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Jun 18, 2010


Toronto @ Harbourfront Centre (York Quay Centre)
Sep 24, 2010


Nashville @ The Rutledge
Nov 08, 2010


Southend-on-Sea @ East 15 Rehearsal Studios and Theatre, Clifftown Studios
Oct 21, 2010


New Haven @ "BAR" in downtown New Haven
May 19, 2011


Toronto @ Harbourfront Centre (York Quay Centre)
Apr 20, 2012


Nishinomiya @ Konan CUBE (Hirao School of Management)
Oct 15, 2016


Bermuda @ Rumbar
Aug 18, 2016


Ubud @ Betel Nut
Aug 29, 2017


Jun 20, 2018

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Five Over Seven

@ VOL 11 ON NOV 03, 2011

Five Over Seven is comprised of Isabelle Santiago, Terra Loire, and Ashley Arbour, a trio of designers who post a new theme on their website every Sunday, and invite everyone to submit posts on the theme for the rest of the week. In this presentation, they walk through the ideas of the website, as well as each of their own creative processes.

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Seven Helping Hands

@ VOL 6 ON JUL 04, 2013

Seven french graphics students from the team Courte Echelle share the same passion: drawing & telling stories. This young team, working with seven pairs of hands, inspire and collaborate in each project. The name of their collectif is significant: doing the "courte-échelle" in french (short scale) means to help someone overcome a difficulty. (In French)

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Pizza and Pie

@ VOL 29 ON MAR 04, 2014

Elliana Krandel and Hannah Altshuler know everything there is to know about pizza and pie. They share the endless varieties and technicalities of these foods, and what they have learned over their friendship of seven years. Pizza and pie are not just delicious foods but also a means of bringing people together. 

"Presentation of the Day" on April 14, 2014.

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Impact Ready

@ VOL 26 ON NOV 26, 2015

Speaker Tim Hartley is a Senior Partner at Impact Ready, specialising in social enterprise and beyond-profit business. He has mentored and supported the growth of numerous start-up enterprises in the UK; designed and facilitated summits for entrepreneurs in India, South Africa, China and Scotland; and developed impact analysis frameworks and theories of change for NGOs in South Africa, the UK and India. He has experience developing cross-sector mentoring partnerships between business and social enterprises for EY (Ernst & Young) and the SPARK homelessness project.

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Go Beyond

@ VOL 20 ON AUG 02, 2016

The presentation covers Colin O'Brady's recent voyage to become the fastest person to climb the Seven Summits and complete expeditions to the North and South Pole, setting two mountaineering world records. Themes include: overcoming obstacles, goal setting, setting fear aside, and inspiring the next generation to dream big and live active, healthy lives.

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Seven Years in Laos - A Teachers Learning Journey

@ VOL 7 ON SEP 14, 2017

The often quoted maxim, “I went out as a teacher and came back a student” so aptly pertains to Julia Mitchell ‘s life in Laos, the country she has made her home. Embracing the culture and language, and forming lasting bonds with friends, transformed her stay from one year to seven. Julia’s vibrant story is infused with humour and pathos as she tells why this country has won her heart.

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Dimension Seven

@ VOL 2 ON FEB 03, 2018

Burhan Khan has a background in fashion design and is currently working on metal and thread sculptures. In his presentation, Burhan shares inspiration from his travel and bakcpacking expereinces around the world since 2012. He is currently teaching as a visiting faculty at the Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design and is studying music/singing in Hawaii from Ken Tamplin.

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On the Phenomenon of Bullshit Jobs

@ VOL 35 ON JUN 01, 2018

Kaila Colbin spearheaded the hugely successful SingularityU New Zealand and Australia Summits, introducing more than 2,500 people to exponential technologies and their impact on humanity.

Kaila is also a co-founder and Chair of the non-profit Ministry of Awesome, the starting point for early-stage entrepreneurs in Christchurch; the Curator and Licensee for TEDxChristchurch in New Zealand and TEDxScottBase in Antarctica; Chair of the New York-based culinary school Natural Gourmet Institute; Deputy Chair of CORE Education; and a Director of ChristchurchNZ. Her purpose in life is to be an uplifting presence.

Bullshit jobs are not the same as shit jobs Kaila Colbin tells us.  She breaks down the concepts of work and a job and encourages the listener to think about the future without jobs but not work and what that means for us.


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Nana Korobi Ya Oki: “Fall down seven times, get up eight…”

@ VOL 10 ON JUN 21, 2018

Bianca Donnelly talks about however hard life gets you should never give up, you will allways get through.

