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Collective Intelligence vs. Extinction

@ VOL 6 ON JAN 31, 2013

Kevin Barron is IT Director at the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics, located at UCSB. He's been working in advanced network activities since 1983, including instigating the customer-owned CENIC network which connects all of K-20 and most gov't agencies in CA; he was the founder and chair of the Santa Barbara Broadband Coalition, and is generally the trouble-maker in chief when it comes to internet issues. He is a contributing author to two best-selling books on the internet, and has given many seminars, classes, and presentations on the subject of networking. 

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Social Media for Humans or Whatever

@ VOL 18 ON AUG 17, 2016

A deep dive into the world of social media. A look at defining different social platforms, how global communication can be a powerful tool for learning, and the constant search for the authentic online.

AJ has been described as a graceful, adjusted identity culled from the rotting corpse of southern california junk culture. He also teaches media arts and social media at the MAD Academy at Santa Barbara High School. AJ is a giant nerd but he'll try not to dork up the vibe.


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Jeremy Bloom
in Portland, Maine


Buenos Aires @ Ciudad Cultural Konex
Aug 26, 2008


Detroit @ The Henry Ford
Feb 25, 2010


Phoenix @ Urban Beans Coffeehouse
Feb 20, 2010


Jacksonville @ Sun-Ray Cinema
Jul 19, 2011


Cape Town @ The Assembly
Jun 07, 2011


Buenos Aires @ Ciudad Cultural Konex
Oct 25, 2011


Miami @ La Comunidad
Dec 01, 2012


Istanbul @ TAK (Tasarim Atolyesi Kadikoy)
Feb 26, 2015

PAST PechaKucha Event

Powered by PechaKucha @ The Hotel Viking
Oct 26, 2017


Moscow @ Leningradsky ave. 39 b. 79
May 30, 2019

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Importance of Internet Services

@ VOL 9 ON OCT 24, 2013

Anton Borzov, founder of the design studio TOKYO, says that in Internet people want to do the same things as they do in real life, so it's important to let them make the most conveniently reach out to other people. On the example of the stories from his life, Anton spoke about how companies that created the leading Internet-based technologies make people living easier in travel or allow to communicate with society in a very comfortable way.

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Internet and Interculturality

@ VOL 31 ON OCT 01, 2013

Chumel Torres talks about the interactions our modern society has developed with the internet and how this relationship affects our daily life in a personal and cultural level. (In Spanish)

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Internet Babies: Kawaii Happy and Fruity Free

@ VOL 115 ON JUN 25, 2014

Ideal Corpus are a French DJ duo who define themselves as visual artists in the post internet age. Their philosophy is radical enthusiasm, encouraging people to always find happiness and positivity even through hardships. They utilize the internet, and of course dancing, as a way to connect people.

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The Invisible Internet of Everything

@ VOL 31 ON DEC 04, 2014

Technology has evolved over the years to a point where we are a hyper connected society today. Science, engineering and collective intelligence have come together to create powerful internet of things around us. In this presentation, Madhuri Eunni, founder and CEO of SKE labs, explores the infinite possibilities of IoT from wearables, smart homes to smart cities and how it changes the way we live.

"Presentation of the Day" on March 10, 2015.

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Internet Yami Ichi!

@ VOL 3 ON FEB 20, 2015

Chris Romero and Eri Takane are bringing the Internet Yamiichi from Japan here to Brooklyn! They take us on a historical journey of this internet black market, where you will find internet-based goods in real life! 

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The Next Industrial Revolution: Internet of Everything

@ VOL 25 ON SEP 25, 2015

Ivan Andonovic is an academic, project manager and Co-founder/Director of the start-up ‘Silent Herdsman Ltd’, a technology company providing a range of cloud-based precision livestock farming services.! 

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Eliot : électricité & Internet of Things

@ VOL 12 ON OCT 15, 2015

Éric Bessaudou nous expose pourquoi passer d’une installation électrique traditionnelle à une installation connectée représente un enjeu majeur pour Legrand. Il nous présentera cette logique de transformation à travers quelques exemples concrets qui illustrent le programme Eliot.

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The Genie

@ VOL 6 ON SEP 13, 2016

Glyn Cannon makes a brief exploration of metaphorical genies and how we respond to them.

Mainly, but not exclusively, of the internet variety...

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How to Win Friends and Influence People (on the Internet)

@ VOL 38 ON JUN 06, 2019

Being a digital marketer, Alyson Shane knows a thing or two about how to connect with people on the internet. In this PechaKucha Night 20x20 talk, Alyson explains to us a few of the basic tenets of making friends on the internet, and shares a few quotes that have shaped her viewpoint on networking online and in real life.

Alyson's talk was recorded live at PechaKucha Night Winnipeg Vol. 38, on June 6 2019, at the Park Theatre. 

