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The Future of Flooding

@ VOL 16 ON SEP 01, 2016

Samuel Lang Budin is a social documentary photographer living in Brooklyn and working primarily in the depressive realist mode. He makes 35mm and medium format slide shows about climate change anxiety, aging and death, naked people in their own homes, the personal discomforts of travel, and the encroaching sea. Just you wait!

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Death by Architecture

@ VOL 17 ON MAR 09, 2017

Architect Ananth Sampathkumar takes us through the world of architectural competitions - from historical examples of the Sydney Opera House and Pompidou Center to a cultural center in Sri Lanka. 

Ananth studied at the Illinois Institute of Technology and the School of Planning and Architecture in New Delhi, India before moving to New York. Here he co-founded NDNY Architecture and Design, completing projects in Srilanka, India, and the USA.


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Ana Maria Pinto da Silva
Principal UX Designer, Amazon in Seattle


Seattle @ Ouch My Eye
Dec 03, 2008


Seattle @ Washington State Convention & Trade Center
Mar 28, 2009


Seattle @ Ouch My Eye
Apr 30, 2009


Seattle @ Bellevue Arts Museum
Oct 09, 2009


Seattle @ Ouch My Eye
Feb 18, 2010


Seattle @ Ouch My Eye
Nov 11, 2010


Seattle @ Seattle Central Library
Feb 22, 2011


Seattle @ The Pirhana Shop
May 12, 2011


Seattle @ See Sound Lounge
Jun 30, 2011


Seattle @ The Art Stable
Aug 05, 2011

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Do Not Settle

@ VOL 12 ON NOV 27, 2014

"We want people to appreciate the city from a new point of view."

In Do Not Settle from PechaKucha Night Breda Vol. 12, the photographic research study by Wahyu Pramoto and Kris Provoost captures the ever-changing megacity of Shanghai from a new angle. Rooftops have long been inaccessible and neglected usually only used as a place to store mechanical equipment, however these platform open up a new opportunity to study the rapid change happening in this world financial hub.

The observations show the rich history of Shanghai’s urbanism and reveals the unfair fight currently happening where Shanghai’s heritage is losing against the overpowering pressure of the shiny skyscrapers.

This was "Presentation of the Day" on June 27th, 2017. 

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Sparklight Comics

@ VOL 119 ON NOV 26, 2014

Just how much do you know about American creator-owned comic books? Seattle-based Maki Yamane offers up an overview for a Japanese audience, and also talks about Sparklight Comics, her new publishing company that is bringing Japanese-translated editions of some of these books to Japan. (in Japanese)

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Plastics, Plastics Everywhere and Not a Cop to Shrink

@ VOL 27 ON JUN 10, 2016

Howard Wiig collaborated with NOAA, the US Coast Guard, Schnitzer Steel, H-Power and other volunteers to cut drift nets from the reefs of the Northwest Hawaiian Islands to be processed to generate electricity for hundreds of homes. The program was later duplicated in Oregon and Massachusetts, Wiig and the team was later awarded “The Top 50 most innovative projects” by Harvards Kennedy School of Business. In addition to his work in the Northwest Hawaiian Islands, Howard will be sharing about the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch,” stretching between Hawaii and Seattle. Along with the effect that debris has on local Laysan Albatross and Hawaiian Monk Seals population.

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Green Bow Farm

@ VOL 7 ON AUG 25, 2016

Matthew and Christina Cox moved from Seattle, left their artsy life to start their farm. Now their biggest critic is the weather, the patrons buy eggs and their studio is the wide open space.

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@ VOL 25 ON MAR 27, 2018

Tom Bode is a Portland native, entrepreneur, music composer, and photographer who loves fishing and Pacific NW history.

In the early 1990's, Tom began selling instant photos on the streets of Seattle using his grandfather's old Polaroid Land Camera 250. Over the next dozen or so years he took thousands of instant portraits around the NW and saw both Polaroid and Fuji films go out of production. Tom has been asked to speak about his experiences with instant films and why he believes they are having a comeback in popularity.

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Lifelong Art Practice

@ VOL 16 ON JAN 18, 2019

Artist Stephen Rock takes an evolving look at how to “Get Your S*%t together.” Over a lifelong journey, he takes us from early works done under his art teacher father to installation pieces, public sculpture projects and innovative large format inkjet prints. Each period of exploration contributes to his current mixed process digital print works. He lives in Seattle, WA and is represented by the Seattle Art Museum Gallery.

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Evolution of a Life of Art

@ VOL 16 ON JAN 18, 2019

Artist Stephen Rock takes an evolving look at how to “Get Your S*%t together” at Gallery One in Ellensburg, WA. Over a lifelong journey, he takes us from early works done under his art teacher father to installation pieces, public sculpture projects and innovative large format inkjet prints. Each period of exploration contributes to his current mixed process digital print works. He lives in Seattle, WA and is represented by the Seattle Art Museum Gallery.