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Wings And A Camera

@ VOL 7 ON APR 05, 2019

If you're gonna go on an outdoor adventure with Kat Gebauer, you better be ready to put on wings. Kat is an outdoor enthusiast with a spirit that is hard to top and lucky for us, she brings her camera to document all of the fabulous places she finds. So sit back for a tour as Kat takes you across the globe and reveals her next big adventure.

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PKN Honolulu Vol. 7 Goes to the Birds

The next PechaKucha Night in Honolulu (Vol. 7) is just around the corner, happening this Friday (December 11) at Linekona's Academy Art Center. The night's festivities will be accompanied by music from Kenneth Makuakane and DJ Eskae. This will also mark the last PKN Honolulu for Mark Hakoda as head organizer, so if you spot him, make sure to go and thank him for the amazing job he's done over the past seven volumes.

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Poster for PKN Gisborne Vol. 3

The next PechaKucha Night in Gisborne (Vol. 3) is just a week away (June 18), to be held at the Tawera Studio Gallery. Organizer Pene Walsh sends in a few details: PechaKucha Night Gisborne on 18th June is to celebrate Matariki. Matariki is the beginning of the Maori New Year and refers to the time to harvest root crops and the rising of the constellation Pleiades, or Seven Sisters, Subaru in Japan or Matariki as she is known in New Zealand. Just to mix things up we are moving venue once again – this time to introduce the new space, Tawera Gallery and Studio. Speakers and topics include an astrologer, the Matariki story, an iPhone apps developer, and what is the future of the presently defunct Gisborne train line?

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Poster for PKN Thessaloniki Vol. 4

PechaKucha Night in Thessaloniki Vol. 4 takes place this Sunday (December 11), and as the poster reveals, "it's all about hip-hop culture!" It happens at the Bord de l'eau project space, and you'll find more details and the list of presenters on the official event page. We also include a press release for the event. It's all about Hip Hop culture! 20 images, 20 seconds per image, 6.5 minutes for each of presentation ... one more PechaKucha Night arrives in the restless city of Thessaloniki. “Elculture” presents on Sunday, December 11 2011, at 21:00, at "Bord de l’eau" project space, the 4th PechaKucha Night in Thessaloniki, entitled "It's all about Hip Hop culture!" Seven speakers will analyze their own visual aspects of Hip Hop culture, based on personal experience and everyday life. There will be presentations by: Argyris "SER" Saraslanidis, graffiti and street artist, owner of "The Box Gallery". “Together we painted them” Haris Kazantzidis, skater and manager of the Greek company "Propaganda rollin co." "streetwear uncoded" Elias "The Robbed", writer. "Hip Hop Timelab" 3rd Eye Revolution, graphic designer, member of "I Am Hip Hop". "eye of the wolf" Sifu Versus, MC, designer, cinematographer. “Urban Shinobi” Nikitas "X-ray" Klint, an artist, member of the group "Rodes" and "Moriginal Champsystem". Alexandros "Zoltan", promoter, member of the group "Zoltan Tribe" "Inspiration" The evening will continue with Hip Hop rhythms, selected by DJ The Robbed and DJ X-Lib

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More Magazine Library, a 3000-seat Venue for Koszalin, and a 'Raucous' Night in Nishinomiya

Let's take a look at what's happening in PechaKucha today. Presentations As we promised yesterday, we continue to share presentations from last Friday's special PechaKucha event at the Magazine Library exhibition. Today you can hear Antonin Gaultier talk about his new digital Tokyo fashion magazine, De Rigueur (available for Kindle), and Tokyo-based designer Ian Lynam shares some of the magazine titles that have had a big impact on him. Posters Two new posters today on our Tumblr blog, starting with the one (above) for the upcoming PKN Koszalin Vol. 9 (on May 25). You see a piece of the amazing venue where it will be held in it, and below, a better look. You'll also find the beautifully illustrated poster for PKN Barcelona Vol. 16. It's the Koszalin Amphitheatre, and it can hold 3000 spectators -- that's PKN Tel Aviv territory! Events We of course have a few new galleries of event photos to point out, and the photo above is an oldie but goodie, from PKN Beirut Vol. 8 (the most recent event in that city was last week's Vol. 14).PKN Ferrol Vol. 7 -- you'll also find a video of the entire evening A special event in the town of Skorping, organized by PKN Aalborg's Annette Scheibel (photos by Mathies Brinkmann) [Flickr]PKN Manizales Vol. 2 [Flickr]Here we have a report from PKN Nishinomiya organizer Brent Jones on the city's recent PKN Vol. 12:Friday, April 13 (that's right . . . Friday the 13th) was another raucous night of creativity and fun at CUBE in Nishinomiya. We continue to attract an eclectic mix of presenters, and this beautiful Spring night was no exception. We started the evening by showing Mark Dytham’s PechaKucha Global Events presentation from the PKN website. We explained to the audience that we are locked into our set events (because our venue is a school), but that we try to promote these events as much as we can. Our first live presenter was Teruko Ashida, who introduced her organic fruit farm in Amagasaki and the events she holds there. Peter Sterlacci followed up with a lively introduction to Personal Branding. Shuji Narita came next with a humorous look at common English mistakes made by Japanese, and he was followed by Carmen Tamas and Shawn White swapping musings about the charms of Japan and Romania. Our Beer Break was followed by a PKN formatted workshop on Old School Hip Hop by Warren Decker. Natsuko Shiraishi then introduced her work with groups of indigenous Mangyan on the island of Mindoro in the Philippines. The audience was then treated to the trials and tribulations of learning how to scull by Richard Miller, and Wes Lang rounded out the night with a poetic look at Unkai, or the sea of clouds that can be viewed from various summits in Japan. We again enlisted the help of several students in introducing the presenters and keeping the evening full of unexpected twists and turns, and are already looking forward to PKN Nishinomiya Volume 13 on July 6th.Calendar As we mentioned yesterday, tonight (May 15) you can look forward to PKN Helsingborg Vol. 8, and then tomorrow night (May 16) Wagga Wagga will be hosting its PKN Vol. 6.

