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Moondog, 20th century blind viking composer

@ VOL 8 ON JUL 04, 2014

Since 2009 Amaury Cornut works about the life and music of Louis T. Hardin aka Moondog, a singular and unrecognized 'classical' composer. He was a blind beggars, dressed like a viking, who also has conducted the prestigious New York Philharmonic Orchestra and influenced Philip Glass and Steve Reich in the same time he was jamming with Charlie 'Bird' Parker and Mingus and was a heroes for Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin or Elvis Costello. Amaury who just published few month ago the french biography and run the strings ensemble 'Minisym' which play Moondog's rare music, open with this PechaKucha a small door to discover Moondog's universe... {in French}

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Surprising Childhood Universe

@ VOL 9 ON DEC 02, 2014

"I am a draftswoman and work on the theme of the childhood. I create a dreamlike world populated with animals in reference to the imaging of the tales populated with anthropomorphic beings. As can be seen, I mix bodies, hybrid.
My images can seem soft and childish in the first reading but there is always a detail which can question or put ill-at-ease. It is the subject that I handle since my studies in School of Fine Arts: the question of the dead body and the obscenity, what cannot or must be shown in our western society.
I use the motive for the body of the child which is not still adolescent. In the border between the childhood and the grown-up world. A child who is not so innocent and who can be cruel. I like working around this theme for my various exhibitions.
The departure of my images are the natural history books which invade my work table. A fascination which follows me for a long time.
My workspace is blocked by books, objects which I collect in my strolls, attic sale and which are for me of the triggers of images.
We often propose me exhibitions where we give carte blanche to me I like inventing a graphic story. Tell stories by the images, so letting to the spectators the leisure invent also their own story.
My last project is a story which began in 2011 with a fanzine grouping images on the theme the childhood, animals and cruelty. This project became this year a book Yvonne, l’Enfant Château. Story of a girl, one summer, living alone with his father. A kind of Alice in Wonderland in more disturbing.
It is interesting to see how the public receives my images. My gesture is decided to shock the spectators by showing in a diverted way or by mentioning topics taboo. Certain people attracted at first by drawings are shocked and can have surprising reactions between the rejection and the advice to make me look by a specialist …
Some times ago, a person pushed me on another technique for an exhibition. The painting brings me a new approach and a method to my work. A liberation of the gesture. I always raise the same subjects. I keepin the final phase a report with the line". Delphine Vaute {in french}

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Why and how did I become an illustrator?

@ VOL 9 ON DEC 02, 2014

How did that sweet innocent young lad with soft blonde hair do such a horrific drawing of his own mother? and why? let me explain...
This caricature of Gavin Pryke's mother is where his love of drawing really started, he quickly learned the power of drawing a shy little boy could easily punish his own mother and make everyone laugh at the same time.  Nice.  He continued to do this throughout his adolescence painting his school teachers naked on the walls of my home town.

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Sanded Paintings & Flower Plates

@ VOL 9 ON DEC 02, 2014

Régis Perray is a french artist who lives in Nantes. His art turns around time spending at work, human activities and repetitives tasks. {in french}

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Maybe Memories

@ VOL 10 ON JUL 01, 2015

Natacha Zaranis, art photographer, introduces her work to PechaKucha. Her artistic process involves bodies, portraits and landscapes which embody moments of her life leading to the universality of what they represent. She tells stories of a fantasized reality, which may sometimes seem strangely down to earth. Despite their apparent softness and spontaneous aestheticism, her pictures can be unsettling: far from being innocent, they reveal an underlying concern about absence and the idea that a shift can happen at any time. {In French}
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The Explonauts Open Up the Way

@ VOL 10 ON JUL 01, 2015

"Pecha Kucha is the first time we wander around without walking. We would like to share our exploration experience. The Explonauts are a moving group of people, who get together to discover territories they would never cross spontaneously. Through our explorations we aim to create an imaginary geography, thereby building and intensifying collectively the perception of our nearby environments. The urban and suburban explorations are public rituals, which aim to question the development of the territories we discover. But they also seek to reconsider the act of walking and build a space where to meet others in and on a new way … Topo 10, Between the lines, Decrescendo…are the three headlines of our last experiences. For the near future we would like to play with the walk itself: getting blind, being led by mathematics,... first intuitions we want to feed with your ideas.

