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Tokyo in Sketches

@ VOL 108 ON NOV 06, 2013

A few years ago, Adrian Hogan went to Aomori, Japan and taught English for one year. During that time, he developed a habit of drawing his students. Here he shows us his work and how it has evolved over the years. Now he works as a freelance illustrator in Tokyo.

"Presentation of the Day" on November 22, 2013.

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Intuitive Surrealism

@ VOL 136 ON JUN 02, 2016

“I have a very strange, particular method of painting. I call this method intuitive surrealism.”

In Intuitive Surrealism from PechaKucha Night Tokyo Vol. 136, Barcelona-based artist, August Vilella shares his oil paintings, creatied by means of a surreal-intuitive method. Thanks to this method and without using any previous sketches or ideas, he tries to give shape to his past and future through the subconscious mind. As a figurative work of art, the result of this practice evokes a dreamlike aura and philosophical language, which invites the observing visitor to reflect.

This was "PechaKucha of the Day" on Friday, July 1st, 2016.

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My Jogging Course

@ VOL 155 ON FEB 28, 2018

Renown illustrator Mariya Suzuki walks you through her jogging course with her drawings. She's not a sports person, but lately, she does jog sometimes since she's more aware of her age. At least she lives in a pretty cool neighborhood.

イラストレーターのMariya Suzukiさんは、ドローイングをしながらジョギングをしています。Mariyaさんはもともと体育会系ではないものの、年齢を気にし出してからは最近時々走っています。ドローイングからは、彼女が住む街がとっても素敵なことがわかります。

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An Architect's Sketchbook

@ VOL 155 ON FEB 28, 2018

Apart from Architectural designs Sebastian Seyfarth uses his Sketchbook as a tool to explore and reflect on his life and journey through Europe and Japan.

建築設計を本業とするSebastian Seyfarthさんは、ヨーロッパや日本での生活や旅で体験し感じたことをスケッチブックに残しています。Sebastianさんのドローイングの世界を堪能しましょう。



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Pori @ Porin Taidemuseo
Dec 11, 2013


Umeå @ Elite Hotel Mimer
Apr 26, 2017


Bryan @ Grand Stafford Theater
Nov 27, 2018

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Sketching is Fun

@ VOL 17 ON NOV 06, 2015

Visions through sketching

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Doodles Rockets & Dreams

@ VOL 9 ON MAR 24, 2016

Darrin Caddes (@unclewillard) is a father and vice president of corporate design for Plantronics, so his days were already pretty full when he decided at the start of 2013 to take on a personal creative challenge - to create a drawing every day for a year.

His sketches are funny, sad, inventive, and great and three years in (and still going strong!) his "Daily Doodle" project illustrates the power of a regular creative habit.

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Experiment, Share, Create

@ VOL 2 ON APR 01, 2016

Daphne Siaw enjoys experimenting with different tools to create different styled art pieces. Through the simple joy of creating and trying new media, she was able to create more refined and larger-scaled pieces, turning a childhood hobby into an unexpected career.

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Show Me Your Vision

@ VOL 4 ON JUN 07, 2016

"In any process, in whatever you do, in any discussion you have about development in the city, it all comes does to just one question - 'What will it look like?' - So sketch it for heaven's sake! Show me your vision!"

In Show Me Your Vision from PechaKucha Night Nanaimo Vol. 4, Designer and Art Director at Balbina Studio, Rob Plante ignites our imaginations with something as simple as a sketch. Trained in typography, graphic design, photography, and illustration at the Royal Academy for Visual Arts in The Hague, the Netherlands, sketching is the cornerstone of his work, having informed everything in his design process throughout a prolific career. Here Having branded thousand companies and organizations as an art director, creative director, graphic designer, filmmaker, copywriter, illustrator, and coach, Robert speaks a language of design that all can understand, especially here in this simple, compelling, and charming presentation about what his city can become through sketches.

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Seeing Differently

@ VOL 3 ON JUL 01, 2016

Vann Law shares learning to see the beauty in our ordinaries, and how we may use them to create something new. 

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Art of the Pencils

@ VOL 16 ON SEP 01, 2016

“Pencil is a small thing that can make a big difference in the lives of people who use them.”

In "Art of the Pencil" from PechaKucha Night New York Vol.16 , Caroline Weaver, amateur pencil collector but lifelong pencil lover, founded CW Pencil Enterprise in November 2014. With her pencil experts, Caroline digs up the stories and origins of these objects and make them accessible to those who appreciate them for their functionality, beauty and history. As simple as it may be, the pencil is something which despite advances in technology will never become obsolete.

This was "PechaKucha of the Day" on Tuesday, December 13th, 2016.

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@ VOL 7 ON SEP 27, 2016

“When I was 14, this is when it all started…1989.”

In "Sketchbooks", from PechaKucha Night St.Neots Vol.7, Graphic designer Richard Slade shares us about his love of drawing and how at the age of 11, with a gift of a sketchpad and pencils started his first sketchbook. Three decades later he has a collection of 52 sketchbooks that chart the course of his education, career and personal life. 

This was "PechaKucha of the Day" on Wednesday, November 23rd, 2016. 

