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Elevate Purpose


Michael Slaby speaks about the discovery of a purpose-driven career and what a purpose-driven technology sector might be capable of accomplishing. 

"Presentation of the Day" on May 7, 2014.

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Data Science for Social Good


Big Brains, Big Buzzwords, and Big Hearts: Matt Gee tells the story of how a disgruntled capaign staffer, a disgruntled PhD student, and a disgrunteld jouranlist stumbled upon a way to make a little bit of good in the world with data. 

"Presentation of the Day" on May 13, 2014. 

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A Billion Messages for Good


Faster communication has the ability to save lives. Hear Greg Baugues speak on, which was launched in September with the mission of sending "A Billion Messages for Good," in an effort to do just that. 

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The Importance of Being Empathetic


Data scientist Bo Peng offers a few lessons from her personal experiences on how and how not to use data to solve problems. She emphasizes the need to focus on the end user, and how putting yourself in their shoes can dramatically improve your work.

"Presentation of the Day" on May 20, 2014.

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Getting Some of Your Day Back

@ VOL 35 ON SEP 01, 2015

Ethan Krupp is the first hire at AMPY, a Chicago startup created by a bunch of 20-somethings. He is the Director of Marketing and Operations. Also, he wrote a musical called "The Thanksgiving Circumcision" about a Jewish bris on Thanksgiving, but that has nothing to do with AMPY. 

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Drawing Builds Empathy

@ VOL 36 ON DEC 01, 2015

Claire Montana Jencks, the last of the pre-cellphone generation, uses drawing  instead of her digital device to collect memories.  

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Our Bridges Smell Like Chocolate (sometimes)

@ VOL 36 ON DEC 01, 2015

Annie Swank regularly makes mix-tapes.  In this PK mash-up she looks at finding the perfect love song to her hometown in a systematic, empirical way.

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Get Your Analog On

@ VOL 37 ON MAR 01, 2016

Recovering social media addict, Shannon Downey, encourages you to get your analog on.  Needles and some construction required.

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A Time Traveler's Story

@ VOL 41 ON MAR 07, 2017

Futurist Stuart Candy shows some recent projects.

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Computers Suck At Go

@ VOL 46 ON JUN 05, 2018

Mark Rubenstein has been playing the game of Go for over 20 years. The purpose of his talk is to get you hooked on Go so he has more friends to play with.


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Educational Technology
Instructional Designer, Duquesne University in Pittsburgh
Community Technology
City of Seattle in Seattle
Clearpath Technology
Awards Best SEO Company in New Delhi
Raletta Technology
Digital Marketing Company in Indore
Airwan Technology
Web Developer, 25 in Delhi


Budapest @ Toldi Cinema
Feb 13, 2014


Seattle @ Olympic Sculpture Park PACCAR Pavillion
May 21, 2014

PAST Technology for Social Good

Table XI @ Table XI
Apr 25, 2014


Richmond, BC @ Richmond Cultural Centre
Jul 16, 2014


Budapest @ Trafó
Oct 28, 2014


Seattle @ Cornish Playhouse at Seattle Center
Jan 29, 2015


Long Beach
Sep 17, 2015


Jakarta @ @america
Dec 10, 2015


Budapest @ Fogas Ház
Feb 17, 2016


Delhi @ Adianta School for Leadership and Innovation
Apr 17, 2014

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Tools for Design

@ VOL 118 ON OCT 29, 2014

Jordan Brandt is the resident Technology Futurist at Autodesk, and in the spirit of Tokyo Designers Week (where this presentation was given), he takes us on a tour of the potential tools of design, and what it can mean for the future of design.

"Presentation of the Day" on November 28, 2014.

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Magic and Advanced Technology

@ VOL 31 ON DEC 04, 2014

According to Karlen Chang, a multi-disciplinary artist and designer at mixMotion, digital technology is a seductive technology. Using his interactive kinetic sculpture creation Kamiko as one an examples, he demonstrates how advanced technology creates magical and enchanted experience.

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What is the History of Technology and Why Is It Important?

@ VOL 6 ON MAR 01, 2016

Presenter Jonathan Coopersmith, Associate Professor of History at Texas A&M University, talks about the progression of technology and its uses- good, bad, or ugly.

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Does technology shape society or does society shape technology?

@ VOL 13 ON DEC 12, 2017

In the past the inherent use of technology shaped the behaviours of society and social change. Now as technology becomes more ubiquitous and with each new generation easier to manipulate one can argue that we are moving into a new period of social development as society begins to use technology in a way not imagined by the inventors. Joe DiVanna explains how social media, fake news, cyber currencies and new means of transportation are now moving from innovation to commercialization and consumers are redefining when, where, why, how and by whom they will be used.

