with people to make functional and sustainable concepts—conscious.

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From Barrel to Bottle

@ VOL 17 ON MAR 09, 2017

Will Drucker is a sustainability practitioner and whiskey lover. At PechaKucha Night NYC, Will takes us through the history and process of whiskey making - from the tree to the bottle!

Will is devoted to building businesses that support the circular economy. Will hails from the cities and farms of the Midwest. College took him to Vermont where he studied neuroscience and deepened his love for the natural world. Will can't resist music, birds, biking, good food and adventure.

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Natural Leavening

@ VOL 17 ON MAR 09, 2017

From Texas to New York to Brazil, professional pizza man Anthony Falco has been active in the food industry from a widely popular french fry stand to a famous Bushwick pizzeria, to perfecting delicious bread recipes with his kids. At PechaKucha Night NYC, he talks about the process and health benefits to naturally leavened dough!

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Cricket Shelter: A Modular Insect Farm


"Eating bugs is good for you, good for the planet, and good for the future!"

In "Cricket Shelter: A Modular Insect Farm" from PechaKucha Night New York Vol. 18, architect Maria Aiolova discusses her obsession with cricket farming. Her firm, Terreform ONE, built a sustainable insect shelter on site to conduct extensive research on crickets - studying their growth, social development, and reproductive habits...before harvesting the adults and turning them into tasty treats!

Maria is an architect, educator, designer, and community builder in New York City. She is an innovator in ecological design, smart cities, sustainable urban infrastructure, water, transportation, and waste. Maria is a leader in interdisciplinary education focused on future cities.

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Water for Life

We're going to end this week's postings on the blog with two new presentations on the site, both recorded at PechaKucha Night in London Vol. 4. First up is Simon Taylor and his presentation that covers the exhibition he designed for the "Water for Life" project, in the building you see pictured in the above photo.

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The Art of Photographing Water, Indonesian Comics, and Post-Earthquake Christchurch

Presentations Chris Tennant is a physicist by day, but behind the lens he becomes the champion of photographing water. This presentation (from PKN Williamsburg Vol. 1) takes us on an exploration of the soul of water's essence. The images are amazing enough, but Chris' narrative opens us to a deeper understanding of why we are always drawn to images of water. Anto Motulz is an Indonesian comic book artist, and in this presentation (in Indonesian, from PKN Jakarta Vol. 9) he tells us about the medium he had decided to express himself in. As a comic artist, he does not limit himself by drawing with one tool, and instead he will move from ballpoint to pencil to color pencil to brush, even using sticky notes as a medium. He also shares stories how he himself as an artist is adapting to technology development, from using Wacom and the iPad in creating his works. Posters We have a few additions to the Tumblr blog today, including posters for PKN Castellon Vol. 1, PKN Pisa Vol. 2, and PKN Christchurch Vol. 14 (pictured above). Here's more from PKN Christchurch organizer Jessica Halliday, on the poster, the upcoming event, and the current state of post-earthquake Christchurch.The poster was designed by noted New Zealand artist Julia Morison. We're in raptures over it -- it's the first illustrative design we've had for a PKN poster, hey're usually by designers who are obsessed with typography, not that there's anything wrong with that but it's a great privilege to have Julia make something so distinctive for us that so beautifully expresses PechaKucha. This time we're going to hold PechaKucha Night in The Court Theatre's temporary shed -- a post-earthquake example of temporary adaptive reuse of an industrial building for cultural purposes. It's in the urban-fringe village of Addington, so we're stepping outside the central city for the first time. Much of our central city is still cordoned off -- as it has been since the 22 February earthquake -- and it is now estimated that at least 80% of our central city buildings will be demolished. In addition, over 7000 domestic properties have been 'red-zoned,' meaning they won't be rebuilt on their existing sites and thousands of people have to find new places to live. This is a devastating loss and life here is still very difficult for many of the city's citizens. We hope PKNCHCH14 will be something of a bright spark in the cold, winter darkness. We've got an excellent line up -- from the eight listed on the poster we've now risen to 11 superb speakers from the fields of architecture, science, visual art and design. We may even get a special surprise twelfth speaker...Video Today, instead of photos, we share a video that offers a taste of the recent PKN Bilbao Vol. 13.  Calendar Tonight (July 3) you can catch PKN Cape Town Vol. 19 -- we're told there will be an 11-year-old presenter in the lineup -- and tomorrow you can look to the following two events: PKN Amsterdam Vol. 22 and PKN Utsunomiya Vol. 1. 