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From Sketch to Store: Designing a Dress

@ VOL 18 ON MAY 18, 2017

NIYATI KARWAT was on her way to medical school, but after studying abroad in Cypus, she decided to follow her true love. She enrolled at Parsons and now 8 years later is a designer at Tracy Reese. Hear how her travels and art inspire creating women's wear.

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Sjov på Kommando

@ VOL 38 ON SEP 04, 2018

Dan Knudsen is a professional illlustrator and creator of comics and comic strips.

He talks to the audience about how you shouldn't - as a comics artist - seek funny situations, but instead create an interesting set of characters and let the funny situations develop FOR you.

This mindset is perhaps also applicable in the rest of the world. Judge for yourself and please enjoy!

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Badge for PKN Sofia Vol. 3

For the upcoming outdoor PechaKucha Night in Sofia Vol. 3 (July 24), tickets will be replaced by badges like the one pictured above. The idea is that attendees will fill in the middle with something -- thoughts, slogans, sketches, an avatar -- and the badges will then act as everyone's "business card" for the evening.

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PKN Boston Vol. 13 Sketch Review

Now here's a different way to experience a PechaKucha Night: through someone's notes. Here's a look at Charlene McBride's notes and sketches taken during last week's PKN Boston Vol. 13.

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PechaKucha Sketches

We're not quite sure who produced the sketches you see above -- just that they were done by Flickr user oinknio -- but we do love some of the PechaKucha graphical riffs on display. You can see a much larger version of the scan here.

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Martin Willers

As we kick off a new week of presentation highlights -- you do know that we have a terrific "Presentations" section on the site, right? -- with "Sketch Book of Life," presented by Martin Willers at PechaKucha Night in Stockholm Vol. 21. An amazing presentation of sketches, which show how to use the inspiration of life to lift the possibilities of humanity to new heights! Brilliant -- thanks Martin!

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If you didn't grow up surrounded by capacitative touch user interfaces, it's likely you may have one of these around your house as a kid: The magic Etch-A-Sketch screen.  In today's "Presentation of the Day" artist Andrea Tilden (at PKN Waterville, Maine Vol. 3) goes into aluminum-particle levels of detail on how she goes about creating and preserving her unique works. Whether you're a Master Etcher, or only skilled enough to etch out stairs or angular castles, this presentation is worth a glance. 

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Tokyo in Sketches

"The city, I think, has started to influence my drawing already -- it's become more painterly..." In today's Presentation of the Day, "Tokyo in Sketches" from PKN Tokyo Vol. 108, fervent illustrator Adrian Hogan speaks of his passion. While teaching in the northernmost tip of Japan's Honshu island, Adrian developed a habit of sketching anyone he saw -- most especially his energetic students. Here he discusses the evolution of his skill, and how he's transitioned from Aomori-bound instructor to freelance illustrator living in Tokyo.

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Adrian Hogan + Alex Queen

At Wednesday's PechaKucha Night Vol. 119 we'll be joined by the duo of illustrator Adrian Hogan and Alex Queen, as they talk about a project that involves Tsugaru Folk Tales translated into modern Japanese and English. This will be Adrian's second presentation -- watch Adrian's past presentation.水曜日のペチャクチャナイト Vol. 119 にデュオ_イラストレイターのAdrian Hogan と Alex Queenをご招待。津軽 Folk Tales をモダンな日本語と英語に訳したケースなど話していただきます。Adrianのプレゼンテーションは今回二回目です。

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Musings of a Courtroom Sketch Watercolorist

"This is a drawing of the jury passing around the murder weapon between them. It was a poignant moment of the trial."In Musings of a Courtroom Sketch Watercolorist from Jackson, MS, Vol. 7, noted artist Carol Clark Hammond shares how timed studies in watercolor nudes, scenic landscapes, and not-so-still-lifes keep her talents honed as a courtroom sketch artist. Hammond must keep very practiced to maintain the pace of the courtroom and convey the atmosphere of the moment. Here she her drawings from the historic trial of Byron Beckwith for the murder of Megar Wiley Evers, a civil rights activist in Mississippi in the early 1960s, leafed by her private works that keep her skills sharp. 

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The Importance of Drawing [on Your Child’s School Lunch Bag]

"Research has illustrated that 90% of us will do almost all of the drawings we will make in our lifetime before the age of 10. That’s the threshold we pass when someone tells us that we aren't good at art or math or science.” In The Importance of Drawing [on Your Child’s School Lunch Bag] from PechaKucha Night Batavia’s first volume, Speaker Peter Exley discusses the importance of thoughtful and deliberate sketches. We all spent time in our youth expressing ourselves through drawing. At some point, many of us turned our attentions to things less creative. Peter did not. Here’s why.

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Intuitive Surrealism

“I have a very strange, particular method of painting. I call this method intuitive surrealism.” In Intuitive Surrealism from PechaKucha Night Tokyo Vol. 136, Barcelona-based artist, August Vilella shares his oil paintings, creatied by means of a surreal-intuitive method. Thanks to this method and without using any previous sketches or ideas, he tries to give shape to his past and future through the subconscious mind. As a figurative work of art, the result of this practice evokes a dreamlike aura and philosophical language, which invites the observing visitor to reflect.