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Preplet Studio
Designer, Preplet in Skopje
B6 studio
Product Designer in Tokyo
Another Studio
Fotografia, video e comunicazione. in Roma
Parallel Studio
International Branding Studio in Guadalajara
Bargain Studio
Curators/Artists in Hastings
Half Studio
in Lisbon
GAS Studio
Graphic Designer, GAS Studio in Cambridge


Madrid @ Studio Banana
Apr 03, 2008


Dayton @ Atta Girl Art & Gardens
Jun 25, 2010


Melbourne @ The Workers Club
Apr 18, 2012


Rotherham @ Swinton Lock
Sep 20, 2012


Melbourne @ The Kelvin Club
Mar 04, 2014


San Francisco @ Prezi
May 21, 2018


Detroit @ UndGrd Studios
Apr 07, 2016


Perth @ Stackwood Studios
Jun 16, 2017


London @ HASSELL Studio
Aug 10, 2017


Islamabad @ London Book Company
Jan 27, 2018

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Studio as Laboratory

@ VOL 8 ON NOV 03, 2012

In his presentation, artist Russ RuBert profiles 6 of his early inventions -- or "ideaXplorations" -- as follows: the giant K-Man Robot, fishbone support systems, steel point bearings, interactive neon in 3-dimensional space, analogue to digital mouse animator, black box relay control system, and the first touchscreen keyboard, developed for Kanzi and other Bonobo great apes.

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Cascade Artist Studio

@ VOL 9 ON FEB 28, 2014

"The work in the studio is very varied and I think that reflects the different artists."

In Cascade Artist Studio from PechaKucha Night Blue Mountain Vol. 9, Artist Jacqueline Spedding introduces the warehouse she and a friend recently transformed into a working studio space in 2012. Cascade Studio in Blue Mountains hosts a range of talented artists- the most recent visiting artist came from South Korea. 

This was "Presentation of the Day" on July 30th, 2017. 

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Somos Tu Voz

@ VOL 6 ON DEC 09, 2014

Presentación de Sala Seis, la única productora de audio de Salamanca.  Es un equipo formado por siete profesionales que provienen de la radio y de otros proyectos periodísticos. Tras identificar un importante hueco en el mercado de audio, decidieron juntarse para formar esta empersa. 


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The Architecture of Sound

@ VOL 6 ON OCT 19, 2015

Stereotank, founded by Venezuelan NY-based architects Marcelo Ertorteguy and Sara Valente, is dedicated to exploring the common territories between space and sound through the design and construction of sound instruments, urban artifacts, and public installations. At PK Night Brooklyn Volume 6, they share some of their sound recordings from installations around the world!

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Studio in a Can

@ VOL 130 ON NOV 25, 2015

"The iPad is like a studio in a can. It has unlimited supplies, unlimited variety of free or cheep tools, and there's no clean up."
In Studio in a Can from PechaKucha Night Tokyo Vol. 130, self-described "lapsed artist" Sylvan Payne shares rediscovering his inner-artist through making "doodles" on his iPad. The "painterly quality is all there" he nonchalantly states while 20 unsuspecting pieces that were created on his 9" iPad become vibrantly projected 10 feat tall murals at Tokyo's SuperDeluxe to much to the audience's delight.
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Newhaven: Modernism by the seaside


Artist Nick Bush has set up his studio by Newhaven’s west beach in the Old History Museum. He presents a selection of paintings inspired by the town.

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Art Follows Life

@ VOL 4 ON APR 05, 2018

Art can lead all over the place. It has led painter Tessa Heck from the rural to the urban (and back again), from the noncommercial to the monetary, from introspection to examination. Sometimes art is a journey and, as Tessa's story shows, sometimes that journey leads home. And sometimes it's a journey walked in red cowboy boots. 

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How cheerleading changed my career

@ VOL 35 ON MAR 22, 2018

Laura Sala got injured practising cheerleading but she transformed the frustration she felt due to her injury into motivation to create her own team. This business made her realise that what she really wanted to do.  

