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Ultimate: The Best Play

@ VOL 27 ON MAY 10, 2018

Play is a necessary function of skill development. Joe Norskov has played and organized Ultimate for 15 years. During this time, he’s noticed a consistent and above average number of community minded, kind, and high achieving people play Ultimate. The sport develops problem solving, work ethic, good health, and conscientiousness. Joe believes that the sport attracts and shapes individuals to be better humans.


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Tea ultimate
in Bella Vista, NSW
Ultimate Small Shop
in 677 Maple Drive Los Angeles, CA 90044


Dayton @ Excelsior Building
Nov 06, 2009


Poznan @ SPOT
Apr 24, 2010


Redding @ The Atrium
Oct 07, 2011


Rio de Janeiro @ Studio-X
Nov 27, 2012


Singapore @ Home Club
May 29, 2013


Melbourne @ The Workers Club
Aug 04, 2013


Bangor, ME @ The Brick Church
Apr 11, 2014


Kyoto @ UrbanGuild
Jun 14, 2015


Copenhagen @ Copenhagen Central Library
May 27, 2015


Lexington @ West 6th Brewing
Jun 15, 2017

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Modular Furniture

@ VOL 2 ON OCT 25, 2011

Sanjin is a big proponent of modularity in furniture design, and in his presentation he shares a shelf-table-chair combo that to him represents the quest for ultimate modularity. (in Bosnian)

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Disc Sports: A Personal Movement in Body and Brain

@ VOL 1 ON FEB 18, 2014

Greg Jonuk shares his experience in discovering and building the sport of ultimate in Prince George; combining the athletic endurance of soccer, with the aerial passing of football and the non-stop breakout action of basketball. Join him as he ditches the machismo-laden and testosterone-soaked football field for the co-ed, non-contact nature of the sport of ultimate.

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Bangor's Ultimate Summer League

@ VOL 12 ON APR 11, 2014

Josh Kearns moved to Maine to work for Gilman Electric. As a means to connect with the community, he helped to bring back the Summer Ultimate Frisbee league in Bangor.

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240 landscapes

@ VOL 36 ON DEC 03, 2015

The Ultimate social-democratic vehicle. The car your children would draw if you ask them to draw a car. Volvo 240! Helge Skodvin has track of something in the region of 1000 of the Norwegian 240's still rolling, and he keeps hunting... His recent book '240 Landscapes' is published by Swedish publishers Journal.

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Bartkira - The Ultimate Mash Up

@ VOL 135 ON APR 27, 2016

In "Bartkira - The Ultimate Mash Up" from PKN Tokyo Vol. 135, curator James Stacey talks about the the Bartkira collective, a worldwide project involving 500+ artists redrawing,in entirety, Otomo Katsuhiro's manga opus 'Akira' using the characters and settings from Matt Groening's, 'The Simpsons'. For no particular reason then, why not ?

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Ultimate Food Friend

@ VOL 29 ON DEC 06, 2016

Maxime Patte, co-founder of Mmmh!, introduces the idea of the digital ultimate food friend. Someone who is at your disposal to ask all of your food questions, based on your needs. Recipes, food origins or food health questions? Via your phone you have access to the food information you are looking for.  

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Taking a Chance with 20 random images

@ VOL 32 ON JUL 11, 2017

William Rupp takes the ultimate PK chance by volunteering to talk about 20 random images he's never seen before.

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You are an Ultimate Woman

@ VOL 11 ON SEP 05, 2017

When faced by apparent failure, Nicky Peters challenges you to look beyond the instant reaction to give in and take strength and comfort from all that you are by looking through some old family photographs'



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Shoe lover

@ VOL 1 ON SEP 06, 2018

Anko talks about his ultimate passion - his love for sports shoes!

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Modular Furniture

Sanjin Halilović is a big proponent of modularity in furniture design, and in this presentation he shares a shelf-table-chair combo that to him represents the quest for ultimate modularity. It was recorded at PechaKucha Night in Sarajevo Vol. 2, and is in Bosnian.

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Runs Within - A Motif Project

Karyna Wallace tells a story by way of poetry; it revolves around the prints she developed under the theme "Vampires," as assigned by her professor. In her presentation (at PKN Tokyo Vol. 97) she offers up new interpretations: instead of drawing bats and bloody black cats, she analyses a vampire's needs and wants, and compares them to our human desires. She notices that the needs and wants that run within us take us through several stages of emotions throughout our lives. It is through this process that we grow spiritually and physically. We all experience these sensations, but the real question is: Can we reach our ultimate goal?

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Heineken ODE Project

We’re excited to announce that Singapore has been chosen as one of only four cities in the world besides New York City, Warsaw and Mexico City to participate in the search for a design team to create the ultimate lounge experience for Milan Design Week 2014. If you’d like to showcase your expertise in any of the following – graphic design, product design, motion design, fashion design and interior design, check out the submission details on and selected candidates will be invited to present at the Pecha Kucha Night in July once entries close on 31 May. Come on Singapore, let’s get ourselves on the map!

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Electric Racing

In this edition of Presentation of the Day, Godert van Hardenbroek discusses (at PKN Shanghai Vol. 21) Dian Racing: a collaborative, Tongji University student-run group tasked with the challenge to build the future of electric racing vehicles. Godert explains some of the history behind alternative energy in cars, how he co-founded the Formula Zero racing class (for fuel cell vehicles), and how he's brought together student engineers and designers from all over to construct the ultimate zero-emission racer. 

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Creativity: the Key to a Happy and Productive Life

Creativity springs forth in the most unexpected places. Where's the most unusual place you've discovered it? Alicia Medina Laddaga explores the idea of cities as the ultimate epicenter for creativity, and travels to Vancouver in order to tap into it's creative potential. In "Creativity: the Key to a Happy and Productive Life" from PKN Vancouver Vol. 30, she focuses on housing and architecture as a founder of LOHA, a non-profit organization which provides affordable, alternative housing options. 

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The Poor Brewers

“Trust me when I say that sharing beer is not a bad way to spend time.” Marilee and Karl Rutherford really like beer. So much, in fact that they decided to go all in and make their hobby into a business (Rude Hippo Brewing Company). Though their pie-in-the-sky initial plans were downgraded to something more realistic, what they traded in volume, they gained in momentum. In “The Poor Brewers” from a special AIA 2014 Convention edition of PKN Chicago, hear the story of their trials and ultimate triumph.

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PechaKucha Awakens

A Newsletter from long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.... It is a period of creative unrest in the Galaxy. Rebels, broadcasting creative presentations from a hidden PechaKucha Night on the planet Earth, have won their first victory against the evil Galactic Empire of Boredom. During the battle, PechaKucha spies managed to steal secret plans to the Empire’s ultimate weapon, the BORED STAR, an armored space station with enough uninspiring slides to bore an entire planet . Pursued by the Empire’s sinister agents, PechaKucha Organizers have collectively uploaded 6000 presentations before racing home to a legion of 888 cities across earth with plans to host 100's of PechaKucha Nights a month in the hopes to save humanity and restore creativity to the galaxy….Read more here!