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The American Institute of Architects is the voice of the architectural profession in the US and the resource for its members in service to society. Through a culture of innovation, AIA empowers its members and inspires creation for a better built environment.

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New Cities Foundation: WhatWorks Channel

The New Cities Foundation's mission is to incubate, promote and scale urban innovations. WhatWorks is a speaker series curated by the Foundation aimed at finding the up-and-coming innovators working on solving the great urban challenges of our time, including energy, mobility, health, housing, and many more.

Shannon Urban
in Williston
danielle urban
Learning Innovation
Instrucional Designer, IE BUSINESS SCHOOL in Madrid
Władysław Urban
in North Las Vegas
Anna Urban
Student, Marquette University in Milwaukee


Delhi @ American Center
Oct 11, 2012


Concepción @ Espacio Marina
Oct 02, 2013


Østfold @ Litteraturhuset Fredrikstad
Apr 30, 2014

PAST Urban Innovation Happy Hour

Toronto @ Handle Bar
Apr 30, 2014

PAST PechaKucha Urban Innovation Month

New Cities Foundation: WhatWorks
Apr 01, 2014


San Francisco @ SPUR - San Francisco Planning + Urban Research
Aug 12, 2015


Pittsburg, KS @ Pittsburg State University, Kansas Technology Center
Apr 25, 2014


Moscow @ Central Exhibition Hall ‘Manege’
Oct 17, 2015


Guangzhou @ 混际 remix Lab
Nov 25, 2016


Budapest @ Rákóczi Téri Vásárcsarnok
Oct 04, 2018

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The Woods From the Trees

@ VOL 18 ON MAR 27, 2014

New Zealand artist Regan Gentry talks about his latest project. In colloaboration with the Rekindle Whole House Reuse Project, he salvages wood from an earthquake damaged house to fashion life-sized trees in the central city. It is a project where nature reclaims the urban landscape. 

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Paths Connecting Cities


Advocate at Walk Auckland Andy Smith speaks of the tragic history of the Auckland Harbor Bridge — once planned to include bike and foot paths, but built as a four-lane automobile bridge — and the numerous campaigns that were launched by cyclist and walker groups to implement a connecting path. Pressure lead to an innovative solution: a tube/tunnel suspended from the clip-on just under the bridge, away from traffic, and offering majestic views of the city.

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Transport and Urban Planning for People


As Julie Anne Genter — a Green Party member of New Zealand parliament — says, people need to get around the city, but there aren’t many choices. Cars take up a lot of space, create congestion, cost a lot of money, and make cities more dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists. Julie is working to implement people-oriented infrastructure, and remove outdated planning rules to make Auckland more efficient, liveable for its citizens.

"Presentation of the Day" on June 5, 2014.

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Tower Neighbourhood Renewal


Architect Graeme Stewart speaks out on benefits of 1960s tower-style high-density urban housing as opposed to the sprawl often found in the US. In Toronto, Graeme has taken the lead on the Tower Renewal project — whereby he’s taken steps to eco-retrofit these 50-year-old buildings, and worked to transform the surrounding areas into villages through policy changes and community-building campaigns. 

"Presentation of the Day" on December 4, 2014.

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Parklets: Regaining Our Public Spaces

@ VOL 31 ON OCT 01, 2013

Tania Guerrero and Julien Salabelle of Área de Investigación DAS present their project Parklets: a project developed with the intention of regaining the street from the automobiles, and to expand the potential of public spaces with the help of sustainable mobile installations.

"Presentation of the Day" on June 19, 2014.

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Innovation through Play


Co-founder at Daily Tous Les Jours Mouna Andraos shows us several of her interactive design studio's delightful projects; all of which involve creating spaces for people to come together, play, and collaborate. From giant, 100-person sing-along installations, to swings that play notes as you swing back and forth, these projects transform the way citizens interact with their cities and one another. 

"Presentation of the Day" on June 12, 2014.

