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PechaKucha Global Night Channel

Once a year on February 20th — the anniversary of PechaKucha’s founding — we celebrate the proliferation of worldwide creativity, and the amazing interconnectedness of cities from all over. PechaKucha Global Night is a coming together — a time where we recognise that each PechaKucha Night is not alone, but part of something greater. Find a PechaKucha Night in your city and join in the global festivities!

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New Cities Foundation: WhatWorks Channel

The New Cities Foundation's mission is to incubate, promote and scale urban innovations. WhatWorks is a speaker series curated by the Foundation aimed at finding the up-and-coming innovators working on solving the great urban challenges of our time, including energy, mobility, health, housing, and many more.

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Inspire Nepal Channel

After the events of the April 2015 Nepal earthquake, the worldwide PechaKucha community has come together to "Inspire Nepal". The road to recovery is a long one, and you can help inspire regrowth by sharing your story of Nepal here. Get in touch with us via

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Inspire Christchurch Channel

After the events of the February 2011 Christchurch earthquake, the worldwide PechaKucha community has come together to "Inspire New Zealand". The road to recovery is a long one, and you can help inspire regrowth by sharing your story of Christchurch here. Get in touch with us via

Debbie Time
Virtual Administrative Professional, Self-Employed in Longwood
Misty Story
Naturopathic Medical Student, National University of Natural Medicine in Portland
Hunter Story
in versailles
Caroline Story
Barista, Starbucks Coffee Co.
Story Gilmore
Student Leadership, CPTC in Tacoma


Omaha @ Slowdown
Dec 12, 2013


Wolfville @ The Al Whittle Theatre
Jun 12, 2014


Istanbul @ TAK (Tasarim Atolyesi Kadikoy)
Dec 23, 2014


Istanbul @ TAK (Tasarim Atolyesi Kadikoy)
Dec 10, 2015


Dubuque @ The Smokestack
Mar 30, 2017


Dubuque @ Dubuque Museum of Art
Jun 08, 2017


Dubuque @ Convivium Urban Farmstead
Oct 26, 2017


Pyatigorsk @ CoWorking LOFT
Dec 27, 2017


Dubuque @ Dubuque Museum of Art
Sep 27, 2018


Dubuque @ The Smokestack
Jan 24, 2019

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The Miserable Hour: the Time After the Time When All is Good

@ VOL 19 ON MAY 25, 2014

Improvisational comedian Derek Flores, accompanied by Katie Cowan on the piano, tells the fictional story of Jarvis the meerkat, who becomes enlightened one day, learning how to create his own joy through the power of the library.

"Presentation of the Day" on June 16, 2014.

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Storytime in the People's Republic

@ VOL 13 ON FEB 25, 2015

By day, Jon Jablonski runs the UCSB Library's Map & Imagery Laboratory. By night, he is one of six founders of, which is dedicated to instilling an early love of reading in Chinese children by providing expert advice to the private children's library community in China. Reading Everywhere is currently organizing, and accepting donations(!), to present training workshops at this November's Shanghai International Children's Book Fair.

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Why I Quit My Job To Spend More Time With My Dog

@ VOL 8 ON JUL 18, 2015

Listen to Abishek Sridharan's story of his labrador Bamm Bamm and why it is important to be the person your dog thinks you are. 

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Why "Grown-ups" Need Story Time Too

@ VOL 25 ON OCT 30, 2015

Storyteller Sharon Moreham weaves a story around her journey into storytelling, sending us to far off lands, meeting far out characters and opening our minds to the importance of storytelling for kids and adults alike. 

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Story Time

@ VOL 4 ON NOV 13, 2015

Josephine Caramillo shares her enthusiasm for story time as education and entertainment, empowering children with knowledge and confidence to be their own superheroes through story time. As illustrated by her programs, a library can provide for more than the development of a love of books and literacy, it can provide for the development of children’s motor skills, social skills and more.

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Storytime: Run On

@ VOL 9 ON SEP 02, 2015

Para-athlete and artist Penny Andrews doesn't only tell her story, she performs it! Look at the story and jump in!

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The Story Behind a Forgotten Name on a Building

@ VOL 4 ON MAR 31, 2017

By day, Adam Knapp works at the Baton Rouge Area Chamber, but in his spare time he has had a fascination with a name, forgotten to time, on the face of a building. He’ll share part of that person’s story and, along the way, why trust is important to change.

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From Siberia to Texas: Uncovering My Family’s Immigration Story One Recipe at a Time

@ VOL 33 ON MAY 22, 2017

Mary Kaltenberg best introduces her story herself:

"It started during a blizzard storm the first week I arrived back in the United States early 2016. As an activity for my mom and I during this cold snowy day, we gathered recipes and started compiling them into a cohesive cookbook. I asked questions about the origination of the recipe and through each recipe lived a different story. Translating and transcribing developed into a documentation of our family history, rich of funny, suspenseful and adventurous stories. One recipe at a time I uncovered the story of my Jewish, Russian, Polish family - how they became a family, survived in Siberia, were deported and stripped of citizenship and the humor of eventually adapting to American culture."