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What is PKN anyway?

What's Pecha Kucha Night? It’s a community event where presenters are given six minutes and forty seconds to share a story, a hobby, an experience, or pretty much anything else. The Pecha Kucha format is also called “20x20,” because each speaker will have 20 slides that will display for 20 seconds apiece.Why the funny name? Pecha Kucha was developed in Japan, where pecha kucha is a common word for chitchat.  More than anything, Pecha Kucha Night exists to get conversations started! The audience can share lots of questions and comments with each other and the presenters during intermission and after the event.So, what kind of presentations are we talking about? Will I be bored? You will not be bored. An array of topics is covered at each PKN! Past topics have involved: Travel, hunting, crafts, science, health, sports, philosophy, creating art, and building a house of mud and straw! PKN presenters aren’t professional speakers—they’re just people with twenty images and less than seven minutes to share stories with the community.Is this a sales thing? Absolutely not. In fact, PKN is a nonprofit organization. We just love chitchat.Is PKN family-friendly? Yes! Each presentation is suitable for all ages.

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Pizza and Pie

Pizza and pie are like siblings separated at birth, caught up in an endless rivalry.  Elliana Krandel and Hannah Altshuler know everything there is to know about pizza and pie. In "Pizza and Pie" from PKN Chicago Vol. 29, they share the endless varieties and technicalities of these foods, and what they have learned over their friendship of seven years. Pizza and pie are not just delicious foods but also a means of bringing people together. 

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A Journey into the Virtual World

“I worked very hard to make no reference to the real world at all. It took me to some amazing places.” Architect and urban planner David Denton has been working in the Virtual World for seven years. In “A Journey into the Virtual World” from PKN Knoxville Vol. 12, he speaks about the folly of wanting to re-create the real world, and about the incredible tool that virtual reality is for creating entirely new worlds.

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A PechaKucha Fit for a Queen

This week's PKN Story comes from Denmark's 2nd largest city, Aarhus, where a on June 20th, the city celebrated the opening of an architecturally exquisite library and media house overlooking the harbour, and attended by none other than the Queen of Denmark!  PechaKucha Aarhus participated in the celebration by hosting a PKN featuring seven of the favorite speakers from the last year! Check out some photos from the event!   

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Media Post

Pensacola News Journal: PechaKucha combines chit-chat, learning and beer By Kevin Robinson How much can you learn in seven minutes? A lot, it turns out. On Saturday, local astronomers, artists, educators and historians will share stories, insights and ideas in a series of rapid-fire presentations at an annual event called PechaKucha Night, or PKN, Pensacola. PechaKucha means "chit-chat" in Japanese, and the term has come to represent a specific presentation format where speakers show 20 slides and spend 20 seconds discussing each one. The easiest point of reference for the PKN concept are TED Talks, short speaking engagements in which nationally renowned experts share stories and thoughts about science, health and social issues Read more at:

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City Focus: Cairns

Just in time for their PKN Vol. 24, Cairns is taking the spotlight for this week’s City Focus. Located in Queensland, Australia, this PK city is breathtaking with it’s clear blue waters and white sand. Cairns is a popular tourist location due to it’s access to one of the seven wonders of the world, the Great Barrier Reef. Cairns is hosting their PKN Vol. 24 during National Science week and we can’t wait. See you all there!