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@ VOL 11 ON SEP 05, 2014

In 2012, Kim Bartling left her position as a theatre professor after directing her 100th theatrical production. Currently, Kim’s passion is working with children – and their families - at risk in Belize, Central America.

As an entrepreneur, Kim started Creative Consulting which offers executive communication consulting and motivational speaking. She is the owner of the co-working office space Meso, operates online vintage stores, and owns and directs Ephemeral Productions, a theatre company that celebrates the role of women on and behind the stage.

Kim is an avid writer. She is a playwright specializing in Dakota women. Finally, she is currently writing an article entitled, "Working My Ass Off; An Open Letter to Beyonce's Definition of Feminism" and she is awaiting illustrations for her a children’s book, entitled, “Melody Off-Key” that she wrote for her granddaughter Eva.

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The Local Artist

@ VOL 11 ON SEP 05, 2014

The Local Artist is the brainchild of Jeff Ballard and Mitch Torbert. They are both working artists born and raised in South Dakota. Mitch grew up in Gettysburg and Rapid City. He graduated from SDSU with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting and printmaking. He currently studies at USD in the graduate printmaking program. Mitch works mainly with ballpoint pen and patterns to investigate topics like outer space and scientific understanding. In his free time, he ejoys outdoor activities with his fiancé, Erin, and her two boys.

Jeff grew up in and around Sioux Falls. He graduated from USF in 2011 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting. Last spring, he received his MFA in painting from USD and is currently teaching art at Sioux Falls Christian and USF. His paintings communicate the effort to gain understanding of life’s journey through the interaction of figures and parts diagrams. Jeff enjoys spending time outdoors with his wife Courtney in his free time.

The Local Artist is designed by Hunter Murphy, who graduated from SDSU with a Bachelor of Science degree in Graphic Design and a Studio Arts Degree in Printmaking. He is currently a Designer at Fresh Produce.

"Presentation of the Day" on December 11, 2014.

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The Space Shuttle Challenger - What Went Wrong?!

@ VOL 14 ON JUN 05, 2015

"The problem was they had already had failures previous to this, and they kept launching when they shouldn't have."

In The Space Shuttle Challenger - What Went Wrong?! from Sioux Falls Vol. 14, former Nasa technician John Kolander talks about the tragic Challenger disaster that occurred January 28th, 1986 and his perspective while working from the Launch Control Center at Vandenberg Air Force Base. In this stoic presentation, Kolander recollects that heavy moment, systematically breaking down in simple terms the chain of events that when wrong.

Revisit the tragedy that broke our hearts but not our spirits, and reflect on the those that gave their lives in our ongoing reach for the stars and beyond.

Revist the tragedy that broke our hearts but not our spirits, and reflect on the those that gave their lives in our ongoing reach for the stars. 

Married 40 years to his wife Barbara, John and his family have lived in Sioux Falls for almost ten years and this is now home.

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@ VOL 20 ON JAN 06, 2017

"Still was my safe space to reflect on who I had been, who I was and who I wanted to be."

In Still at PechaKucha Night Sioux Falls Vol. 20, Designer and Writer Katie Becker shares her journey in creating her very first autobiography and how her love for writing and history has drastically influenced her life. With her appreciation for words, she knew that one day, she would become a writer, writing about the things that made her tick. 

She is currently pursuing her licensure in architecture and works for JLG Architects in Sioux Falls.


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Del Otro Lado: A Narrative

@ VOL 24 ON DEC 01, 2017

Angelica Mercado’s work is the ultimate fight for identity. In "Del Otro Lado: A Narrative...," Mercado tackles the tough issues in an attempt to embrace the divide in which she exists. Therefore, her work demonstrates the constant state of confusion in which she stumbles, falls, stands, fights and ultimately lives in, with themes of loss, trauma, longing, healing, and overall finding a sense of belonging in this space she calls home. In a time of escalated tension toward immigrants and their families, “Del Otro Lado,” shines a light on the status quo. For those who are on this side, you will find yourself thinking, questioning, and overall attempting to understand what it means, to live in the in-between; in-between two cultures, two countries, two identities.”