We generally use microphone to take the pulse of the territories we cross, but this time we will try to take you along, to inspire you, and create an explosion of Explonauts in the very heart of you." Les Explonautes

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PechaKucha Global Night Channel

Once a year on February 20th — the anniversary of PechaKucha’s founding — we celebrate the proliferation of worldwide creativity, and the amazing interconnectedness of cities from all over. PechaKucha Global Night is a coming together — a time where we recognise that each PechaKucha Night is not alone, but part of something greater. Find a PechaKucha Night in your city and join in the global festivities!

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New Cities Foundation: WhatWorks Channel

The New Cities Foundation's mission is to incubate, promote and scale urban innovations. WhatWorks is a speaker series curated by the Foundation aimed at finding the up-and-coming innovators working on solving the great urban challenges of our time, including energy, mobility, health, housing, and many more.

Debbie Time
Virtual Administrative Professional, Self-Employed in Longwood


Kyiv @ Museum of Dreams
Jun 14, 2013


Halifax @ Olympic Community Centre
Oct 17, 2013


Wellington @ ANZAC Hall
Nov 07, 2014


New Westminster @ River Market
Dec 05, 2014


Providence @ The Spot Underground
Oct 28, 2015


Omsk @ Brigantina
Jan 26, 2016


Tamale @ Chucks Bar & Restaurant
May 20, 2018


Tbilisi @ Fabrika
Sep 20, 2018


Kadnikov @ Kadnikovskaya library
Dec 09, 2018

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A GARA COL TEMPO SENZA OROLOGIO – La Percezione del Tempo Negli Animali e Bambini.

@ VOL 10 ON OCT 31, 2014

This project have been presented to the 12th edition of Genoa Science Festival, as a playful lab for kids. Do animals have perception of the time? According to some scientists, only humans have a real memory, while the other animals have a perception of the time limited or episodic. A different perception of time can have different utilities according to escape strategy, communication or feeding. Time and its perception are not relative only on physics books! This happens in a lot of very small animals, for example the flies that perceive the world with a slow motion effect.

In other species the perception of time is connected to their movement in the space, as in case of dolphin and bats biosonar. Children are conducted in a fascinating “time travel” in their time perceptions, from the perception that themselves have, to try out what other animals fell of time, according to the different utility in the survival strategies.

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Concepts in Time and Motion

@ VOL 2 ON OCT 16, 2014

Jonathan Schipper captures a moment of time through sculpture - developing ideas of time, space, speed and motion by crashing two cars together incredibly slowly over the span of two months. 

"Presentation of the Day" on January 15, 2015.

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A Wall and A Column: 2 Projects

@ VOL 16 ON APR 14, 2016

"A wall and a column...what they have in common is an interest in looking at the cultural agency of traditional building materials and their ability to speak."

In A Wall and A Column: 2 Projects from PechaKucha Buffalo Vol. 16, architect and University at Buffalo Peter Reyner Banham Fellow and Visiting Assistant Professor Ang Li presents a pair of site specific installations that explore the cultural agency of vernacular building materials. Horror Vacui is an installation in Lisbon, Portugal that examines the ability of building facades to “speak” through the medium of the Portuguese “azulejo” - hand-painted ceramic tiles often depicting scenes from historic or civic events. The piece explores the narrative potential of bricks and mortar within contemporary image sharing and crowdsourcing platforms. No Frills is an installation in Buffalo, New York that stems out of an interest in the industrialized production of terracotta in the 19th century as a new kind of ornamental language. In a semi-abandoned Chevrolet Factory by the architect Albert Kahn, a 13-foot column interrupts the existing grid of the assembly floor,  acting as a bridge between the vast scale of obsolete industry and the human scale of the architectural ornament.

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New York: A City of the Living and the Dead

@ VOL 16 ON SEP 01, 2016

Allison C. Meier is a Brooklyn-based writer focusing on the arts and overlooked history. Currently, she is staff writer atHyperallergic, and moonlights as a cemetery tour guide at New York burial grounds. These tours are focused on cemeteries as places of history, art, and architecture, as well as concerned in keeping our memorial sites visible for preservation and remembrance. At PechaKucha Night NYC Vol 16, Allison discusses these often abandoned and forgotten spaces right in the middle of our bustling city - reminding us the importance of slowing down.

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Spirit Fairies and Fish Skins

@ VOL 17 ON MAR 09, 2017

When a psychic tells you to take a trip to Scotland do you go? Design Principal Brynne Rinderknecht did! Find out what happens in her presentation from PK NY Vol 17..

Brynne Rinderknecht of From the Inside creates residential, commercial and hospitality interiors with a focus on connecting spirits to surroundings. Originally from ST. Louis and a graduate of SAIC in Chicago, Brynne has made New York City home: collaborating with people to make functional and sustainable concepts—conscious.

