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What I Learned from Doctor Who

@ VOL 5 ON FEB 26, 2013

Jonathan Baldwin talks about growing up in the 1970s, and the important role Doctor Who played in his life. He relates some of the lessons he learned, and how the Doctor aided his imagination and creativity, and led him to become the man he is today.

 "Presentation of the Day" on May 27, 2013.

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San Jose, CA @ Sonoma Chicken Coop
Feb 23, 2010


San Jose, CA @ Sonoma Chicken Coop
Aug 31, 2010


Cleveland @ RedSpace
Feb 20, 2015


Maastricht @ De Brandweer
Apr 09, 2015

PAST PechaKucha Event

Powered by PechaKucha @ Old Cheese Factory
May 15, 2015


Bozeman @ The Ellen Theatre
Apr 20, 2016


Rotterdam @ Arminius
Mar 22, 2016


Bryan @ Grand Stafford Theater
Mar 05, 2019


Genève @ Palais des Nations
May 09, 2019

07 NOV


Vancouver @ Vancouver Playhouse

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Guilty Pleasures

@ VOL 9 ON APR 07, 2012

Steve Jaros takes a few moments to drop some metaphorical truth bombs, and address some issues surrounding the books, movies, games, and tv shows we consume. In so few words, he makes the argument that we ought not feel guilty about things that entertain us, with the stipulation that we don't hurt someone else in the process.

"Presentation of the Day" on June 17, 2013.

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Creating a European Television Network

@ VOL 26 ON APR 09, 2015

The idea behind CampusEurope originated from a local student TV in Maastricht (BreakingMaas). During the process of making BreakingMaas a sustainable project, the group of students started to discover other Student TVs around the Netherlands. It was with this discovery that they had the idea to try and create a network of student TVs that would produce a European student television show.

One of the questions they asked themselves is: why do we feel the need for a European student television show? They could have pursued media projects through their local student TV, which would have allowed them to produce local reports in better quality and with less work.

However in a more connected Europe where one sees governments in dispute with each other, and where news is limited to national perspectives, the students felt the urge to produce content which would allow them to understand multiple perspectives on a European issue.

This is where the project is of great significance; CampusEurope give students from all over Europe a stage to voice their opinions on a political, social and economic subject, which in the end affects all Europeans, no matter how far they live from each other. That’s why they believe that CampusEurope provides the essential platform to exchange opinions and find a common ground in an interconnected world.

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My Love for David Duchovny

@ VOL 9 ON NOV 20, 2015

Librarian, film and yoga enthusiast, Liz Myers wants you to know why she thinks David Duchovny is amazing and why you should think so too.

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Bottom-up video - the social tool

@ VOL 29 ON FEB 29, 2016

What is the goal of establishing a regional television network? How can this platform make contributions to the local community? What is the most effective and efficient way of realising this goal?

Timo Ekhart is the presenter of Children’s Television at the Maastricht hospital, video maker, camera journalist, radio producer, host and interviewer. He tells us how he connects people with each other and empowers them through the use of media such as internet video, radio and television.

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@ VOL 12 ON SEP 30, 2016

Claire Tansey is a chef, teacher and food expert. She has over 20 years experience in restaurants, education and media, notably as Food Director at Chatelaine and on Cityline. She thinks life is complicated; cooking shouldn't be. 

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Влияние одного культового сериала на телевидение, науку, технику и само общество в целом

@ VOL 1 ON MAR 28, 2017

Begaiym Adzhikeeva tells how one TV serial influenced on development of television, science, technologies and society as a whole. 

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TV for your soul

@ VOL 25 ON JUL 13, 2017

Marie "Twinkle" Manning tells about her history with community-based TV stations; on July 13th 2017 at Volume 25 of Pecha Kucha Night Waterville.

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Title: Forced into Fashion: A Working Woman's Guide to Navigating Wardrobe

@ VOL 24 ON MAR 30, 2018

Navigating wardrobe is a delicate dance for working women. Especially in television news. From tomboy to news anchor... the intense focus on my appearance has left me frustrated and confused. I (Kim Fischer) explain how now use my life experience to empower other women and how you can too.

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Мой взгляд на телевидение и интернет, которые должны дружить

@ VOL 1 ON APR 08, 2018

Артем Изгагин работает преподавателем математики в колледже. Учится на третьем курсе факультета журналистики. Занимается блогерской и журналисткой деятельностью. Брал различные интервью у известных людей: Евгения Чудновец (первый человек в стране, который получил серьёзный срок за репост в социальных сетях), Евгений Ройзман (мэр Екатеринбурга), Андрей Кабанов (президент фонда «Город без наркотиков»).

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Le podcast : un Frankenstein digital dans les médias ?

@ VOL 10 ON AUG 31, 2019

Enfant du digital, le podcast s'est progressivement installé dans nos playlists. Mais en quoi ses codes métamorphosent notre relation avec le son ? Et surtout, de quelles manières peuvent-ils influencer les pratiques dans les rédactions ? Retour sur une étude de cas. 


