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Message in a Bottle

@ VOL 8 ON MAR 04, 2016

George Boorujy was born and bred in New Providence New Jersey, and now lives in Brooklyn, along with almost everyone else. He is represented by P.P.O.W. gallery in New York, and teaches at the School of Visual Arts. 

Check out George's project, New York Pelagic, here!

Read about the bottle that washed up on a beach in France here!


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Vaduz @ Kunstraum Engländerbau
Dec 15, 2009


Vaduz @ Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein
Mar 26, 2010


Vaduz @ Kunstraum Engländerbau
Nov 27, 2010


Vaduz @ Lindahof (SAL)
May 20, 2011


Vaduz @ Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein
Dec 01, 2011


Vaduz @ Kunstraum Engländerbau
Mar 10, 2012


Vaduz @ Alte Post Schaan
Jun 30, 2012


Delhi @ Adianta School for Leadership and Innovation
Aug 29, 2013


Comox Valley @ Vancouver Island Visitor Centre
Nov 06, 2013


Vaduz @ Im Bongert
Aug 21, 2014

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New York: A City of the Living and the Dead

@ VOL 16 ON SEP 01, 2016

Allison C. Meier is a Brooklyn-based writer focusing on the arts and overlooked history. Currently, she is staff writer atHyperallergic, and moonlights as a cemetery tour guide at New York burial grounds. These tours are focused on cemeteries as places of history, art, and architecture, as well as concerned in keeping our memorial sites visible for preservation and remembrance. At PechaKucha Night NYC Vol 16, Allison discusses these often abandoned and forgotten spaces right in the middle of our bustling city - reminding us the importance of slowing down.

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Team Communication Guided by Organizational Values – The Ripple Effect

@ VOL 1 ON JAN 25, 2017

Janic Gorayeb speaks about how values serve as a compass for our actions and define how we conduct ourselves. The ripple metaphor symbolizes how our actions or non-actions echo throughout an organization both internally and externally.

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Dance is the BEST

@ VOL 17 ON MAR 09, 2017

Eric Thurmond is often asked what it means to be a which he wonders if people understand what dance actually is. At PechaKucha Night NYC, he explains the four elements of dance, with some live demonstrations! 

Erik is a performer from Snellville, Georgia. He has danced all over the world and shown his work in Atlanta, New Orleans, Birmingham, Houston, Detroit and New York City. His work centers around ideas of obsession, control and desire.

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The Power Of Value

@ VOL 9 ON MAY 19, 2017

Lionel Kanyowa, a native of Zimbabwe, wonders "when you look at something of value you're asking yourself, what benefit does it bring to me?" in his PK The Power Of Value.  

Lionel was born in Zimbabwe located at the southern part of Africa with amazing people and great food. He moved to the UK with his family when he was 10 years old where he completed both elementary school and high school and recently moved to America in 2014 to expand his horizon.

He is a full time student at Lake Michigan College studying Computer Science. 

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@ VOL 1 ON NOV 28, 2017

Creative Director Brandon Webber believes that what you do with your life, is comprised of more than just your job.  In this talk, Brandon shares what he believes is worthwhile, and encourages us to reflect on what we believe is worthwhile for our own lives.

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Proximity Value

@ VOL 62 ON MAR 07, 2018

Digital worker Jesper Åström on how distance actually matter when we value things. The same goes for ideas. The further away you are from an idea, the less you need to know to find it interesting.  Perhaps that's why we have such troubles loving the thing which is the closest to us - ourselves.

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Living to be 100

@ VOL 46 ON JUN 05, 2018

Marton Harsanyi is a brand strategist at Digital Kitchen, a creative experience company. 

His passion is understanding the dynamics between brands and their cultural context.

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Displaced, not Dead

@ VOL 46 ON JUN 05, 2018

Jagoda Borkiewicz  is a teacher, dancer, artist, activist, and avid globetrotter. She teaches Polish Language and general ed in the third grade Spanish-bilingual cohort in the Chicago Public School system.

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Reclaim Your Voice

@ VOL 27 ON AUG 22, 2018

As consumers, we face hundreds of brand choices each day and any of us don't realize that the money we spend ends up inadvertently supporting politicians and PACs whose values we may not agree with. Goods Unite Us is a tool for consumers to alighn their purchases with their values.


Noreen Khan

In today's presentation, we follow a journey by Noreen Khan, as presented last year at PechaKucha Night in Tokyo Vol. 51. Noreen's father, a Hazara, emigrated from Afganistan when he was a child, and in this great PechaKucha she travel east to find her inner Mongolia.


Thong Van

In today's presentation -- recorded at PechaKucha Night in Tokyo Vol. 53 -- we get Australian graphic designer Thong Van sharing his passion for photography.


Asa Jungnelius

Today's presentation was recorded during the special edition "Swedish Style x PechaKucha Night" event held earlier this year during Tokyo Design Week, and features artist and designer Asa Jungnelius walking us through some of her projects. Åsa is a much talked about contemporary Swedish glass designer, interested in what is considered genuine or fake and how the value of an object is created. She often uses stereotypes as a language and challenge their conventional meaning.

