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Providence @ The Hi Hat
Apr 07, 2010


Dayton @ Atta Girl Art & Gardens
Jun 25, 2010


Sheffield @ Queens Social Club
Nov 22, 2012


Bangalore @ Jaaga
Feb 15, 2013


Williamsburg @ Garden of Zen
Aug 16, 2014


Osaka @ Knowledge Salon, GRAND FRONT OSAKA
Nov 29, 2014


Madison, WI @ Monona Terrace Community & Convention Center
Apr 30, 2015


Penticton @ Cannery Brewing
Dec 07, 2017


Leiden @ Gebr. de Nobel
Apr 18, 2018


Iloilo @ The Foodville
May 19, 2019

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@ VOL 4 ON MAY 07, 2010

Quentin Thiaucourt is a developer and designer. In this presentation (in French) he takes us on a tour of the works that have marked his career so far, starting with work he produced as a child!

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La Rue Foodtruck

@ VOL 5 ON MAY 22, 2014

Raquel Villarreal introduce una mezcla de comida francesa y mexicana en las calles de Monterrey y San Pedro.

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Scamming Your Way to a Better Community

@ VOL 10 ON OCT 14, 2013

Josh Scheuerman began his career by scamming his way into concerts by posing as photographer. Yet what he was really after was a way to connect with a community he associated with. Those early years led to work at SLUG magazine, which led to Josh publishing his own skate and snowboarding magazines. His art passion led him to start a local art adoption program. Josh's desire to connect with and improve his community has driven much of his life and his selfless actions improve the lives around him and the larger community.

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Not The Only Loner

@ VOL 25 ON OCT 12, 2016

Artist, curator, lecturer and PechaKucha Brighton producer, Zara Wood (better known as Woody) confesses she's a "bit of loner.  But a loner who enjoys bringing people together."  An honest reflection on togetherness in today's world.

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The Architecture of Entitlement

@ VOL 18 ON MAY 18, 2017

In a whirlwind PechaKucha presentation, architect Emma Fuller discusses a history of language and the city plan - how entitlement has created a new architectural tool for the powerful to dismantle the collective and empower the singular. See examples from Mussolini to Trump in this 20x20 !

Emma Fuller is an associate with Diane Lewis Architect PC and teaches architectural history and theory at Pratt Institute. She received her degree from the Cooper Union. Her work addresses architecture as art and memory. This is expanded upon in published essays, exhibitions and architectural projects including the "Richmond as a Work of Art" series, the IPA fellowship, the Green Ward and Michelangelo-La Tourette papers, and the Nebo House.

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Creativity and Play as Medicine


Transpersonal Arts Counsellor Anna Atkinson’s practice incorporates art, movement, creative writing, voice and body work. She explores the potential of creativity to impact on health and wellbeing. Anna gives the audience an insight into the true happiness the freedom that art can give to those who are willing to embrace it. 

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@ VOL 15 ON MAR 11, 2016

Cindy Pease Roe was walking the beach when she noticed a splash of color amongst the beige and blue. Realizing it was trash, she decided to collect it and make it into art, cleaning up the beach and making sculptures in the process.

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Blockchain: Trust in a Trust-less World

@ VOL 35 ON FEB 25, 2018

What is “blockchain” and how is it actually a part of our lives? Where did it come from and where is it going? It is an exciting time to ask these questions as blockchain is a technology that has the potential to change every technological interaction we have. Can you trust a vague and anonymous interaction with a 3rd party you’ve never met before? Listen as Roop Singh describes the dyamics of blockchain and where we are now in its evolutionary path.

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Wandering Eve

@ VOL 1 ON NOV 30, 2018

Victoria Cobban talks about her journey, leaving corporate land, following her heart and setting up her own business.

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Pregnancy Test Kits, Sex Changing Trout, Life on Mars, Humans in Shoeboxes and Bamboo on Gardeners Question Time

@ VOL 12 ON APR 25, 2019

With possibly the longest presentation title to date, David Cullen, Professor of Astrobiology and Space Biotechnology at Cranfield University takes us from a random list of things and cleverly ties them all together giving insights about his role in human space exploration development.

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PechaKucha x Guerrilla Truck Show

PechaKucha Night in Chicago organizer Peter Exley is in for a busy month, as last week's Vol. 18 is now followed by a special one-off event as part of the 7th Annual Guerrilla Truck Show. It happens tomorrow (June 14) at 217 N. Carpenter St., and the poster was designed by Christina Kull. Here's more from Peter:The Guerrilla Truck Show coincides with NeoCon and gathers loads of designers showing their talents out of the back of trucks -- it's a big party, and this year, PK is right in the middle of it. We've assembled some seasoned PechaKucha Night Chicago veterans, and a few artists this tuesday, June 14, for a freebie -- including some complimentary tasty libations.

Large wide sacramento 16 presenter will rodriguez

My True Passion

Today's presentation, "My True Passion," was recorded at PechaKucha Night in Sacramento Vol. 16, and features Will Rodriguez as he talks about  how he came to discover what his true passion was in life, and how it affected the way he looked at his creative work.