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The Engineering Leadership Council: Professionals Implementing Social Impact Together


As Pamela Rogalski makes quite clear, scaling the implementation of social impact in construction projects in urban environments is new. People want to “do the right thing”, but all industry professionals have encountered constraints that prevent us from doing what we know we ought to do (and we've all ranted about it over a beer at the end of the day). For engineers, however, the difference is that what we implement at scale has the potential to impact an entire community. To make the shift from intention to reality, whole engineering leaders are building momentum through vertical industry partnerships and triple bottom line business cases. 

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A Museum Without Walls

ON MAY 14, 2014

Director at the Design Museum Portland David Laubenthal speaks on the unique methods he and his colleagues have put in place to get design in front of viewers not just inside museums, but out on the streets of Portland too. 

From PechaKucha Portland's Vol. 12.

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Bridgeport Legacy of Innovation

@ VOL 2 ON SEP 12, 2018

Mike Roer shares about some of the notable inventions and inventors from Bridgeport, CT. Be prepared to be surprised!

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Frugale, créative et heureuse… L'architecture

@ VOL 32 ON OCT 25, 2018

Face aux bouleversements climatiques, environnementaux, énergétiques et sociétaux, nos domaines d’intervention, le bâtiment et l’aménagement des territoires, connaissent de grands bouleversements, et sont appelés à en connaître de plus grands encore. Le temps presse. C’est pourquoi nous avons pris l’initiative du « manifeste pour une frugalité heureuse », rédigé conjointement par Dominique Gauzin Muller (architecte), Alain Bornarel (ingénieur) et Philippe Madec (architecte-urbaniste).
Ce manifeste ouvre les chemins de la frugalité, alternatifs aux visions technicistes, productivistes, gaspilleuses en énergie et en ressources de toutes sortes. Si l’initiative vous intéresse et si vous souhaitez participer à l’élan collectivement, n’hésitez pas à la faire suivre auprès de vos réseaux et à signer le manifeste. Nous vous en remercions vivement.
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Materials Innovation through Failure

Making ... allows me to invent something, mock it up, and fail. And then improve it.  Mike Moore of Tres Bird Workshop, talks about his approach to architecture and design through making and inventing: a process that allows him to fail and continually improve on his work. In "Materials Innovation through Failure" from PKN Denver Vol. 19, he shows this process in action through his past and recent projects and how it has transfromed his work into innovative and environmentally conscious architectural design. 

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Calling all Urban Innovators!

Are you working on an innovative project that’s changing your city? Do you know someone who was implemented an idea that's improving life in your city? If so, we’d like to hear from you -- get in touch! PechaKucha is teaming up with the New Cities Foundation in an effort to seek out the up-and-coming urban innovators all over the world to give them a platform to speak on their project. We will be offering 1 or 2 of these inventive individuals the chance to speak at New Cities Summit 2014 -- the leading global event on the future of the urban world. If you know, or are an outstanding individual who has developed and implemented a project that addresses one of the great urban challenges of our time, we would love to have you give a PechaKucha presentation! Projects could deal with topics as diverse as urban farming, street art, transport, public space, education, cuisine, and many more.  After giving your PechaKucha presentation and having it uploaded to the New Cities Foundation: WhatWorks Channel, New Cities staff will hand-pick 1 or 2 speakers to be flown out to New Cities Summit 2014 in Dallas, TX. These speakers will have six minutes to inspire the high-level Summit audience and explain how they set up their project. Find out about last year’s WhatWorks speakers here. Check out some hightlights from last year’s WhatWorks talks here:  "Bicing" by nnset, used under CC BY / cropped from original

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Urban City Development in China

If there ever was a crystal ball into China's urban future, this is it: Thomas Hussey discusses China's current growth in urbanization. As we see in "Urban City Development in China" from PKN Chicago Vol. 25, although there are several challenges, such as outdated buildings, over-engineered highways, and pollution to deal with, they hope to redevelop the city, connect cities together, and create new cities entirely that would come to be potential solutions to those probelms. 