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PKN Vaduz Vol. 3

Vaduz held its third PechaKucha Night earlier this month, and from what organizer Janto Lenherr has to say, it sounds like it was their best showing yet, including an interesting "exhibition-centric" theme for all of that evening's presentations. This time around, we were invited by the artist and textile designer Martha Büchel-Hilti to organise a PechaKucha Night as part of her exhibition. All 12 presentations were in a way linked to her exhibition topic, titled "At home, the sky is bluer." We were overwhelmed by the amount of visitors who attended the event as well as the fact that both major Liechtenstein newspapers had reported about it. Janto has also uploaded all of the presentations on YouTube, which you can access on this playlist page. Below, a few more photos from PKN Vaduz Vol. 3. And now here's a look at previous volumes, starting with the first edition: And PKN Vaduz Vol. 2:

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Flyer for PKN Vaduz Vol. 3

Even though the event was held a few weeks ago, we still wanted to highlight Vaduz's flyer for its PechaKucha Night Vol. 3 -- and for more on that event, as well as photos from previous volumes, see our event report post from earlier today.

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Poster for PKN Vaduz Vol. 5

PechaKucha Night in Vaduz Vol. 5 will be held as part of Filmfest Vauduz, a film festival to be held under the night sky with a screening of the Coen Brothers' A Serious Man -- the presentations will take place before the screening. It all happens July 30 at Rathausplatz, and entrance is free.

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Pechakucha Valpo

Pecha Kucha: es un formato de presentación (fundamentalmente creativa) en el cual se expone un trabajo de manera sencilla e informal mediante 20 diapositivas mostradas durante 20 segundos cada una. Originalmente creado por Astrid Klein y Mark Dytham de Klein-Dytham Architecture (KDa) en Tokio en 2003 como un punto de encuentro para jóvenes diseñadores donde pudiesen mostrar sus obras en público e intercambiar opiniones. Desde entonces, el formato se ha extendido de manera vírica a otras ciudades alrededor del mundo.   La idea fundamental de PechaKucha Night es permitir compartir las ideas de diversos presentadores durante una noche, manteniendo un nivel de interés y atención alto mediante presentaciones muy concisas. Para ello se creó el formato 20×20 de PechaKucha, a cada presentador se le permite usar 20 imágenes o diapositivas, cada una de las cuales es mostrada durante 20 segundos. En total, cada presentación transcurre durante 6 minutos y 40 segundos, tras lo cual se hace una breve pausa y el siguiente presentador sube al escenario. Cada evento consta normalmente de 14 presentaciones. Los presentadores, vienen normalmente de los campos de: Diseño Arquitectura Arte Danza Teatro Música Audio Visual Organizaciones sociales / iniciativas locales La necesidad de tener un lugar en la ciudad para mostrar y compartir los trabajos de uno mismo parece ser global – probado por el hecho de que el formato Pecha Kucha Night ha sido replicado ya en más de 600 ciudades de todos los continentes. La frecuencia de los eventos está normalmente limitada a una al mes por ciudad. Invitamos a todos quienes tengan una idea, un proyecto, un evento a realizar un cuestionamiento, una opinión a enviar sus trabajos a para presentar en PKN_VALPO, en agosto realizaremos la primera sesión, pronto anunciaremos fecha y lugar! @PKN_VALPO (twitter)

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The Value of Philosophy

Is a degree in philosophy really so useless? In today's Presentation of the Day, "The Value of Philosophy" from PKN Des Moines Vol. 3, philosophy graduate Caleb Keller argues for the love of knowledge, and discusses the importance of utilizing logic in our everyday lives. He makes the case that without the proper values necessary to think for oneself, society becomes an echo-chamber. 

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Video Vol.2

El próximo 15 de mayo celebraremos el Vol.3 de Pechakucha Valparaíso, ahora les dejamos el link de lo realizado el pasado 31 de enero.    


Vol 2 Kucha king-Fei Teng 腾斐

Fei Teng – Teng Fei returned to Shenzhen in 2006 after over decade of work and study in Germany. (English bellow). Fei Teng – 滕斐在德国工作学习十年后于2006年返回深圳,他成为南方城市艺术圈里的关键人物,并且是深圳吱吱喳喳读图夜早期的支持者。在他的第二次深圳吱吱喳喳读图夜活动中,滕斐展示了一个令人难忘的图片,猫和它们在黑暗中闪烁的发光的大眼睛,然后他大叫,猫的眼睛闪现出惊恐。他也谈到了自己的油画作品,与观众们分享他的设计理念与其背后的故事。   He has been a pivotal in the southern city’s art scene ever since and was an early supporter of Pecha Kucha Shenzhen. At the second Shenzhen Pecha Kucha Night, Teng gave a memorable presentation of cats he’d photographed with their eyes illuminated by the flash in the darkness, after he’d shouted at the feline in order to provoke it to appear afraid. He also talked about his work as an oil painter.   欢迎关注我们的公众微信平台留意活动最新消息 Keep following our event reviews by adding the official Riptide account: Riptide锐态