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Tokyo @ SuperDeluxe
Nov 28, 2012

PAST PechaKucha x ArchiAid

Tokyo @ SuperDeluxe
Nov 23, 2012

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Roppongi Art Night 2013


The Art Director of Roppongi Art Night 2013, Katsuhiko Hibino, talks about a few projects featured in this very special evening of art, as well as the project "HEARTMARK VIEWING," that aims to support the people of the Tohoku area through art. (in Japanese)

六本木アートナイト2013のアーティスティックディレクター 日比野克彦さんが、東北地方の復興支援プロジェクト「HEART MARK VIEWING」を筆頭にサートを通じて行われているサポートプロジェクトを発表してくださいました。

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2013 Tohoku Artist Caravan

@ VOL 101 ON MAR 27, 2013

In April of 2013, the Tohoku Artist Caravan project will bring artists and musicians from all over Japan to gather in Karakuwa, Kesennuma, to create public art that will help revitalize a community devastated by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. The initial installations will be completed over a three-day period, culminating in an opening party featuring a an impressive array or renowned musicians. (in English and Japanese)

"Presentation of the Day" on March 29, 2013.

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@ VOL 101 ON MAR 27, 2013

"She saw her photo and she said: 'I didn't think I'd be able to see myself smile again. Now I know I can smile again.'"

In "Photohoku" from PechKucha Night Tokyo Vol. 101, photographers Brian Scott Peterson and Yuko Yoshikawa introduce the "Photohoku" project, which involves bringing photographers to the Tohoku region to help create new photo memories for those who were affected by the 2011 earthquake/tsunami.


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All the World's a Square

@ VOL 102 ON APR 24, 2013

The Granny Square project is an initiative asking crocheters from around the world to crochet and send one or more "Granny Square" motifs to Japan to make the world’s largest ‘Granny Square Blanket’. Bernd needs at least 7,150 squares of 20 x 20 cm. Once completed, the blanket will be submitted to Guinness World Records. But the best is that, after, the blanket will be divided back into regular size afghans and donated to temporary housing facilities in Tohoku, Japan, to support victims of the March 2011 earthquake.

You'll find more info at the "Knit for Japan" website.

"Presentation of the Day" on May 1, 2013.

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Running the Tokyo Marathon for Home for All

@ VOL 111 ON FEB 20, 2014

PechaKucha and Klein Dytham architecture co-founder Mark Dytham has been training for over 8 months to run the 2014 Tokyo Marathon, but he's not running it just for his health. He's running an Indiegogo campaign to benefit the Home for All: an organization started by Pritzker Prize winning architect Toyo Ito set on building community centers in the disaster-ridden areas of Tohoku and Fukushima. All proceeds will go to the creation of a new community center, and the upkeep of the Home for All organization. 

"Presentation of the Day" on February 22, 2014.

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Seeds of Growth in Tohoku

@ VOL 114 ON MAY 28, 2014

Mai Akiyoshi describes her time in the city of Ishinomaki in Miyagi after it was devastated by the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami in 2011. Through helping the locals renovate and revitalize their shops and businesses, she fell in love with the relentless strength of the city's community.

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Living with Horses at Nambu-Magari-Ie

@ VOL 127 ON JUL 29, 2015

建築家の高池葉子さんは伊東豊雄建築設計事務所勤務時に、 震災復興支援施設「みんなの家」プロジェクトに奔走されました。当時のプロジェクトを進める過程で目覚めた建築と地域のあり方について実現すべく、独立後の現在は、岩手県釜石市でその地域独特の建築「南部曲がり家」の再生を通じて、馬と人との共生文化の復活に力を注いでいます。馬と住む曲がり家が、地域活性化の拠点として果たす新しい可能性について語ります。東日本大震災から4年を経た今、意義ある必見のプレゼンテーションです。

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Home for All

@ VOL 129 ON OCT 28, 2015

Pritzker Prize Lautrette Kazuyo Sejima and Yasuhiro Yamashita discuss their architectural work in the tsunami hit region of Tohoku for Toyo Ito's Home-for-All initiative. Joined by PechaKucha Founders Astrid and Mark who are board members on the Home-for-All NPO, their share their passion about this award winning project. 


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What's Ultra Cialthon?

@ VOL 136 ON JUN 02, 2016

走ることが大好きな山宮徳晃さんは、 これまで東北地域でなんとトータル 580km 以上の距離を走ってきました。 でもストイックに走るのではありません。 各地での出会いや美味しい食べ物、ともに走る仲間とのゆるく楽しいコミュニケーションを通じてこその気づきが生まれる、 ユニークなランニングプロジェクトのUltra Cialthon。 笑いたっぷり、 エネルギッシュにプレゼンテーションされています!

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Unconventional Volunteer(ing)

@ VOL 13 ON JUN 04, 2016

Jamie El-Banna shares his stories of volunteering that don't quite fit the norm. According to El-Banna, the standard image of a volunteer is that of hippy-minded slacker who can't find a "real job". El-Banna is the founder of NPO It's Not Just Mud that has provided disaster relief in Tohoku and Kumamoto. Jamie proves that volunteers come in all shapes, colors and sizes.