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Le son des artistes

@ VOL 3 ON SEP 13, 2018

Toupa Patrice Gustave présente un panel de projets artistiques sur lesquels il a travaillé dans sa carrière d'ingénieur du son, dans ses engagements associatifs personnels, et auprès des musiciens qu'il enregistre en studio, suit en concert avec passion, écoute avec patience et gentillesse et surtout accompagne et encourage avec fraternité!

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First Series

@ VOL 161 ON DEC 12, 2018

Photographer Felipe Kato shows the “First Series” of his fine art portrait work. Creating a studio space where he and his subjects can take time to experiment together and collaborate with each other, Felipe aims for his images to evoke feelings by way of his process and for them to draw their dynamism not only from their composition and light, but with the emotions of his subjects.

写真家 カトウ・フェリペのファインアートポートレイトプロジェクトの初シリーズです。被写体を単に視覚イメージとして記録するだけでなく、その瞬間に宿るフィーリングや感情もとらえ表現することを追求した一味違った作品の数々を公開します。

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UNU Media Studio

It was another terrific PechaKucha Night in Tokyo this past Wednesday -- our 71st -- and the presentation that kicked things off was by Stephan Schmidt and Megumi Nishikura of the UNU Media Studio, as they presented the beautifully designed web magazine -- or as they described it, "a user manual for a new world operating system" -- Our World 2.0.

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Open Studios Open Minds

Here's a heads-up for an upcoming one-off PechaKucha event in London, "Open Studios Open Minds," to be held on November 25 at the ASC Erlang House. Below, a few more details on the event, from organizer Sarah Roesink: We would like to thank ASC for their support in helping to make this event happen and also our printer TAB who kindly offered us a discount on the printing cost of the posters. The event is part of the open studio weekend of ASC, more info can be found here. Event details: Open Studios Open Minds A series of talks by artists of Erlang House Friday, 25.11. 2011 at 7pm Location: Erlang House 128 Blackfriars Road SE1 8EQ London Presenters: Laura Daly Jeremy Evans Peng-Chia Ponga Huang Jaeyoun Lee Andrew Liu Ellis Nadler Elena Poka Anthony Ruby Nick Turvey Daniela White

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Kevin Lim (Studio SKLIM)

In today's presentation -- recorded at PechaKucha Night in Tokyo Vol. 88 -- Kevin Lim talks about the process behind some of Studio SKLIM’s past work in Singapore, and their recent inaugural work in Japan, the Hansha Reflection House.

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Moment Factory

We kick off the week with a "Presentation of the Day" that was recorded in Frankfurt about a studio in Montreal. 75 multimedia artists work at Moment Factory. Although the studio is based in Montreal, Canada, the team is composed of people from around the world and from various backgrounds, including dance, architecture, lighting design, programming, engineering, graphic design, illustration, music, production and more. What Gabriel Pontbriand loves so much about his job is that each project is a surprising adventure. Having and international and multidisciplinary group of people working together allows them to imagine interactions between technology and emotion that are unique each time.

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Takahiro Kuramoto (B6 Studio)

At tomorrow's PechaKucha Night Vol. 112 (Wednesday, March 26), we welcome Takahiro Kuramoto of B6 Studio, who will be sharing some of his design work. For more of B6 Studio's work: 明日のペチャクチャナイトVol.112(3月26日(水))にて、B6 StudioのTakahiro Kuramotoが彼のデザインワークについてシェアしてくれます。B6 Studioの詳しい仕事内容はVol.112イベントページでチェックしてね。

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“What defines luxury?” at Studio 41 with RNDD + Dornbracht, Powered by PechaKucha