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Veggie Patch Food Truck

In this presentation, "Veggie Patch Food Truck," Karl Cooney talks about the eco-friendly mobile kitchen he helped produce, and also covers the proper use of food. It was recorded at Sydney's recent PechaKucha Night Vol. 20.

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PKN Bangalore Talks Trash

No, PKN Bangalore isn't looking to insult you; the theme of their Vol. 11 event will be "garbage" of all sorts. Here's what they have to say about it: Bangalore has begun to fight its garbage problem, but weren’t we all already? This PechaKucha Bengaluru will see speakers dive into the depths of the discarded, pulling out stacks of critical and cultural debris: garbage collection, scrap art, city planning, rubbish music, trashy movies and other things from the dumpster. From the serious to the arcane, the joyful to the profane, this grown-up version of show-and-tell – 20 slides for 20 seconds each – will be sure to leave you breathless... To see more great posters from PechaKucha Nights all over the world, check out our Tumblr blog.

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The Naked Truth

If we can strip to our true essence, we can embrace our own story. Using images of painted bodies, and a talk laced with quotes by famous people of wisdom, Tirza Shelton shows us how self-enriching it can be to shed the layers we have all been cloaking our true selves in since Adam and Eve first tasted the fruit of knowledge. In “The Naked Truth” from PKN Williamsburg Vol. 9, find out what is at your core.

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The Truth of a Moment

“It’s not staged, there’s no post-production. It’s what you see. As some of our most visceral and memorable experiences in life are about moments … I'm all about capturing these moments without any manipulation.” Photographer Fumiaki Yamazaki discusses the art of his photographic work. In “The Truth of a Moment” from PKN Tokyo Vol. 117, he discusses the conceptual backdrop of his photography, which emphasises the capturing of movement, life, and the ethereal of a raw moment in time.

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The Truth about Islam

The word Islam comes from salam, which means “peace” and “safety.” Abulelah Alalsheikh seeks to help others better understand Islam. In “The Truth about Islam” from PKN Osaka Vol. 7, he retraces the history of Islam and debunks some misconceptions about this religion.

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Fairy Tales Can Come True, They Can Happen to You

"If you want to develop your imagination and go beyond your limits, read fairly tales!"From "Fairy Tales Can Come True, They Can Happen to You" from Tokyo, Vol. 126, Tokyo-based, Brazilian artist Angelo Mokutan talks about the influence of a having a mother in oriental medicine, a sculptor for a father, and the creative seed he inherited from them taking root and inspiring a move to Japan to follow a dream. After studying fine art, and unsure of his prospects he found himself working a for an IT term. But his passion was calling and he finally abandoned the stability of his job to follow his true dream to become a successful manga artist. He believes manga can develop our imagination and help us go past the limits of our rational minds. Lastly, offering a new twist on an old classic, Mokutan gives Little Red Riding Hood an urban update, her grandmother living in Tokyo, and big bad wolves all around. If you send a him a suggestion on what she brings to grandmother's house, he'll illustrate it in a manga and credit you as co-author! Lets send him some ideas so we can ALL be manga artists!  

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Learning to Speak: Poetry as Pursuit of Truth

"This poem is an ode to every hard working artist who knows the joy of struggle from which their art comes."In Learning to Speak: Poetry as Pursuit of Truth from PechaKucha Night San Antonio Vol. 20, poet laureate, Laurie Ann Guerrero looks back at her ancestors’ history of labor and struggle as art, a legacy of poets, musicians and painters whose artistry was a way to map and ultimately transcend the world. Art, she says, is a pursuit of truth. It was her ancestor’s many generations of that pursuit that ultimately gave her the privilege and position of being asked to make art: the maker, not the object. Through poetry, Guerrero invites us to share in that space of openness, vulnerability and ultimately grace.

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Pulp, Trash, Love!

"It all started with a mad dream, and somehow I managed to get that out of the ether and onto the big screen. It's a kind of an alchemy and a magical process when you think about. Dreams can come true, even if they are horribly true."In Pulp, Trash, Love! from PechaKucha Night Sunshine Coast Vol. 19, we hear from Andrew Leavold, an unrepentant and voracious fan of the pulpier aspects of genre cinema. Documenting his hunt for the enigmatic two-foot-nine Filipino James Bond, Andrew has since toured the world with his feature length documentary The Search For Weng Weng (2013). A PhD candidate at Brisbane's Griffith University, Leavold's thesis is soon to be published as a book entitled "Bamboo Gods And Bionic Boys: A History Of Pulp Film-making In The Philippines”.  Now based in Maroochydore, Andrew Leavold owned and managed Brisbane's Trash Video, the largest cult video rental store in Australia, from 1995 to 2010. He is also a film-maker, published author, researcher, film festival curator, musician, TV presenter, and above all, pulp cinema devotee.