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Bali @ Sanur Village Festival at Mertasari Beach
Aug 14, 2009


Amersfoort @ Poppodium De Kelder
Apr 01, 2010


Kampala @ Lead Your Life Bar
May 21, 2011


Mar Del Plata @ Suton 212. Bar | Restaurante
Nov 10, 2011


Fort Lauderdale @ C & I Studios
Jun 16, 2012


Nashville @ MOONBASE - Native Magazine
Aug 30, 2012

PAST Food Event at FarGo Village

Coventry @ Big Comfy Bookshop
Oct 29, 2015


Nairobi @ Karen Village Ltd
Apr 08, 2016


Nairobi @ Karen Village Ltd
May 10, 2019


Nairobi @ Karen Village Ltd
Jun 14, 2019

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Village Capitalism

@ VOL 20 ON JAN 31, 2014

Seth Silverton was educated in Brooklyn, where he studied political science and film. A lifelong summer resident of the midcoast, Seth permanently moved his family here in 2002. He is the Director of The Wood Chop School which is an organization centered around his self-coined term, village capitalism, that encourges the purchase of locally grown, organic foods and distributing it to people in need. 

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It's All About The VIBE

@ VOL 28 ON DEC 03, 2013

Martin Atkins gives a humorful and vulgar presentation about the transformation of objects of once higly admired, to lame, to lastly hip and vintage. He gives his own formula for this tranformation and tries to foresee what happens next. What he discovers will make you question the use of common words today. However, there is only one important thing which is VIBE. 

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Japan's Small Town Solutions

@ VOL 23 ON DEC 19, 2014

Akira Sakano introduces various projects in Kamikatsu, including their Zero Waste declaration. These projects help spread awareness to Japanese rural villages and help reduce waste.

"Presentation of the Day" on March 11, 2015.

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Doors and Memories

@ VOL 25 ON JUL 11, 2015

From Taipei Vol. 25 - The Imagination of Social Housing

Xu-zhong Fang
, Designer, described the stories which from the link of residence and people. He reserved the vanishing memory through design, took a photography recording his hometown, Gonghe new village of Donggang in Pingtung County, where is well-preserved military community, to find the forgotten or lost element from past and put it into the designed commodities as a record and also allow people to memory it.

方序中 設計師 講述居住與人之間的連結產生故事,透過設計保存消逝的記憶,以攝影記錄故鄉─屏東縣東港共和新村,也是保存良好的眷村,找尋到過去可能遺忘或失落的元素,放入設計商品作為紀錄也能讓人們藉此回味。

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Teach a Girl, Teach a Village

@ VOL 25 ON OCT 30, 2015

From Milawi to New Zealand, Regina Smedley tells of her journey across the world on a leap of faith, and how it is now bringing her back home, to give others the same opportunities she has had, by starting Mphatikizo Charity a sustainable orphanage project.

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Bringing a Big Boat Back to Life

@ VOL 8 ON MAR 04, 2016

Liz McEnaney is an urban historian and preservatioist who has worked in exotic locales such as Maputo, New Delhi, and even New York City! She co-founded BldgBlok - an app that provides tourists with location-based historic content.

Liz's latest restoration project is a big one! The SS Columbia - America's oldest excursion steamship - is making its way back to the Hudson River - listen to her tale of bringing the ship back to life!

Learn more about the SS Columbia project here

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Buff Dudes in Tiny Underwear

@ VOL 29 ON FEB 23, 2017

People keep reminding Isabelle Kilimnik that wrestling is fake, but she already knew that, it's the story telling and mastery of characters that has kept Isabelle's love of the throwdown mat burning.  

Thumb pechakucha ilya elpanov 20  2018

Можно ли сегодня спасти деревню?

@ VOL 3 ON NOV 17, 2017

Современный фермер: какой он человек, как он строит бизнес и сможет ли он поднять экономику деревни? Об этом расскажет Илья Елпанов, основатель проекта «Ешьте сельское». - Окончил Тимирязевку, обучался в Словацком аграрном университете, прошел стажировку в лучших сельскохозяйственных хозяйствах страны. За последние два года он посетил более 300 ферм в Центральном регионе и создал проект по доставке натуральных продуктов от мелких производителей.

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Geneva Classic Car Club

@ VOL 3 ON APR 12, 2018

Come and dive into the world of Classic cars with the Geneva Classic Car Club ! The club offers carefree pleasure of classic cars for its members. Carel Reinhardus shows some of the cars of the club and their interesting and absurd engineering features.

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Making The Right Turn

@ VOL 4 ON MAR 31, 2018

Adil Naeem is a dreamer who has turned his passion into his work. A tinkerer of cars since the age of ten tells us the story of his love for engines, speed and noise and how he overcame obstacles to become one of the most renowned names in the automobile circle of Islamabad.

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Poster for PKN Bali Vol. 2

PechaKucha Night returns to Bali next month (August 13) for a second edition, as part of the "Sanur Village Festival." Here's a look at the beautiful illustrated poster for the event.