Join The River North Design District (RNDD) along with Dornbracht at Studio 41 where 5 of Chicago’s top designers share how they define luxury, what gets their creative juices flowing and inspires their designs. Presentations are in the fast, fun PechaKucha format (20 slides x 20 seconds apiece!) followed by an informal discussion. Guests are invited to share ideas, meet new people and get inspired. Speakers include: Randy Heller, Kenneth Walter, Susan Brunstrum, Mitchell Channon and Donna Hall. Guests will enjoy appetizers and wine during the discussion. Space is limited, $35 ticket price.  To purchase tickets and to RSVP: WHEN:  Tuesday, July 19th, 6:00 -8:00 P.M. WHERE:  Studio 41- 225 West Hubbard Street, Chicago, IL 60654 WHO:  The River North Design District sets forth to provide participating interior design showrooms and art galleries with a creative entrepreneurial community hosting a variety of educational forums and consumer and trade events.  The River North Design District offers a platform for community referrals while providing opportunities to increase exposure with both the A&D community and the high-end consumer. If you’re building or remodeling a home, Studio41 invites you to visit their showroom. Offering a full selection of quality products at affordable prices: kitchen and bath plumbing fixtures, kitchen and bath cabinetry, kitchen and bath accessories, windows, doors, door hardware and cabinet hardware. Luxury brands includeDornbracht, Rohl, Toto, Duravit, Rocky Mountain, Ginger, and much, much more.  Please visit for more information.  "Powered by PechaKucha" events are one-off events that are separate from regular city-based PechaKucha Nights, and that are usually held as part of festivals and conferences, but can also act as standalone events. These events include presentations that use the PechaKucha 20 images x 20 seconds format." 

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Special PechaKucha at HASSELL Studio

Kick over the statues is a photographic exhibition by renowned UK photographer, Ewen Spencer, which explores the existence of youth tribes and subcultures in the UK. Photographed along the route of the 2016 Notting Hill Carnival in London, and in urban locations in Liverpool, the exhibition portrays a stark vision of today’s youth. It recalls the history of British subcultures, while shining a light on its very contemporary incarnations.  This special​ Powered by ​​PechaKucha Night will be hosted at the awesome and funky home of the exhibition - HASSELL ​Studio in Shoreditch.  A diverse panel including Ewen Spencer and HASSELL designers will put their creativity to the test and present 20 images for 20 seconds each on a wide variety of topics. The night will include complimentary beers thanks to our friends at Becks (some wine and cider on offer!) Come for 6.30pm (for beers!) and PechaKucha's begin at 7pm. Register for your FREE ticket here - -- PechaKucha London  

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Cascade Artist Studio

"The work in the studio is very varied and I think that reflects the different artists." In Cascade Artist Studio from PechaKucha Night Blue Mountain Vol. 9, Artist Jacqueline Spedding introduces the warehouse she and a friend recently transformed into a working studio space in 2012. Cascade Studio in Blue Mountains hosts a range of talented artists- the most recent visiting artist came from South Korea. 

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Calling all Visual Artists!

This PechaKucha Islamabad event is geared towards throwing the spotlight on visual artists from the Capital. Islamabad is home to several art galleries including the National Art Gallery, which has a Sadeqain Gallery, among other great pieces of art. This city by the Margallahs has its own distinct flavour of visual arts and its time to experience it!  If you are a budding or blooming artist from Islamabad, young or established, with your own art studio, then this event is for you. If you are interested in talking about your art and studio space with us and network with other likeminded artists, respond to this open call. Get in touch with the team at Kuch Khaas with a few images of your work and/or studio along with your bio on We look forward to hearing from you soon! PechaKucha is a fun format and our team will fill you in on the details, so hurry up and get in touch! Friday 19th January is the last date for responding to this call. For details, visit:

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Invitation to Islamabad - Volume 1

Dear art enthusiasts! Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to meet some of the Capital’s stellar artists at Making Art in the Capital: An Intimate Look at Islamabad's Finest Artists and their Studios. From Dr. Shahida Mansoor’s one of a kind, Japanese wood block prints to Sana Arjumand’s large scale paintings to Amna Hashmi’s mind-blowingly detailed anime miniatures. We have Nazia Akram’s mixed media painting, Seyhr Qayyum’s colourful canvases and Alia Bilgrami’s contemporary miniatures with a splash of analogue photography. Come and experience the works of Islamabad’s diverse range of artists firsthand. Some of them have amazing studio spaces like Ilona Yusuf’s atelier where she makes handmade artist’s books and solar plate etchings and Zaira Zaka’s fully decked out printmaking studio where she hosts a yearly international artist’s in residence program. Come and hear these important artists share intimate details about their art practise and studio spaces. Don’t miss the chance to experience their creative energy firsthand. We hope to see you all there!  Join the event on facebook at