Kelly Deck

Kelly Deck's "passion for interior design and a philosophy of simplicity and beauty led to the creation of a boutique and design studio, a television series, a newspaper column and most recently a residential design firm," and you can see her talk about all these things in the above PechaKucha Night presentation. See more videos of the presentations from PKN Vancouver Vol. 5 at Bruce Sharp's blog.

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Poster for Banja Luka Vol. 5

Banja Luka's PechaKucha Night Vol. 5 took place this past Saturday, but we still wanted to share the poster that was produced for the event, which interestingly enough shares a retro motif with Waterville's recent poster, courtesy of that funky television set.

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Designing Obama

When Scott Thomas first met Barack Obama in 2007, the junior senator's web presence was suffering from a lack of consistency; there were, as he says, "37 different typefaces", and, about "416 different colors of blue" could be found throughout the site.  In this edition of Presentation of the Day (from PKN Champaign-Urbana Vol. 2), Scott takes us through the process of not only designing a political campaign, but changing the way politics are played in the 21st century. He speaks on the power the web has to shrink our world; how far-away issues become our own when viewing and interacting with people across the country, around the globe. For the first time in American history we had a candidate addressing the people through live-streamed video rather than radio or television. The importance of making the campaign about "We" (as opposed to "Him") played a large part in empowering people to be proud of the candidate and issues they stood behind. Scott talks about designing signs that would be fitting for anyone to hold with dignity. And while it was necessary to use tools of the future, he speaks of "[pulling] imagery from the past ... and using it to display how truly historic this campaign truly was."

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Duct Tape Fonts

Most people write with pens and pencils. Shuestu Sato writes with duct tape.  In today's Presentation of the Day, "Duct Tape Fonts" from PKN Tokyo Vol. 49, Hikaru Yamashita of the documentary film group TrioFour introduces us to what appears to be an ordinary Japanese train station security guard (Shuetsu Sato) with a unique design talent: he makes fonts and useful graphics purely of duct tape. Hikaru takes us on a zany journey involving national television broadcasts, corporate promotions, lighter scavenger hunts, and much more.

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Adventures through Time and Space

“There’s a lot of things you need to get across this universe. Warp drive… wormhole refractors… You know the thing you need most of all? You need a hand to hold.” Vanessa Graham is a 15-year-old high school sophomore and Doctor Who fan who is proud of her geek heritage. In "Adventures through Time and Space" from PKN Bangor, ME Vol. 9, she describes how this British cult-hit television program has shaped many aspects of her life. Careful, or she'll challenge you to Time Lord trivia!

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Light Affectations

Laser walls, UV inks, lit scaffolding structures, and light forms of all kinds; James Clar's work is nothing short of brilliant. Media artist working with forms of light James Clar discusses his work. In "Light Affectations" we see that, much like the way television manipulates and controls light to convey the entertainment medium, James uses three-dimensional light sculpture to convey emotion, data, moments in history, political relationships, and more. 

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What is Kamishibai?

In the 1930s Japan, before manga, there was Kamishibai. Don Kratzer tells us of the history of Kamishibai, the lost Japanese art of storytelling prior to the rise of television and manga. In “What is Kamishibai?” from PKN Tokyo Vol. 122, we see that the lost art of Kamishibai was filled with amazing art and astonishing characters.

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Jay Ducote Dishes on Food Network Star

  "I learned how to cook by throwing LSU tailgate parties."  In Jay Ducote Dishes on Food Network Star from PechaKucha Night Baton Rouge Vol. 1, Jay Ducote shares the story of when he was on the TV show Food Network Star. Ducote is a food and beverage writer, radio host, culinary personality, professional chef, and self-proclaimed "hugger." He could talk about his numerous television appearances, the fact that he was named one of the top 100 amateur chefs in America by FOX’s MasterChef, his award-winning radio show, his product line, the fact that he has been invited to cook at the prestigious James Beard House in New York City this July, or that he'll be opening his first restaurant, Gov't Taco, in 2017. But we only gave him 400 seconds.

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The Rabbit Hole of Puppet Making

"I'll talk about the surprisingly deep rabbit hole that is puppet making, and my creative tumble down it." A graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design, Clay Achee has studied and worked in the film and television industry for over 10 years. His other hobby? Cooking? Golf? Nah, he makes puppets. We thoroughly enjoyed his presentation The Rabbit Hole of Puppet Making at PechaKucha Night Baton Rouge Vol. I.

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Introduction of Paul Roy

Hello Wanaka! The speaker of day is producer, director, cinematographer and writer Paul Roy from Wanaka. Paul has been making documentaries and observational documentary series for major television networks for nearly 40 years in over 40 countries around the world. He has also photographed for and published in national magazines and newspapers. There is no doubt he will show us pretty amazing stuff! Check his websites at links below:http://www.paulroy41.com