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Changing the rules of our reality with technology

@ VOL 18 ON FEB 23, 2018

John Kreisher is an engineer and futurist with a passion for disruptive technology as a vehicle for systemic change and expanding human awareness. The rise of clean energy, the Internet of Things, and a sharing economy give us the opportunity to move into a zero marginal cost society, but we need to collectively change our thoughts about what is real and possible. Capitalism has bred fear and scarcity consciousness, a sharing economy will breed connection and abundance consciousness!

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Equality In Technology

@ VOL 27 ON FEB 22, 2018

A look from a Nashville Public Libraian's (Ryan Darrow's) perspective at accesibily to technology. 

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Improvised Technology in Apiculture

@ VOL 11 ON MAR 01, 2018

Ry Meyer discusses the technology he's used in the beekeeping process.

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Interactive Technology and Connecting Community

@ VOL 45 ON MAY 08, 2018

Alex owns and interactive technology company, and in his presentation he takes us through his professional process and making tech-based installations accessible to all. 

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Thus Spake Statis Beatnik

@ VOL 11 ON SEP 06, 2018

Aligned with the PechaKucha principle to 'think visual', digital creative Statis Beatnik believes that "words are very limited in being able to explain many of the most important human experiences. Try to explain the colour blue and you'll see an infinite amount of words it takes in comparison to showing just one image". In this vivid presentation, he shares his views on humanity and speculates on possible digital futures.

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Amber Art and Technology Festival

PechaKucha Night in Istanbul will be collaborating with the Amber Art and Technology Festival, here are the details courtesy of organizer Nurten Meriçer:Amber Art and Technology Festival Preopening and PechaKucha Night November 3, 2011 With its title "Next Ecology", Amber’11 calls on artists to interpret the life forms, production and consumption, patterns and politics of “Next Ecology” from the vantage point of arts and technology between 4-13 November 2011. Selected artists will join to the special “PechaKucha Night” with presentations on YEM Stage, on November 3, 2011. You are kindly invited to join us on this exclusive “PechaKucha Night.”. For details about Amber Festival ’11: For registration:

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Design and Technology

In this presentation from PechaKucha Night in Miami Vol. 14, Diana Arrambide of Everywhere Studios shares her ideas on the role of advanced technology in the field of design, and how it affects the work of designers -- do designers need to be software users?

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DIY Transhumanism

Have you ever wanted to improve your sense of direction? How about sense magnetic fields, or naturally view life in infrared? Eric Boyd runs Toronto's hacker collective and DIY maker-space In his presentation (at PKN Toronto Vol. 11) he discusses the future benefits of uniting the human body with technology.

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Art & Technology - PechaKucha Night Aalborg #18

It's been a while since our last blog post - but that doesn't mean there hasn't been a lot of PechaKucha in Aalborg - just been busy making things happen - and we still are! :-) Last years international PechaKucha at IMAGES Festival in Karolinelunden had an audience of 150 in the tent and held the amazing synergy, when PechaKucha Nights are the best and it was followed by a small PechaKucha at a local Sustainability Festival on the international PechaKucha Night only 14 days after. We connected to Tokyo in the midst of technical cacaphonia of voices from everywhere and we managed to say a short hello Tokyo and we had a cosey event at KUL Nordkraft. In october we returned to our base at HUSET and went Twin Peaks themish in "The owls are not what they seem..." and had great presenters finishing the night off poetically with Frederik Bøgh Andersens . In february 2014 we finished a great event with a small concert all for free of course. In june we took the PechaKucha Night Aalborg #17 to a reconstructed ferry and made it a floating cultural event at Plagen – om:form and beautifully the idea of reconstructing the ferry to a culturalvenue was presented at a PechaKucha Night February 2013. Amazing to be able to follow a great idea to be reality through amazing work of two architects and volunteers. And now to the essense of present: last tuesday we returned to the harbour and went ashore in the fabulous new Aalborg University building for art & technology and architecture and design made by Henning Larsen Architects just next to Musikkens Hus. Almost 200 people found their way through the buildingsite and rain to the new auditorium. This PechaKucha was organized as a close collarboration between the art & technology faculty and the culturalhouse HUSET - and its been great fun to work with Julia Spicina - who also created the beautiful poster and Jacob Borrits Sabra. The programme was opened by Stahl Stenslie artist, professor and head of the faculty – with an amazing presentation of “Haptic art”. Stahl works with installations that involve interactive art-suits that can give an extra dimension through creating touch from the suits. Lance Putnam is also a professor at art and technology and he presented us to “Harmonic pattern function” both from nature, how we perceive and react to it as humans and how to create it with computers and expand our consciousness of perception of the world – quite a mindblowing presentation! Lars Bonde is an artist and owns a small gallery for conceptual art called VÆG (WALL). Lars is in the middle of a fantastic muralproject in Aalborg where 10 artists from all over the world have been invited to make artworks on walls in the city picked out together with the cityarchitect. Signe Højmark is projectmanager of a new landartart project and festival called LANDSHAPE here in Nordjylland and she presented the ideas of both inviting artists to make great works and to invite the public in to create landart. Morten Poulsen is educated musician from the conservatory here in Aalborg and is very passionate about music – especially drumming! He was here to present a new music instrument he’s created to go with a playstation and he both presented and played for us! In our PechaKucha break the audience could enjoy posters from all over the world exhibited in the hall and of course buy a beer, coffee and cake in the studentsbar. And graphic designer Adam Hansel had placed free posters to grab on the tables. First presenter after the break was Elizabeth Jochum is an Assistant Professor of Art and Technology at Aalborg University.  She has a BA from Wellesley College and an MA/PhD from the University of Colorado Boulder. Elizabeth is the co-founder of the Robot Culture and Aesthetics research group at the University of Copenhagen.  Her research focuses on how to design robots that are as fascinating as people. But as she started out saying: our best machines are made of sunshine J She gave us examples as to how the interaction between robots and actors and dancers can expand artistic experiences of theatre. Andreas Mathew has his own small company make both artistic projects and this project he called “Survivalskills”! Survivalskills is an interactive game the uses augmented reality - made for pupils in elementary school to create awareness and information about craftsmen educations.  Adam Hansel went slapstick presenting his desire of sharing the power of the poster with everyone and two students Allan Yde Enevoldsen and Grith Sandberg shared their thought and dreams regarding being educated in art and technology. Last came two other students Alf Andersen and Jean Francois Robin  talking about “Visual symphony”. Alf and Jean Francois had cooperated with Aalborg Symphony Orchestra to make visuals to a concert with Stravinskijs Firebird. We finished off with a small DJ concert in the hall and a lot of chit-chat and cosey happy people. Angd guess what: the rain had stopped outside J See ya at HUSET for a PechaKucha Night Aalborg #19 on December 9. 20.20 Thank you from Annette Scheibel cityorganizer of PechaKucha Night in Aalborg  