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Eszter Pasztor

As a follow-up to our previous post on Budapest's recent and upcoming PKNs, organizer Attila Bujdoso sends us the following on one of the stand-out presentations from that city's Vol. 16. It featured Eszter Pasztor talking about her "Bodvalenke - Fresco Village" project. This very special project focuses on one of Hungary's most deprived ghetto villages. Bódvalenke is a remote, small village in North-Eastern Hungary. The village -- which has high unemployment rate and is harmed by social segregation -- is inhabited by many gypsies. Led by a Miskolc painter, János Horváth, gypsy painters will decorate the walls of the houses of the village with murals. The murals will present the life, legends, dreams, sorrows and desires of the Gypsy. In the first phase they have already painted the walls of some 15-17 houses. Thus they create a communal art work and wish to open up this tiny remote village for tourists. Tourism and attention would hopefully help turn this village and could bring work opportunities and a better life circumstances to the villagers. You can see a few photos of Pasztor presenting here, and also learn more at this website for the project in question.

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Flyer for PKN Bali Vol. 6

Bali is readying things for its upcoming PechaKucha Night Vol. 6, set to take place August 6 as part of the Sanur Village Festival. We've included some details about the festival, sent to us from PKN Bali organizer Arief Budiman. Sanur Village Festival set for August 4 – 8, 2010 taking place at Segara Ayu beach and Inna Grand Bali Beach Sanur. “Saha Nuhur” is preferred for this year’s theme of the festival that literally means “the passion to visit a holy place” and later become the name of “Sanur”. With its popularity we believe that Sanur Village Festival will attract more visitors to the island of Bali this year and more importantly to map this event in the world of tourism calendar. This year, Sanur Village Festival agenda are classic highlights of Bazaar & Food Festival, Jazz Festival, and 6th Sanur Golf Tournament as well as our most anticipated Street Parade. The International Kite Festival and Jukung Festival would definitely sensate the spectators with their artistic creations and breathtaking races. There will be another rejuvenate of our program, with the relocation of our Mass Yoga program to a serene Yoga Village. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Replant, & Recovery (5R) (Action! is an important part of Sanur Village Festival 2010 . It aims to encourage the concrete actions of the people of Bali as well as all of the citizens of the earth to help extend the age of the earth. Reduce, reuse, recycle, plant back, and restore are the five simple activities which could bring miracle on earth if carried out continuously and simultaneously. Activities undertaken include tree planting neem Intaran / neem (Azaridachta indica); the planting of coral reefs; the release of hatchlings (young turtles); beach clean ups activities, and environmental exhibitions.

Large wide tokyo sakko


Prepare to embark on a beautiful photographic journey through a small village in the Nagano countryside, courtesy of photographer Satoko Maeda. The presentation, "Doinaka," was part of last month's PechaKucha Night in Tokyo Vol. 76.

Large wide nagano presentation sakae

A Special Presentation from Nagano

Please take a look at this special presentation (in English) from the PechaKucha Night in Nagano team, that focuses on the village of Sakae in Nagano, and how it was affected by the earthquake.

Large wide sao paulo 10 presenter nicolas

The Fear of Sharks, Learning from Villains, and the Making of a PKN in Cagliari

Presentations We all have irrational fears, and for quite a few, sharks top the list of that which is most feared. In this presentation (from PKN Louisville Vol. 3), Paul Sirek goes beyond the Jaws of Spielberg, and reveals the true nature of these creatures. And what can we learn from the most villainous villains of them all? In his presentation (in Portuguese, from PKN Sao Paulo Vol. 10), Nicolas Vargas takes a stab at listing 10 super villains, and explains the important lessons he has learned from their mistakes. Posters We end the week with a few new posters on the Tumblr blog, including the one pictured above, for a special edition PKN happening in Chicago on July 19, as well as posters for PKN Las Palmas Vol. 7, and for PKN Erlangen Vol. 3 and 5. Here's more on that special event in Chicago: WHEN LESS IS MORE... In association with the Society of Architectural Historians, PechaKucha Night Chicago heads for a summer road trip to the Louis Sullivan designed Charnley House in Chicago's Gold Coast. An intimate venue to be sure (so we wont get three hundred in there). Get tickets early and enjoy this amazing Chicago treasure - for one night only - invaded by PechaKucha Night. All ages show. Information at Facebook. The officially fantastic poster of this Volume is designed by Akemi Hong for the SAH. And watch out for another downtown extra Volume in mid August. Also in a very cool venue... Video It's been a week of videos, and so why not end it with another one, this time covering the recent PKN Cagliari Vol. 3, both the event itself and behind-the-scenes. Calendar Here's what you can expect in terms of PK action over the weekend. First, tonight (July 6), you'll find the following three events: PKN Nishinomiya Vol. 13, PKN Pisa Vol. 2, and PKN Castellon de la Plana Vol. 1. On Saturday, there's PKN Shenzhen Vol. 11, and PKN Marseille-Provence Vol. 19, which marks that city's 5th anniversary. On Sunday, you can catch PKN Christchurch Vol. 14 -- see this post for more on that event, and an update on post-earthquake Christchurch.