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Japan and the Temporal Craftsmen

@ VOL 17 ON MAR 09, 2017

Nicholas Coffee takes us through history of temporal craftsmen with examples of temples and shrines across Japan. His study was made possible by the Georgia Trust Foundation.

Nicholas is a LEED AP Architectural Designer at FXFOWLE working on a range of projects in NYC from urban design to interior design. Previously he worked at Bjarke Ingels Group on a variety of projects including the Hot to Cold exhibition and publication. He holds a Masters of Architecture from the Georgia Institute of Technology and a Bachelors of Environmental Design from the University of Colorado at Boulder (his hometown.)

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Dance is the BEST

@ VOL 17 ON MAR 09, 2017

Eric Thurmond is often asked what it means to be a which he wonders if people understand what dance actually is. At PechaKucha Night NYC, he explains the four elements of dance, with some live demonstrations! 

Erik is a performer from Snellville, Georgia. He has danced all over the world and shown his work in Atlanta, New Orleans, Birmingham, Houston, Detroit and New York City. His work centers around ideas of obsession, control and desire.

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Natural Leavening

@ VOL 17 ON MAR 09, 2017

From Texas to New York to Brazil, professional pizza man Anthony Falco has been active in the food industry from a widely popular french fry stand to a famous Bushwick pizzeria, to perfecting delicious bread recipes with his kids. At PechaKucha Night NYC, he talks about the process and health benefits to naturally leavened dough!

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Wood in Multi-Family Residences


Matt Mahon talks about the use of timber in multi-family residences in this PechaKucha presenation for NY Build.

Matt is an acoustic and audiovisual consultant in Arup’s New York office and is involved in a wide variety of projects, from performing arts facilities to corporate fit-out.  Matt studied mechanical engineering at Northwestern University and has a background in live sound and broadcast.

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In a Matter of Time

@ VOL 15 ON JUN 09, 2017

"Some people see the world as numbers, other as money, but I see it as opportunity." 

In In a Matter of Time from PechaKucha Night Markham Vol.15, Photographer Louis Li talks about how his 3 hours changed his life as he shares the value of time in his own definition and perspective. He shares about his journey through the transformations he went through from an introvert to an outgoing confident individual by telling us what he attained in exchange of his time and how to make our time rewarding. 

This was "Presentation of the Day" on July 24th, 2017. 

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SCRUM: Expectations and Reality

Alexander Korotkiy is a senior .NET developer in SmartGuy Group A/S and is leading MS SQL and .NET-related master classes in Ciklum. His presentation is plunging you into the magical world of dispersion, intervals, backlogs, complex systems and decomposition methods. In "SCRUM: Expectations and Reality" from PKN Dnipropetrovsk IT::Reality Vol.10, Alexander gave useful tips about importance of getting the right planning assessment, project implementation and how to choose competent experts.

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Looking for Developer: What, Why and How?

Trust your team and make friends with experts from HR! Olexiy Bugrim, Software architect in ISD, shared secrets in his presentation of finding a qualified developer at PKN Dnipropetrovsk IT::Reality Vol.10. His tips for creating effective teams became simply priceless, even for people who are far from the world of programming, information systems and computer technologies. Olexiy explained employee motivation techniques, how to optimize the number of "runners" in the companies working in the field of IT-technologies and a lot of other useful advices.

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English in IT-technologies

Knowledge of English is essential for professional contacts in the of IT-technology! Viacheslav Rudnytskyi, Public Speaking Coach, Success Technology Training Company, in his presentation from PKN Dnipropetrovsk IT::Reality Vol.10 gives useful recommendations how to expand activly language vocabulary and improve language proficiency. He gives number of tips including speakers presentations at world-renowned TED conferences that are representing “Ideas Worth Spreading”.

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Modern Age Education

Volodymyr Vorobiov, CEO Ruby Garage, in his presentation from PKN Dnipropetrovsk IT::Education made ​​a presentation on the development of IT education. His advices were simple, but relevant at the same time. First, you need to read a lot. In the age of virtualization and total internetization, reading is necessary like the air! Success achievement in the field of IT education requires the following skills: positive motivation, getting practical experience and ongoing commitment to update information. Moreover it would be great to find a mentor who with his practical advice will guide you to the right and constructive direction. Go for it, and you get it all!