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Tools for Design

  “We used genetic algorithms to iterate through thousands of designs to find which one worked the best — it’s really an analogy to evolution.” Technology Futurist at Autodesk Jordan Brandt speaks on the tools designers use to get their ideas out into the world. In “Tools for Design” from a special Tokyo Designers Week 2014 edition of PKN Tokyo Vol. 118 Jordan speaks about the power of the cloud, iterative design processes, synthetic biology and building machines and experiences for tomorrow.

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An Appeal for Calm

"We're all staring at our phones rather than talking to eachother."In An Appeal for Calm from St. Neots, Vol. 1, Associate Technology Director at digital advertising agency R/GA London and semi-professional geek, Andy Hawkes talks about calm technology and why modern devices make and break the rules around calm technology. He delves into what makes an industrial designed product a success in the eyes of the individual, or a failure in the eyes of society.Put you device down for a moment and watch this interesting presentation. 

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Wearable Technology for All

"Usually what I make doesn't have much to do with what's on a runway."In "Wearable Technology for All" from Brooklyn Vol. 6, Jensin Wallace relates her trip to Slovenia to collaborate with a man suffering from tetraplegia to create custom smart clothing to assist him on a day to day basis - all controlled by his cell phone! Wow! Jensin was trained as textile textile designer at the Rhode Island School of Design and experimented with how to make sound and emotions tangible. After getting some experience in the luxury fashion industry, she went back to school and received a Masters of Design focusing in fashion and technology. Currently she works as a sweater technical designer for a high end women's label in NYC.

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Drawing from Technology, Illustrating from Life

"Put your hand up, the people who can't draw ... I want to ask these people: Can you make an egg? Can you write your name? Before you could that, you could draw."  If you know the vociferously talented illustrator Luis Mendo, you know just how many pages he fills daily with beautiful, lively drawings. In Drawing from Technology, Illustrating from Life from PechaKucha Night Tokyo Vol. 131, he shows off 20 drawings he made entirely on the iPad Pro, all with the Apple Pencil. As encouraging as ever, Luis shows us that everyone has the potential within themselves to draw — you just have to get out there and put pencil to paper (or iPad)!

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#Pechakuchagt Vol. 7 #Tecnoparkdigital

Gracias a los participantes.  He aca algunas fotos y tweets del evento:  

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Art and Virtual Reality: Staging the Real with Accessible Technology

"How do you log off in the real life? How do I separate from my digital self? I think you have to be unconscious." In Art and Virtual Reality: Staging the Real with Accessible Technology from PechaKucha Night Markham Vol. 11, Ronnie Clarke is an artist focusing in media and performance, whose current work addresses the body, the self and social relationships in physical and digital spaces.  Her talk brings art and accessible technology together to question what it means to be present and to really interact with one another.