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Turning Air Into Water, Surfboard/Scene Design, and the Carrot Pavillion

Presentations Richard Groden is one of the founders of Island Sky, and in his presentation (from PKN Miami Vol. 15), he talks about its project to extract water from air and turn it into pure drinking water for areas where water is scarce or contaminated. Their goal is not just to produce drinkable water, but also to educate people on the important of sustainability in developing countries. Martín Várbaro is a plastic material artist who started his career by designing surfboards in Argentina, and later in more Latin American countries, including Peru and Brazil. As this presentation (in Spanish, from PKN Mar Del Plata Vol. 2) reveals, he also works as a scene decorator for theaters, museums, and public centers, and is now producing work in South America and Europe. Posters We have no new posters to share on the Tumblr blog today, but that gives us a chance to highlight the beach-friendly poster from last week's PKN Las Palmas Vol. 7. Photos and report We've got galleries for two firsts to share (in Castellon and Augsburg), but let us also point you to this blog post from Core77 about a recent PechaKucha event in London, part of the International Conference on Designing Food and Designing for Food. It was produced by PKN Brussels organizer Alok Nandi, and the photo above reveals the intriguing "Carrot Pavillion." PKN Castellon de la Plana Vol. 1 [Facebook]PKN Augsburg Vol. 1 [Facebook]Calendar We're kicking off the week with the re-start of the PKN series in Bangkok, with the city's Vol. 5 happening tonight (July 9). Tomorrow, there's one event on tap in the form of PKN Huancayo Vol. 10. 

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Designing a Water Bottle for the Future, Washing Books, and PK at the World Architecture Festival

Presentations Kaz Yoneda (of Takram Design Engineering) talks (at PKN Tokyo Vol. 95) about a recent project with a Korean company that saw him try and design the "water bottle of the future." Anja Kirkeby explains the topic of her presentation (in Danish, from PKN Aalborg Vol. 7):I use books as the material in my present work and process them in different ways. I have washed 70 books in my washing machine on different programmes in order to see how paper, binding, soap, spindry and other factors influence the sculptures. I took them out of the machine and dried them exactly the way they came out. Now I know a lot more about the effect of washing in a machine, about the difference between a sculpture and a lump of papier-maché and what soap and fabric softener does to the colour of the items. The proces emphasized discussions on: what is art (and what is not), is changing a book blasphemy or transformation from one artform to another, and is a book only a book when it is readable? By exhibiting my books I have experienced what happens when we meet the unexpected on our way through everyday life, and the necessity of being provoked to see and grasp the ordinary in surprising new ways. Posters Singapore had its Vol. 5 a month ago -- that's the poster pictured above (it was added to our Tumblr blog a while back), and we highlight it because this week saw another PK event in the city, part of the World Architecture Festival. PK cofounder Mark Dytham was on hand for the event -- he's participating in the conference as a judge and speaker -- and we'll share all of the presentations from the event on the PK site later this month. Below, a couple of photos from the PechaKucha + WAF event. Calendar It's another big Thursday (October 4): PKN Pittsburgh Vol. 13, PKN Moncton Vol. 7, PKN Ekaterinburg Vol. 6, PKN Doha Vol. 6, PKN Vaxjo Vol. 12,PKN Kolding Vol. 18, and PKN New Orleans Vol. 7. Tomorrow, Osijek has its first PKN, along with PKN Kosice Vol. 23 and PKN Tulsa Vol. 2.

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We want to hear your story in Norrköping!

We're always on the look for speakers. Are you passionate about something or just have at story to tell!? We love to hear it!   Get in contact with us!  Hanna Uhrberg or Peter Mäkelä   

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Clean Water for Life

Clean water may not be a luxury for us, but it is for many. Bradley Pierik (of Twothirds Water) has been studying the systems by which third-world countries purify their water to make it safe for human consumption. When waterborne diseases account for the majority of hospitalizations, a filtration system can literally be a lifesaver. In "Clean Water for Life" from PKN Vancouver Vol. 28, Bradley goes into depth on his research and a prototype filter he's made while performing outreach in countries all over. 

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Hydrologic: Where Water, Art & Activism Meet

Water is our lifeblood. We are drawn to water naturally, as we are made mostly of it. Krisanne Baker, ecological artist, water activist, and art educator, presents “Hydrologic: Where Water, Art, & Activism Meet” at PKN Midcoast, Maine Vol. 21 in an effort to raise awareness on behalf of water. She talks about about her thoughts and actions, and the cycles between water's inhabitants and their recipients.

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Providing Safe Water

“There are 800 million people who lack access to water, and 2.5 billion without a toilet.” Shilpa Alva co-founded and directs Surge: an organisation focused on bringing safe water and sanitation to those in need. In “Providing Safe Water” from PKN Chicago Vol. 30 Shilpa speaks on the creation of Surge, the plight of those without clean water or plumbing, and how she and her colleagues are enacting positive change.