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Magic Way to IT Land

University is a waste of time. Self-education is the future. Anastasia Demidova, a beautiful Fairy, HR manager in Yalantis, in her presentation from PKN Dnipropetrovsk IT::Education shows a magic way to IT Land.

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Multicoloured Virtual Team: How to Manage It?

How to make remote teams work? Maryna Trepova, partner in Siegel HR in Ukraine and CIS, business trainer, Siegel Human Resource in Kiev, made ​​a brilliant presentation "Multicoloured Virtual Team: How to Manage It" from PKN Dnipropetrovsk IT::Education. All employees were divided by psychological typologies, and each was assigned with a color.  And each color possess different social roles in teams, communication tools and resources that it uses.

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E-Learning for Customer Training on the Example of SMM-school

Dmitry Tkachenko, managing partner at SMM Group in Kiev, from PKN Dnipropetrovsk IT::Education «E-Learning for Customer Training on the Example of SMM-school" emphasizes on the acute shortage of specialists in this field, the inefficient use of social networks. One of the problems of specialists is "zero knowledge". Dmitry in his presentation shows all pros and cons of distance learning.


open call PKN Genoa #10

Sono aperte le iscrizioni per il prossimo PechaKucha Night di Genova che si terrà venerdì 31 ottobre presso la Sala del Minor Consiglio di Palazzo Ducale. Il tempo la tematica che unisce il 12° Festival della Scienza e la 10° edizione del PKN genovese. Tempo presente, tempo passato, tempo futuro, ma anche tempo metereologico, tempo biologico, tempo della natura e delle stagioni...time...è giunto il momento! °°° Queste le date da ricordare: DEADLINE presentazione progetti > martedì 21 ottobre 2014 Comunicazione selezionati > giovedì 23 ottobre 2014 Invio progetti selezionati > martedì 28 ottobre 2014 more info on FB  



1. Identify a topic that you are passionate about. In the spirit of PechaKucha Nights the world over, we are on the look-out for people to come present something they love, their latest creative projects or work. So come along and share your passion or an interesting hobby or a photo essay or anything else you can think of.   2. Send a brief outline of your topic to the City Organizers at   3. Wait for a confirmation from the City Organizers. City Organizers have various parameters to judge if the topic is suitable for a general audience. Good PechaKucha presentations are the ones that uncover the unexpected -- unexpected talent, unexpected ideas. Some PechaKuchas tell great stories about a project or a trip. Some are incredibly personal, some are incredibly funny, but all are very different.   4. Once you receive confirmation from the City Organizers, go ahead and put together your 20 slides.   5. Send your completed slide deck to 24 hours before the event start time if you would like to retain your speaker slot. This is so that we can set up the slides to autorun and also ensure there are no glitches related to formatting, fonts etc. during the event.   6. Set up your profile on the official PechaKucha website. This mainly includes an email addreess, a photograph and a bio-sketch. City Organizers can help you with this.   7. Decide on appropriate tags AND categories for your completed presentation and send them to us at and tags offer an opportunity to increase traffic to your presentation which will be uploaded on the official PechaKucha website. If you are unsure of the difference between the two, categories allow for a broad grouping of topics such as art, photography, design, philately etc. But when you want to describe your presentation in more specific terms, you use tags such as books, publishing, minimalist, collectors' item etc.   8. Practise your presentation. Remember there is no 'go back one slide, please' in PechaKucha. And you have exactly 6 minutes 40 seconds to share your story.   9. Show up at least half an hour before start time at the venue.   10. When called to present, clear your throat and make that kickass presentation!