See more of her work:


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San Diego @ Orchids, Onions & Opportunities Exhibit
Jun 19, 2012


Halifax @ Olympic Community Centre
Oct 17, 2013


Gliwice @ Centrum Organizacji Kulturalnych GCOP
Jan 28, 2014


Makassar @ Rumata Art Space
Mar 10, 2014


Perth @ PSAS Pakenham Street Art Space
Dec 19, 2014


Makassar @ Sao Eating Point Mall Ratu Indah
Apr 29, 2015


Zdar nad Sazavou @ Kino Vysočina
Oct 16, 2015


Železný Brod @ KC Kino - Železný Brod
Dec 11, 2015


Yerevan @ TUMO Center for Creative Technologies
Apr 10, 2017


Christchurch @ CoCA
Jun 14, 2017

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On Creating Space

@ VOL 12 ON AUG 19, 2014

On Creating Space focuses on the possibilities of creating a community space that fosters collaboration and meets the needs of professional artists, craftspeople, and small businesses. In his presentation, Rob Laliberte, explores the benefits of working as part of a cooperative and how crowdsourcing, business partnerships, and acquisition of federal grants can help establish such spaces. 

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Space- Positive and Negative

@ VOL 8 ON AUG 13, 2015

Lantz Kuykendall explores our perception of space through images describing positive and negative space; solid and void; as it relates to architecture.

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Public Space

@ VOL 16 ON JUL 22, 2015

Ron Yearwood shares about the publish spaces of Nashville. 

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Sacred Space Holder

@ VOL 33 ON APR 26, 2016

Rachel Levy, Scared Space Holder at The Sacred Space Miami, talks about the sacred space in relationships.  She is not only an Imago Relationship Therapist, but leader the free-form happening she calls Prayerdanse.

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A Car-Free Solution in a Transportation Crisis

@ VOL 18 ON MAY 18, 2017

Friends Cricket Day, Chris Robbins, and Becca Groban have a solution to the looming transportation crisis hitting New York City in 2019! Listen to their logical solution in this PechaKucha presentation in celebration of NYCxDesign.

Cricket Day, Chris Robbins, Becca Groban, and Kellen Parker are four friends who love to argue about their adopted home, NYC. With backgrounds in landscape architecture, journalism, city planning, and financial risk, the group won Transportation Alternatives’ L-ternative Visions: Reimagining 14th Street and Beyond in March.

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Cap Trail Bike Shuttle

@ VOL 17 ON MAY 01, 2017

With the recent completion of the Cap to Cap bike trail from Richmond to Williamsburg, Alison McGrail shares one of the new ventures of opportunity that are springing up to support and enhance this regional amenity. 

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@ VOL 34 ON NOV 28, 2018

Zachary Antoyan talks about COMMON SPACE and their mission of supporting the non-profits in Fresno.

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Think Space

@ VOL 48 ON MAR 21, 2019

Architecture and mass timber developments. 

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Story Time From Space

@ VOL 15 ON MAR 07, 2019

Patricia Tribe's love of space exploration and education has taken her around the world, but she is proud to call Penticton and area home. As Director of Education for NASA’s Space Centre Houston for 13 years, her passion for instilling the love of science and reading in children was fueled. 

Patricia believes in what you cannot imagine, you cannot do. As a result of Patricia’s research and imagination colliding we can now not only imagine, but also watch astronauts on the International Space Station video recording themselves reading stories to and conducting science experiments for the children of Earth, as the world rotates below. That’s Story Time and Science Time from Space! 
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Virtual vs. Habitable Space

Do your virtual interactions weigh down on you?  Viviana De Loera challenges architects, builders, and designers to compare the virtual “templates” designed by for-profit companies like Google and Facebook to the frenzied condo living, boxed dwellings, and office spaces we exist in every day. In "Virtual vs. Habitable Space" from PKN Toronto Vol. 26, Viviana asks, "What are we teaching the 'template generation' in both their virtual and habitable spaces?"

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Space Tourism: Hospitality or Adventure Industry?