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Amanda Swartwout

Do you have what it takes to be a karaoke queen? Amanda Swartwout apparently does, and so the focus of her PechaKucha Night in Seattle Vol. 12 presentation was on that exact status. Also, as organizer Ana Silva explains, "there [was] a blank slide, which was actually filled by an audience member doing a grand tamborine solo -- hilarious..." Below, a few photos of Seattle's "resident Karaoke Queen" and friends in action.

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PKN Seattle Recycles

For tonight's (January 7) PechaKucha Night in Seattle Vol. 16 at Ouch My Eye Gallery, organizers have given the event the theme of "What Was Old Is Now New." We’ve assembled an amazing roster of presenters from across the spectrum of artists, professionals, and professional / artists! It's the new year, decade, are our attitudes changing too? All things seem to cycle in one way or another. A night of recycle artists, people reinventing their methodologies, thought processes and their own selves. What kind of project do you want to take on next? Come be inspired by what others are doing or have already done! You can see the full list of presenters on the official Vol. 16 event page. Pictured above, the scene for PKN Seattle Vol. 14, held in October of last year at the Bellevue Arts Museum.

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PKN Seattle Vol. 29

From what PechaKucha Night in Seattle organizer Ana Silva tells us, last Thursday's Vol. 29 was an amazing one, and it even included a special guest, PKN Chattanooga organizer Matt Brown, who was greeted with "a super warm welcome" from the PKN Seattle team. Ana is also prepping for the next PKN in Seattle, which will be held on April 16, part of our Global PechaKucha Day charity event -- more details on that very soon.

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PKN Seattle Vol. 30

Seattle recently had its momentous Vol. 30, and from organizer Ana Maria Pinto da Silva we get a little peek at what the gathering looked like (above) -- you'll find the list of presenters on the official event page. We're told it was a really fun event -- there was even a presenter who accompanied his presentation on guitar. A new PechaKucha Night series is going to start in Bellingham, and the new organizer was able to drop by the Seattle event to check in and see how they do things there -- and you've got to figure they're doing something right, considering they were celebrating their 30th edition!

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PKN Posters: Seattle Vol. 42

The Pacific Northwest city of Seattle will be hosting their Vol. 42 on February 7th (under 36 hours from now) and is running the evening with the theme "Adventures in Kitsch and Beyond".  They've collaborated with the Nordic Heritage Museum -- which just so happens to be running an exhibition titled "Bad Art?" -- to make this event more even more melodramatic and intriguing.  To see more great posters from PechaKucha Nights all over the world, check out our Tumblr blog.

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Vanguard Seattle Previews Vol. 47

Vanguard Seattle has an in-depth preview of the city's forthcoming Vol. 47 evening. Here's a small snippet from the write-up: The evening will feature thirteen individuals who work with glass in many different ways. Among the speakers are artists that show in galleries and museums, artists that work in highly conceptual ways in contemporary art and design, and several that instruct others in the techniques of making art out of glass. PKN Seattle Vol. 47 will take place on October 11 at the Seattle Art Museum and will feature the theme "Glass: Subcultures of Mastery". Check out the full article here.

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PechaKucha Storytelling through Music

Though this presentation comes to us from a few years, back, its value rings true to this day. Creative director Rob Dalton sang a PechaKucha-themed song at a special PKN Seattle, and organizer Ana Maria Pinto da Silva was kind enough to share it with us.  Check out the video below, or watch it embiggened here.

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City Focus: Seattle

This week's "City Focus" is in honor of a very special event, and that's Seattle's PechaKucha Night Vol. 50, a collaboration between PKN Seattle, the City of Seattle, and the Seattle Art Museum. For more details on the event and the full lineup, visit the official event page. The Seattle skyline pictured comes from this page.

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Seattle Over the Next 20 Years

We've already covered that Seattle is celebrating its 50th PechaKucha Night this week (on January 30) -- Seattle is in fact our "City Focus" this week -- but here's also a look at the event poster. What's the theme? PechaKucha Seattle, the City of Seattle and the Seattle Art Museum are collaborating for Big Ideas – Imagining Seattle’s Future, 2035 & Beyond.  The evening will bring together presentations by leaders from across Seattle’s innovation/creation community to explore shared visions for Seattle’s future to inspire Seattle 2035, a year-long citywide conversation to guide the update of the city’s 20-year comprehensive plan. Be sure to check out the official event page for more details.

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PechaKucha at Bellevue Arts Museum

PechaKucha Night Seattle is teaming up this week with Bellevue Arts Museum for an evening in their distinctive new building, designed by noted architect Steven Holl. The evening will include a conversation surrounding the exhibition The New Frontier: Young Designer-Makers in the Pacific Northwest.