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A Time Traveler's Story

@ VOL 41 ON MAR 07, 2017

Futurist Stuart Candy shows some recent projects.

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Diversity & Literacy: The importance of drag performers reading to children

@ VOL 19 ON JUN 08, 2018

While you may have already heard about drag queen story times, it's important to hear about the impact it has had on families. Fay & Fluffy’s Storytime is an event that focuses around literacy and diversity that celebrates the differences. Listen to Fluffy’s talk to find out what impact it’s been made to the community.

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A Soldier's Story

PechaKucha Night in Leeds will have its second volume in just a few weeks (January 28), and organizer Stuart Hide (pictured above) will be one of the presenters as well. Currently pursuing a degree in Interior Architecture and Design, Stuart spent six years in the UK armed forces, traveling all over the world for various operations. His presentation will cover his time as a soldier, and the bad design that he encountered along the way, and how it could all have been improved.

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The Story of a Sandbox

Mike Laurence is a coder, tinkerer, and co-founder of the game development studio Bytebin. In this edition of Presentation of the Day (from TableXI's January Table Talks), Mike speaks of the trials and triumphs found whilst building open-world gaming environments (or sandbox environments as they're called within the gaming community) and cultivating an online fellowship surrounding this massively multiplayer game at the same time. 

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The Story of the DeLorean DMC-12

It's likely you know it from the 1980s movie trilogy Back to the Future, but the DeLorean DMC-12's journey began long before Doc Brown made the car into the world's most iconic time machine. In today's edition of Presentation of the Day, "The Story of the DeLorean DMC-12" from PKN Tokyo Vol. 96, architect and designer Eero Koivisto discusses his passion for this timeless automobile, the DeLorean Motor Company, and the automotive industry mogul behind it all: John DeLorean.

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An Illustrator's Story

In today's Presentation of the Day, "An Illustrator's Story" from PKN Brisbane Vol. 27, illustrator and designer Jo Fallon discusses how her English and Japanese heritage have influenced her creative work, and chronicles her development as an artist. She also gives us some key advice as to why it's important to choose your business card designs carefully. 

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Plus: A Non-Chronological Story of Gleeful Self-Deprecation

How would you like to slip around a basement coated with laundry soap, or eat 3 cheeseburgers before riding a rollercoaster? In today's Presentation of the Day, "Plus: A Non-Chronological Story of Gleeful Self-Deprecation" from Table XI's October Table Talks: My Worst Idea, JC Grubbs (of software developer DevMynd) reverses the flow of time and recounts eight of his favorite mistakes, each one more inane than the last. His gaffes are not all for naught, however -- he encourages us to "keep making enormously huge mistakes, do it with gusto, tell the stories, and hopefully some of them will end up good."

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The Miserable Hour: the Time After the Time When All is Good

"This is a story about a sad meerkat with a drinking problem..." Improvisational comedian Derek Flores, accompanied by Katie Cowan on the piano, tells the fictional story of Jarvis the meerkat, who becomes enlightened one day, learning how to create his own joy through the power of the library. In "The Miserable Hour: the Time After the Time When All is Good" from PKN Christchurch Vol. 19 Derek is ambushed with twenty images set to music, and asked to spin metaphorical thread into comedy gold.

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Storby Story

"Some people call me a street artist. I call myself a storyteller." Aalborg's visionary street artist and graphic illustrator Lars Pank takes us on a journey into his imaginative universe. In "Storby Story" from PKN Aalborg Vol. 13, Lars talks about his latest art projects, inspiration, and experiences working together with other artists.

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PechaKucha Night Istanbul Vol.19 Tells A Story was held

  PechaKucha Night Istanbul Vol. 19 Tells A Story was held, last week at TAK. Everyone has a story. But most important things "How can we create? How can we tell? Do we know storytelling? Storytelling is growing up day by day around the world. So, how can use this term on our life? We were looking for these  answers about storytelling and stories.  Presenters came to stage with projects on music, digital life, cinema, design, communication and more...  They told us a story  on creative industries with storytelling. Thanks for all of audiences! For event photos please click here. See you next time at new PKN Istanbul, again!

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The Story of Sheep

“‘Just imagine,’ ‘I wonder,’ and ‘What if’ are some of my favorite words in the English language. They conjure up the possible, the impossible, and the just plain crazy.” Abigail Walsh tells us a story of sheep, and his best friend bird. In “The Story of Sheep” from PKN Christchurch Vol. 21 we also hear about elephant, a retired mountain guide who sheep desires to meet. Abigail tells us how her story came to life, and how it was interwoven with her own.

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The Story of Water in Hawaii

"The window of wonder into the world of water." In "The Story of Water in Hawaii" from PechaKucha Night Honolulu Vol. 27, Eric Johnson led a journey through the process of creating an original theatrical production in collaboration with artists, activists and multiple community partners. Eric is Artistic Director of the Honolulu Theatre for Youth. His production - "H2O: The Story of Water in Hawaii" - performed for over 20,000 students, teachers and families on Oahu this Spring and will tour to five Neighbor Islands this fall.