For more information on PKN Winnipeg, follow us on Twitter (@pkn_winnipeg), Instagram (@pkn_winnipeg), or Facebook ( PKN Winnipeg is presented by the Manitoba Chapter of the Graphic Designers of Canada.

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PKN Barcelona Planting Trees

PechaKucha Night in Barcelona recently teamed up for a new eco project with Tree-Nation in which they are planting one tree for each of its presenters. PKN Barcelona organizer Petz Scholtus explains: Pecha Kucha Barcelona is planting trees: it’s fun, and the trees fight poverty, desertification, deforestation, and climate change. For Vol. 5, we partnered up with Tree-Nation, and from now on every speaker will be given a tree that is planted in the growing heart-shaped forest in the Nigerian desert. The trees are virtually planted over the internet, where you can see it grow, water it, add photos, and connect to other trees and their people while a real tree grows in Tree-Nation’s plantation. Here is a direct link to Pecha Kucha Barcelona’s forest. Check out and join Tree-Nation, the biggest free Internet social network with the objective of planting trees.

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Janne Kyttänen

It's Monday, so time to start another round of presentation highlights from the site. Today we look at Janne Kyttänen's "Freedom of Creation" presentation from the recent PechaKucha Night in Amersfoort Vol. 1. It's about his belief in a future where data is the design product, and where products are distributed in the same way images and music travel through the internet today. And how simple it works: 1. Just make a 3D file 2. Email the file to a 3D printer 3. Rroduct ready. It's that simple!

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With a name like FabCafe -- and with a location in Tokyo's Shibuya district -- you may think that the "fab" stands for "fabulous," but instead it's short for "fabricate." In today's Presentation of the Day, "FabCafe" from PKN Tokyo Vol. 93, Toshimasa Kawai reveals some of the amazing things that you can produce on a visit to one of his fabrication cafes, and the collaboration commonly found within this global movement. Toshimasa believes this technology will change the manufacturing industry, much like the internet changed the way we communicate and share information. 

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From Batman to Lincoln

"They both could be pessimistic, dark, morose, they went through tragedy early in their lives..."  In today's Presentation of the Day, "From Batman to Lincoln" from PKN Bowling Green Vol. 2, Christy Spurlock discusses the fangirl/fanboy phenomena, and goes into depth on her infatuation with Batman (she specifies the 1960s Adam West Batman as her entry-point) and Abraham Lincoln. She looks at what drew her to these sorts of figures throughout her life, and discusses some of the popular culture surrounding fanboyism/fangirlism found on the internet and in real-life.

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Advantages of E-mail Marketing

Dmitry Alperovich, Product Manager «FEEDGEE», told the audience in his presentation about email marketing and about how effective can it be with the right approach. According to him, even with small investment, you can advertise your product to people who are really interested in it. In addition, the speaker shared his experience in areas such as market segmentation, analytics mailings, selection of Internet services, etc.

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Importance of Internet services

Anton Borzov, founder of the design studio TOKYO, says that on the Internet people want to do the same things as they do in real life, so it's important to let them make the most conveniently reach out to other people. On the example of the stories from his life, Anton spoke about how companies that created the leading Internet-based technologies make people living easier in travel or allow to communicate with society in a very comfortable way.

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The Invisible Internet of Everything

How many of your appliances are already controlled by the collective intelligence of the internet? Science, engineering, and collective intelligence have come together to create a powerful internet of things around us. In “The Invisible Internet of Things” from PKN Toronto Vol. 31, Madhuri Eunni, founder and CEO of SKE labs, explores the infinite possibilities of the internet of things from wearables, smart homes, to smart cities, and how it changes the way we live.

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The Push 3.0 Revolution

"You hear about something new, then it kinda creeps up on you, then BAM! It's here and it's as if it's always been here." In The Push 3.0 Revolution, from Tokyo Vol. 124, digital signage pioneer in Japan, Neil Van Wouw lays out the next stage in its development - the Push 3.0 revolution. Here, he shares the how the sending and receiving of digital content quickly, easily, and cheaply, over internet through digital signage will become ever more ubiquitous in our lives.  Check it out!

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Going To My Happy Place: Libraries I Have Loved

"This is Google before the Internet."In Going To My Happy Place: Libraries I Have Loved from Williamsburg Vol. 12, book lover and teacher, Amy Anderson shares her love for libraries and all the activities that surround them. Instilled with a love for reading at a young age, armed with her first library card at age 4, she found herself spending much of her youth lost in the often forgotten magic in libraries. As "Temples of knowledge" she reminds us how rich an experience visiting a library can be. Check it out! 

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Instigating a Community

"We love that warm fuzzy feeling of being together."In Instigating a Community  from PechaKucha Night Markham Vol. 8, RJ Juneau, a scout Leader, founder of Maxxian, and instigator of y-lab maker group discusses how despite the claim from many that the internet obviates the need people to get together, in reality it allows us to build new communities faster than ever before.