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Viva La Pedestrian Revolution

One luchador keeping the streets of Mexico safe, one pedestrian at a time.  Peatónito leaves home with his wrestler mask and a black cape looking for rude drivers. His goal: to defend -- using peaceful methods -- pedestrians from the traffic chaos of Mexico City. What have we done to get to the point where we cannot walk peacefully around the city? We need a pedestrian revolution. In "Viva La Pedestrian Revolution" from PKN Mexico City Vol. 35, we see that infrastructure, culture, and law enforcement must be re-thought to make the city more people-centered.

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Urban Innovation Winners

It's been a month since the first PechaKucha Urban Innovation Month came to a close. Dozens of projects were submitted from all over the world, from Buenos Aires to Vienna, from Lisbon to Vancouver. Each project is unique, but they all have one thread in common: they're all insanely passionate people looking to make life in the city better for the rest of us. The New Cities Foundation went through the over 30 submissions and chose two among them to be flown out to Dallas, Texas this June 17-19 to speak at the WhatWorks workshop at New Cities Summit 2014. To find out who won, have a look to our latest global newsletter in which we announce the winners.

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Innovation through Play

Check out this amazingly inventive project from PechaKucha Urban Innovation Month chosen by the New Cities Foundation to speak at the WhatWorks speakers series at this year's New Cities Summit, to be held this June 17-19 in Dallas, Texas.  Co-founder at Daily Tous Les Jours Mouna Andraos shows us several of her interactive design studio's delightful projects; all of which involve creating spaces for people to come together, play, and collaborate. In "Innovation through Play" from PechaKucha Urban Innovation Month in collaboration with the New Cities Foundation/WhatWorks we see that from giant, 100-person sing-along installations, to swings that play notes as you swing back and forth, these projects transform the way citizens interact with their cities and one another. 

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Extreme Reforestation

Over-heated city streets can be cured with a bit of reforestation. One man in a hot city set out to do just that. While living in Mexico’s third-largest city, Monterrey, Sergio De Lara noticed a distinct lack of urban forestry, most pointedly during the city’s 50-degree summers. In "Extreme Reforestation", from a special Urban Innovation Happy Hour from PKN Toronto, we see that what began as a small grass-roots collective digging up previously-sealed sidewalk planters grew to a corporate-sponsored non-profit NGO (going by the name Reforestación Extrema) complete with volunteer teams re-foresting parks and city streets all over. 

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Urban Food Forests

Urban farming, rooftop gardens, and sustainable growth are becoming ever-prominent practice in a metropolitan setting. Advisor at Ooooby James Samuel discusses the unsustainable industrial methods in which food is produced, its impact on the environment, and the resulting low quality products. In "Urban Food Forests" from a special edition of PKN Auckland, he goes into depth on a few projects working to source fresh food for the growing city populations the world over. Oooby provides urban communities with local food, and entrepreneurial individuals the opportunity to join their network. 

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Empowering Street Artists, Activating Citizens

Many think of vandalism and graffiti when they hear the words "street art"... But people like Mario Rueda see the city in a very different light. In "Empowering Street Artists, Activating Citizens" from PechaKucha Urban Innovation Month, we learn that public spaces are taken over by advertisements and corporations, but the artists, performers, and musicians who share their creativity and seek to delight fellow citizens are treated like criminals. Book a Street Artist is a platform which seeks to empower artists, and give back the city to citizens. 

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Two Projects, Two Cities

One woman (along with her teams in two cities) is challenging the idea that city life only occurs at intentionally programmed spaces. In "Two Projects, Two Cities" from PKN Bratislava Vol. 26, urban designer Veronika Kovascsova's two projects look to build a bridge between the cities of Vienna and Bratislava, and also try to reimagine the unused spaces in the city, giving them a new lease on life, and engaging and contributing to the growth of communities.