دليل متحدثي بيتشاكوتشا

نؤمن بأن الفعاليات أمر مهم لبناء أي مجتمع ثقافي وفني وفكري، وبما أن ذلك أحد أهم عمائد تطور الحضارات ونتاجها وموثّق تاريخي للعصر، فنحن في بيتشاكوتشا نسعى لتوفير بيئة مناسبة لبناء مجتمع مثيل.  طالما أنك هنا فبالتأكيد لديك رغبة لمشاركة منظورك المختلف في بيتشاكوتشا نايت 20 في 20 وأن تكون متحدث في أحد ليالينا. *بإمكانك تصفح الدليل في المدونة هنا بخط أوضح. شارك معلوماتك،  تجربتك، أفكارك مع مجتمعك. ماهي بيتشا كوتشا نايت؟البيتشاكوتشا هي من أصل ياباني(ペチャクチャ)وتعني دردشة أو ثرثرة. سلسلة عالمية من الفعاليات لتلتقي بالآخرين، و تُلهم ، وتستلهم. الفعالية معتمدة على خُطى سريعة وممتعة.- في بيتشا كوتشا نحب ننقنق وقت مانفكر-  دائماً مايخبرنا الحضور بأن نطق PechaKucha صعباً، أحدث متحدثينا قرر أن ينطقها بيكاتشو :( ، بالطبع  كلمة من لغة أخرى وغير دارجة لدينا ستكون غير معروفة كثيراً وفي الحقيقة مختلف عليها كثيراً.ولكن الصحيح نطقها پيتشـَـكـتْشا (التاء مخففة) والمنتشر پيتشاكوتشا وكلاهما دارج وصحيح. في هذا الرابط يمكنك أن تستمع لبعض المحليين من اليابان ينطقون بيتشاكوتشا. ليلة بيتشاكوتشا تقام في ٩٠٠ مدينة حول العالم، الفعالية معتمدة على العروض التقديمية حيث كل متحدث لديه٢٠ صورة يعرضها، لكل صورة ٢٠ ثانية. المتحدثون من مجالات مختلفة ومواضيعهم تنصب في مختلف الأحداث، والمفاهيم، والأفكار الإبداعية. ليلة بيتشاكوتشا ليست فقط للتحدث عن الأعمال الفنية بحد ذاتها وإنما الإبداع بشكل عام، تجمع بين البساطة والعمق، وبين المبدعون بتنوع عقولهم. هي منصة لمن يجيد التعبير عن العالم الذي بداخله أو العالم من حوله. بيتشاكوتشا تحمل مفهوم فريد للإحتفاء بالفن والإبداع والإنسان. هي مساحه للتواصل والمشاركة.  موقع بيتشاكوتشا الرياض لإلقاء عرض مميز خالٍ من "اللكاكيع" وتفاعلي مع الجمهور، التحضير أمر ضروري. لذلك هذه بعض الإرشادات لتساعدك في التحضير. قبل أن تبدأ اختيار موضوعك - إن لم تختاره بعد- هذه بعض الخطوات لمساعدتك: اختر موضوع أنت شغوف به. ليكن لديك شيء مثير للإهتمام ومختلف لتقوله. حدد الخطوط العريضة في الموضوع والتسلسل الذي تريده. بسط ماتطرحه، أعد ترتيب التسلسل وتخلص من ماهو غير ضروري. حدد أهم الأمور التي تود أن تقولها، حاول إبرازها بطريقة ذكية. بيتشاكوتشا لا يقتصر على الفنون، بل يتضمن أي حديث مبدع وملهم في كافة المواضيع. تلميحات تساعدك في ترتيب عرضك: المتحدث بإمكانه في الحقيقة وضع ٢٣ شريحة، لاتنس أن تعرف بنفسك في البداية، بإمكانك جعل أول صورة/شريحة تعريفية لك: الشريحة الأولى: لعنوان العرض مع اسم المتحدث وبالإمكان إضافة اسم شركته/مايعمل لتقديم نفسه. الشريحة الثانية: بداية عرض الـ٢٠ صورة (العرض الرسمي الذي سيرفع على موقع بيتشاكوتشا العالمي). بعد الـ ٢٠ صورة، الشريحة ٢٢: غالباً تكون لشكر الحضور للإصغاء (وهي غالباً إشارة للحضور للتصفيق وتحية المتحدث). الشريحة ٢٣: الصورة الملخصة للعرض والتي تمثله (the Recap Slide)، خلالها تكون هناك محادثة سريعة بين المقدم والمتحدث وأسئلة من الحضور. وأخيراً الشريحة ٢٤ تكون للمنظم (الشريحة الإنتقالية) ليمهد الإنتقال لعرض المتحدث التالي، غالباً ماتكون شعار بيتشاكوتشا.  نموذج للعرض من أحد عروض متحدثي بيتشاكوتشا طوكيو نصائح تساعدك ليكون عرضك رائع: ١- احكيها! أفضل طريقة ليكون عرضك مميز هو أن تقدمه بشكل قصة مميزة بدلاً من طرح مجموعة من الحقائق. أن تحكي حكاية تأخذ الجمهور في رحلة وهم في مقاعدهم -ولو كانت لفترة قصيرة- ذلك سيجعل عرضك وحديثك لاينسى.  