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A Drop-in Clinic for Design Help, Creative Activities in Tohoku, and Hovering in Tokyo

Presentations The Design Walkin -- a project created by Zahra Ebrahim ( and Ken Chong (The Baitshop Inc) and presented at PKN Toronto Vol. 16 -- is a drop-in clinic created to make design and design advice accessible to the general public. ‪ In this presentation (in Japanese, from PKN Sendai Vol. 2), Kazushige Monou talks about his Tsurezure Dan project, in which he tries to produce fun and creative activities in the Tohoku region, with the hope of sharing them with others. Posters There's only one new addition to the Tumblr blog today, and it takes the form of the poster you see above, for next month's PKN Springfield, IL Vol. 8. Photos Today we'll point you to this Flickr photoset from last week's PKN Kingston Vol. 3 (pictured above), and what a night it was. "Our heads are still spinning from the event," says PKN Kingston organizer David Cuthbert. "It went really, really well, and we had our largest event to date, over 200+ (totally unplanned)." We'll share one more photo today, this one in a series that our PKN Tokyo photographer Michael Holmes has been taking for our event flyers (see the first one here). A lovely hovering photo taken near our venue, SuperDeluxe, just before the start of last month's PKN Tokyo Vol. 93. Calendar Here's what you can expect in terms of PechaKucha action this weekend. Tonight (July 13), we start with PKN Chattanooga Vol. 11 and PKN Moscow, Idaho Vol. 2. On Saturday we have the following trio of events: PKN Tulsa Vol. 1, PKN Ostrava Vol. 8, and PKN Nara Vol. 3. Since Monday is a holiday here in Japan and so we won't be updating the blog, take note that PKN Leeds Vol. 12 is taking place on that day, and then on Tuesday you can look to Jacksonville as it celebrates its Vol. 20. 

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3/11 and ArchiAid

Today marks the anniversary of 3/11 -- the earthquake/tsunami disaster that affected the northern regions of Japan in 2011 -- and so we will be featuring presentations all week that relate to the topic. We will also release an updated version of our Inspire Japan ebook later this week, with new presentations (you can download it for free from the iBookstore).We kick things off with this reconstruction project by SANAA on the island of Miyato, with the goal of maintaining the traditional lifestyle of the locals, and to preserve the sights and island nature (as with most of the presentations on the ArchiAid Channel, it is in Japanese, but with English subtitles). It was part of a special "PechaKucha x ArchiAid" event, and you can still offer support by donating through the button you'll find on the presentation page -- money raised goes to the "Core House" project.

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About ArchiAid

We end our week of presentations relating to 3/11 and its aftermath with one more presentation by ArchiAid, this time explaining what the organization is all about, and detailing some of the reconstruction efforts it has been doing in the Tohoku region. As with the other presentations we highlighted this week, it was part of a special "PechaKucha x ArchiAid" event, and you can still offer support by donating through the button on the presentation page -- money raised goes to the "Core House" project.

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"Returning to the PK stage at our Vol. 101 this Wednesday is Photohoku, with an update on their latest photographic adventures in Tohoku. PhotohokuのBrianさんが最近行われているプロジェクトについて水曜日のPechaKucha Night東京でプレゼンテーションして下さいます。"

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Tohoku Artist Caravan

The Tohoku Artist Caravan is an outreach program that brings artists and musicians to disaster-torn regions of Japan.   In this edition of Presentation of the Day, (from PKN Tokyo, Vol. 101) D.H. Rosen explains that this project -- produced by his company, TokyoDex -- will involve art installations, performances by musicians, and will bring volunteers out to encourage the youth of the Tohoku region to participate.  To contribute to the 2013 Tohoku Artist Caravan, check out their IndieGogo donation page.

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For our final "Presentation of the Day" of the week, we hand the mic over to Brian Scott Peterson, who introduces the "Photohoku" project, which involves bringing photographers to the Tohoku region, to help create new photo memories for those who were affected by the 2011 earthquake/tsunami.

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$40,000 Raised!

A message from PechaKucha co-founder, Mark Dytham: Thank you very much for your generous support! I have hit my Indiegogo Campaign target raising ¥1,000,000 for 'Home For All' by running the Tokyo Marathon. And thanks to the Indiegogo campaign and my PechaKucha presentation, 'Home for All' has also received an additional donation of ¥3,000,000, making a total of ¥4,000,000 -- yay! There are still a lot of projects to be funded so if you haven't donated yet there are 48 hours left on my Indiegogo campaign -- and now you can also donate through PayPal. Our building for "Home For All" in Soma City will break ground on April 8. Thank you all so much for helping to bring so much positivity to Tohoku!

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Tohoku Focus: Home-For-All

This week we put the PechaKucha Focus on Tohoku, the earthquake and tsunami effected region of northeastern Japan, and specifically on a rebuilding project deserves highlighting - renowned Architect Toyo Ito's Home-for-All NPO initiative. Thus far, his collective of architects have built 14 community centers, across the region, pro-bono, and with whole-heartedness and imagination, including this one in Soma by PechaKucha Founders, Klein Dytham Architecture.

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Inspire Japan

Five years on after the events of 3/11 in Japan, and the worldwide PechaKucha community is still coming together to "Inspire Japan." The process of re-growth is ongoing, and presentations continue to be added. PK aims to keep the spotlight on this initiative where we have collected 100’s of presentation to Inspire Japan back to it vibrant self. Check out the channel here.

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The Tohoku Effect

“When the Haiti earthquake struck, we ran an event around the world on 24 hour skype. A Year later, the shoe was on the other foot; the earthquake happened in Japan. 105 cities got together within 3 weeks and we held an Inspire Japan Event.” From PKN Tokyo’s recent "Powered by PechaKucha: Tohoku 2020: Building a sustainable Post-3/11 Future" Speaker and PechaKucha founder Mark Dytham presents "The Tohoku Effect" on PechaKucha’s and PechaKucha Inspire’s history. No one could have predicted that the small one-off event would balloon into a popular presentation format to be used the world over. PechaKucha Certainly has its perks; It’s free, It’s simple, it lets people give their work exposure. Most importantly of all, it builds community. It is such communities that come together when tragedies strike and help build warm spaces.