Space. The final frontier. For zero-gravity ping-pong-ball parties.  Maryam Nabavi, an Innovation Strategist at Idea Couture, talks about her strategy for the future of commerical space (i.e. Virgin Galactic) as a service industry. If you ever thought about living in space, then small bathrooms, carbon-dehydrated food, and uncomfortable sleeping arrangements are probably not what you had in mind. However, in "Space Tourism: Hospitality or Adventure Industry?" from PKN Toronto Vol. 27, we learn that Nabavi redesigned the experience to have humans at the center of the problem so that it can be an enjoyable and memorable experience for anyone no matter their financial or physical situation. 

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The Information of Space

“Space is information-rich, and the events that occur therein provide narrative.” Miles Thorogood explores how space provides information and can be interpreted by artists in different ways. In “The Information of Space” from PKN Richmond, BC Vol. 3, we see this concept is the basis behind Audio Metaphor, a company which transforms text into soundscape composition. Miles describes some projects that have been done to create AI systems which mimic animal behaviour. 

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Time, Space, and Playing Fields

Our bodies act as a shared experience, and death is the one unifying conclusion. Abdi Farah contemplates what it means to be and artist. In “Time, Space, and Playing Fields” from PKN New Orleans Vol. 11, he discusses his passion for art in New Orleans, and seeking kindred spirits through an exploration of metaphysical and imaginary worlds and sports. 

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The Space Shuttle Challenger - What Went Wrong?!

"The problem was they had already had failures previous to this, and they kept launching when they shouldn't have."In The Space Shuttle Challenger - What Went Wrong?! from Sioux Falls Vol. 14, former Nasa technician John Kolander talks about the tragic Challenger disaster that occurred January 28th, 1986 and his perspective while working from the Launch Control Center at Vandenberg Air Force Base. In this stoic presentation, Kolander recollects that heavy moment, systematically breaking down in simple terms the chain of events that when wrong. Revisit the tragedy that broke our hearts but not our spirits, and reflect on the those that gave their lives in our ongoing reach for the stars and beyond.  

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Startups in Space

"Nowadays we have new tech. Everybody has an iPhone and actually these are more powerful than any of the satellites now in space. And thats the idea. We are basically using them produce space stuff that is way more powerful and much less expensive." In Startups in Space from Tokyo Vol. 127, spacecraft developer at Axelspace in Tokyo, Lucas Bremond catches us up on the accomplishments of the space programs of past and present, reminding us that many of historical cosmic triumphs were achieved with less computing power then that of our smartphones. He then turns our imaginations to the future, proposing a new age of space exploration where the playing field has been levelled, the barrier of entry lowered, an exciting new era of new inexpensive tech in space, which we can all potentially participate, and for the benefit of all.  

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Shaping Space and Realities

"What I find funny is the idea that doomsday preppers think they can inoculate themselves from effects of an apocalypse by collecting things we have manufactured in the last 100 years to protect themselves from the future, but in fact what we need more are tools and solutions to overcome the quandary that the demise of our species is at our own hands." In Shaping Space and Realities from PechaKucha Night Brooklyn Vol. 4, self-proclaimed design evangelist, educator, and promoter of play Lauren Slowik explores the infinite possibilities of shaping space and realities with advancing 3-d printing technology to create new physical connections. Join her as she goes deep into the rabbit hole of how our future can be reimagined with a shift in thinking. 

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Chaos in Space

"Chaos always works within a framework, making it completely predictable so long as you understand stand the framework." In "Chaos in Space" from PechaKucha Night Christchurch Vol. 31, Jonny Knopp, whom accidentally wore slippers to his presentation, ponders architectural creation in accompaniment of his simple, yet quirky illustrations.  

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Confined Architectural Space and Psychological Unease

  "I want to destabilize the viewer in relation to the work."In "Confined Architectural Space and Psychological Unease" from PechaKucha Night Buffalo Vol. 14, artist, sculpture, and professor, Gary Sczerbaniewicz shares his practice involving an insatiable fascination with interior architectural spaces that evoke a sense of psychological unease. This compulsion toward an aesthetics of anxiety leads him to fabricate confined space environments which include-scale shifts-using architectural models seamlessly blended into full-sized structures - into which the viewer is invited to physically enter and explore.