القصة غالباً تحتوي على مقدمة، تطور الأحداث، والنهاية. اجعل قصتك وصور العرض متسلسلة ومتناغمة مع بعضها لترسخ الرسالة التي تقدمها لإعطاء الجمهور تجربة غنية. تأكد عند مشاركة قصتك للجمهور أن تبين لماذا موضوعك ذو قيمة. ٢- قرر ماهو أكثر شيء تريد أن يتذكره الحضور لو كان الحضور سيتذكر أمر واحد فقط من حديثك على المسرح، ماذا سيكون؟ عندما تعرف هذا الأمر سيسهل عليك ترتيب محتوى عرضك. ٣- استخدم صور متعلقة بالموضوع ذات تأثير قوي الصور التي تستخدمها في عرضك يجب أن تعزز أفكارك!. تأكد بأن تكون صورك ذات جودة عالية، وأن يكون لك الأحقية والإذن في استخدامها. ٤- لا تجعل محتوى عرضك مكتظ "لا تحشر العرض"! بما أن بيتشاكوتشا هو 20 في 20 أي (20 صورة، 20 ثانية لكل صورة) بالتالي  6 دقائق و 40 ثانية، فكثير من المتحدثين يحاولون حشر الكثير من المعلومات في هذا الإطار القصير مما يجعلهم يتحدثوا بسرعة  ليتناسب محتوى حديثهم مع تحرك الصور. تذكر، ماقل دل. عدّل عرضك بعناية، واحذف كل ما هو غير ضروري أو غير شيّق. بإمكانك تحميل نموذج تدريبي لبيتشاكوتشا - پاورپوينت لمساعدتكمساعدتك على توقيت السيناريو الخاص بك "پروڤة"  (عند فتح ملف الباوربوينت: يجب أن تتأكد أن يكون الملف في وضع العرض لكي تتحرك الشرائح تلقائيا، سيظهر شريط في الأسف للوقت ليساعدك على التدريب). حافظ على بساطة عرضك ، اقصره على موضوع واحد! لا تقلق بإمكانك دائما الإشتراك في بيتشاكوتشا مرة أخرى إذا كان لديك محتوى إضافي مهم وتؤمن بأنه سيكون عرض رائع.  ٥- تدرب؟ تدرب. تدرب! أفضل طريقة لتكسر رهبة المسرح وتبني ثقتك أمام الحضور وقت العرض هو أن تتدرب على عرضك عدة مرات. التدرب لعشر مرات أو أكثر سيجعلك مرتاح وعفوي ;) تطبيقات تساعدك في التدريب: Talk Timer - Countdown Clock for Speeches, Lectures and Presentations by inUse Fire Timer by Bluespark ٦- تذكر أن تتنفس :)  لا بأس في أن تتوقف، تصمت وتأخذ نفساً عند ذكر أمر مهم في عرضك لشد الإنتباه . ٧- تواصل مع حضورك خلال العرض والتركيز الشديد على ماسيقوله المتحدث، أحياناً ينسى المتحدث التواصل مع الحضور.تواصل بصرياً وتفاعل مع الحضور. كن عفوي! هذا سييجعل عرضك قريب من قلوب الحضور. التدريب مهم،  خذ حريتك في الحديث لاتردده كالآلة فيتململ الحضور. فالمعادلة لعرض رائع هي: ٨٠٪ تدريب ٢٠٪ حرية الحديث وعفويته. أي ستكون مُلم بعرضك عن ظهر قلب ولكن عندما تتحدث ستحرك يديك  مردداً "فاهمين علي؟" أو " كذا يعني".   قوانين عروض بيتشاكوتشا: عرضك يجب أن يحتوي على ٢٠ صورة. - صورة فقط- عروض بيتشاكوتشا الناجحة غالباً تحتوي على صور تناسب مايقوله المتحدث، ليس هناك  نقاط أو نصوص في شريحة. كل صورة تُعرض لمدة ٢٠ ثانية بالضبط، الصور تتحرك تلقائيا. المتحدث لا يتحكم في تحريك العرض. ممنوع التطرق للحملات السياسية. ممنوع عروض البيع. ممنوع الوعظ. ممنوع الصور أو الكلمات المخلة بالآداب العامة . تذكر بأن حديثك للعامة وللأشخاص من كافة الأعمار والمعتقدات. فالحضور قد يكونوا في مرحلة الدراسة أو في الخمسين من العمر!. ولاتنسى أن حديثك سيرفع على موقع بيتشاكوتشا ليطّلع عليه أي شخص في العالم.   تم تجميع وترجمة بعض مما دوّن أعلاه من عدة مواقع مختصة، من أجل الحصول على أفضل النصائح والإرشادات