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Jaká voda, taký mlýn - třetí PKN ve Vodňanech

    Třetí vodňanská PechaKucha Night má jako téma mlýn a vodu   V pátek 17. června od 20 hodin se ve Vodňanech uskuteční již třetí PechaKucha Night. Tentokrát bude mít téma Jaká voda, taký mlýn, a bude se konat stylově v areálu bývalého Broků mlýna, dnes střediska MEVPIS ve Vodňanech.   Kulturní spolek Vodňany žijou připravil pro návštěvníky osm vystoupení a lidé zažijí i jedno literární překvapení.   Každý z pozvaných přednášejících bude hovořit o tématu mlýna a vody ze své perspektivy, takže třeba spisovatelka z blízké Putimi Jaroslava Pixová popíše svoji cestu k psaní o mlýnech. Sama uvádí, že jejím "tématem bude to, proč jsem se rozhodla zabývat mlynářskou tématikou, jakým způsobem hledám informace, čím mě tato práce obohacuje, jaký byl důvod založení nakladatelství a něco v krátkosti o vodňanských mlýnech, jejich četnosti a hlavně mlýně řečeném Na Valše."   Českobudějovický architekt Miroslav Vodák, který se jako člen spolku CBArchitektura věnuje popularizaci a propagaci architektury veřejných staveb a veřejného prostoru a je členem Komise pro architekturu a územní plánování města České Budějovice, pohovoří o mlýnech z pohledu architekta.   Rozhodně jedním z nejzajímavějších povídání bude to od zástupců Světa podle Jakuba. Tento spolek vznikl v roce 2010 v Plzni z, jak uvádějí samotní členové, "vnitřní naléhavé potřeby zakládajících členůpracovat a snažit se pomáhat v oblasti projektů, které v sobě spojují nejen hudbu, ale i ostatní umělecké obory." Zatím největším projektem Světa podle Jakuba je hudební oslava vody z pera mladých skladatelů nazvaná 5 ŘEK/ 5 PRAMÍNKŮ.   Z Pardubic přijede projekt Offcity. Jeho zástupci o sobě říkají: "Každé město má místa, která stojí tak trochu stranou pozornosti. Nemusí být ani na periferii města jako spíš na periferii zájmu. S Offcity se taková místa a fenomény spjaté s městským prostorem snažíme odhalovat a zkoumat. Poslední dobou nás k sobě stáhla voda.” U lidí z Pardubic to dává smysl, když uvážíme, že v tomto městě se stékají dvě řeky, Labe a Chrudimka.   Vystupovat na třetí vodňanské PechaKucha Night bude i architekt Patrik Líbal. Ten nastíní, jaká je pozice mlýna na cestě mezi technikou a architekturou.   O svých malých i velkých bojích promluví také Martin Kotas z pražské Kavárny Mlýnská a Patrik Janka, který získal budovu mlýna a teď uvažuje, co s ním.   V prostředí MEVPISu nebudou chybět ani zástupci tohoto střediska, ti pohovoří mimo jiné i o nové interaktivní Stezce úhoře, která si mezi dětmi z Vodňan a okolí získala rychle velkou oblibu. Děti i dospělí se na ní dozví, jak těžkou cestu má úhoř z jižních Čech do Sargasového moře, kde se rozmnožuje.   PechaKucha Night je unikátní, jednoduchý a atraktivní formát: každý vystupující má připravených dvacet obrázků a ke každému z nich mluví dvacet vteřin. Celkově tedy stráví před plátnem necelých sedm minut. Toto časové omezení vede k tomu, že i lidé, kteří se vyjadřují dlouze a složitě, se tady musí snažit své myšlenky zhutnit a zprůhlednit. Návštěvníci se tak dozví mnoho zajímavého ve velice krátkém čase.   PKN, která pochází z Tokia a její název znamená v japonštině “povídání”, se koná ve více než 900 městech po celém světě, ve Vodňanech byla poprvé v listopadu minulého roku.  A v pátek 17. června se tu PKN uskuteční potřetí. První dva večery, které se konaly v bývalé synagoze a v sokolovně, vždy navštívilo více než sto lidí. Stejně jako v minulých dvou případech i tentokrát je vstupné dobrovolné a lidé si upomínkové vstupenky mohou vyzvednout předem ve vodňanském infocentru. Vybrané peníze budou použity pro pořádání dalších kulturních akcí.      

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The Story of Water in Hawaii

"The window of wonder into the world of water." In "The Story of Water in Hawaii" from PechaKucha Night Honolulu Vol. 27, Eric Johnson led a journey through the process of creating an original theatrical production in collaboration with artists, activists and multiple community partners. Eric is Artistic Director of the Honolulu Theatre for Youth. His production - "H2O: The Story of Water in Hawaii" - performed for over 20,000 students, teachers and families on Oahu this Spring and will tour to five Neighbor Islands this fall.