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Acupuncture Architecture, Urban Villages

In acupuncture, when putting a needle in just the right place, one can drain the tension from the entire body. Acupuncture architecture serves a similar need. Putting a single school in the middle of a village may seem insignificant when compared with the greater area it exists within, but certainly helps the community it's surrounded by.  This edition of Presentation of the Day (from PKN Stockholm Vol. 21) features international architect Filipe Balestra speaking on the work he's done to alleviate the architectural stress found in the slums (or, as he suggests they be called: urban villages) of Brazil and India. Filipe's process involves gradually implementing sturdy, cheap, simply-designed housing constructs of various types. Rather than uprooting entire communities (as is common in large-scale urban reconstruction projects) only the most poorly-constructed shacks are chosen to be replaced with a more permanent edifice. Each family has the opportunity to choose from various permutations of the 3-floor framework and participate in their current shanty's demolition as well as their new domicile's fabrication. By avoiding imposition wherever possible, and working in tandem with existing residents and local governments to legitimize these structures, Filipe's projects have done some real good. 

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Vol. 2: Collaboration with Dutch Design Post!

20x20 PKN Tainan proudly presents ten creative designers to share their works and views under the theme of Dutch Design Dialogue. The event will be held in 321 Artist Village, a newly furnished artist residence to support Dutch creative talents who want to expand their work and collaborate with local artists in Tainan, a facility provided by Dutch Design Post.    Don't miss the chance to meet, listen, and exchange ideas with the Director of Dutch Design Post, representative of Netherlands Trade and Investment Office, the CEO of Taiwan Heineken, and many others on Friday, 2 May 2014, in 321 Artist Village. And of course, to have fun!   20x20 PKN Tainan Vol. 2 Theme:Dutch Design Dialogue!Ten creative designers will come and share their works in Tainan: NCKU / Director of Dutch Design PostBart van BuerenNTIO Representative Maarten DeurvorstSection Chief of Cultural Affairs Bureau, Tainan City Government黃宏文 (Hung Wen Huang)CEO of Taiwan HeinekenPeter HuizingEntrepreneur, TV ProgrammerLuuk van HeerdeNCKU / Mecanoo ArchitectsWan-Jen LinAuthor of Holland: Small Country with great happiness郭書瑄 (Jessie Kou)English Corner Speaker, bicycle fanAlex van EgmondDirector of Planett Creative Residency Tainan陳禹安 (Nose Chen) Date: Friday, May 2, 2014  Time: 20:20 (Entrance 30mins before) Venue: 321 Artist Village (No. 23, Ln 321, Gongyuan Rd., North Dist., Tainan) Ticketing: FREE Contacts: 0975-055-424 Nini 0912-159-459 Leslie for details 第二輯PKN台南!主題:荷蘭設計在台南本次將由10位與荷蘭設計相關人士分享:NCKU / Director of Dutch Design PosterBart van BuerenNTIO Representative Maarten DeurvorstSection Chief of Cultural Affairs Bureau, Tainan City Government黃宏文 (Hung Wen Huang)CEO of Taiwan HeinekenPeter HuizingEntrepreneur, TV ProgrammerLuuk van HeerdeNCKU / Mecanoo ArchitectsWan-Jen LinAuthor of Holland: Small Country with great happiness郭書瑄 (Jessie Kou)English Corner Speaker, bicycle fanAlex van EgmondDirector of Planett Creative Residency Tainan陳禹安 (Nose Chen) 日期:5月2日(五) 時間:20:20 (前半小時開放入場) 地點:321藝術聚落 (台南市公園路321巷23號) 售票:本次免費入場。 請洽:0975-055-424 Nini、0912-159-459 Leslie

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Nakano: Tokyo’s East Village

"Nakano is a place where you can be yourself, where you can do things your own way."In Nakano: Tokyo’s East Village from PechaKucha Night Tokyo Vol. 132, repeat presenter and crowd favorite, Japanophile Extraordinaire Benjamin Boas takes the stage as the newly anointed "Nakano Ambassador”, championing one of Tokyo's more eccentric neighborhoods. Adding the title to an already long list of accolades including being the only foreigners to publish a manga in Japan, titled "Everything I Know About Japan I Learned From Comics and Video Games", here he give us a deeper perspective on the charms of this illustrious Tokyo ward. Benjamin Boasさんは、4歳の時から箸を使いビデオゲームで遊んできた大の親日家。昨年は小学館から著書『日本のことは、マンガとゲームで学びました。』を出版され、PKN Vol. 122でもプレゼンテーションされました。昨秋に中野区観光大使に就任し、2回目のPKN出演となる今回は、その中野区のディープな魅力をたっぷり紹介していただきます。Benjaminさんの熱い中野愛に魅了され、月末は皆さんきっと中央線に乗ることになるでしょう。お出かけ前に、PKNで中野情報をしっかりインプットしてください!

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First Person: The Village Voice - 1983 to 1999

“I took news tips that broke stories, I spoke to mobsters, majors, people from outer space..” In First Person: The Village Voice - 1983 to 1999 from PechaKucha Night Easton Vol. 5 Frank Ruscitti presents a sometimes humorous, sometimes hair-raising memoir of his days working for the Village Voice in New York City.