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Tanya Tighe
in Abbotsford
Traffic Safety First
Owner, Online Traffic School - Defensive Driving Course | Traffic Safety First in Hauppauge


Bemidji @ The Hungry Bear Banquet & Conference Center
Apr 26, 2012


Miami @ The Garden Rooftop, Miami Design District
Jul 30, 2013


Santa Cruz, CA @ Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History
Sep 13, 2013


Sharjah @ Maraya Art Centre
May 10, 2014

PAST PechaKucha Event

Powered by PechaKucha @ Old Cheese Factory
May 15, 2015


Jakarta @ Es Teler77 Resto
Sep 16, 2015


Atlanta @ Elevator Factory
May 22, 2016


Bexhill-on-Sea @ De La Warr Pavilion
Jun 21, 2018


Moscow @ MAMM
Mar 13, 2018

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Save Our Cyclists

@ VOL 8 ON APR 29, 2013

Khun Panx talks about Save our Cyclists, a campaign to keep cyclists safe on the streets. Save our Cyclists spread throughout many cycling communities, communicating about street safety, accident prevention and the role of drivers in keeping the streets safe. 

"Presentation of the Day" on August 1, 2013.

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Branto: the Brain, the Eye and the Ear of Your Home

@ VOL 9 ON OCT 24, 2013

How a beloved mother feels, whether the children are doing their lessons, whether the cat is in the fridge ... in short what is going on at home you can find out without leaving the office with the help of this wonder ball – Branto. For you, it will become whoever you want: a household assistant, a “secret agent" or a reliable guardian.

This amazing device of Victor Sergienko, Director of R&D, Branto and a start-up team was presented in PKN Dnipropetrovsk IT::Start-up Vol. 9that looks like a usual beautiful decor item and is easily controlled with any mobile platform: phone, tablet, etc.

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Peaceful & Safer Riding

@ VOL. 22 1/2 | ATL CYCLING FEST & ATL PKN ON JUN 08, 2014

Ken Rosskopf is a local attorney who specializes in bicycle-related law and injuries. Ken brings his knowledge of bicycle safety to our audience!  

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Somnolence au Volant : Soyez Vigilants! - Drowsy Driving: Be Alert!

@ VOL 1 ON NOV 20, 2014

La somnolence au volant tue autant que l’alcool ! Cela vous surprend ? Dans sa présentation, Clémentine François vous expliquera pourquoi nous sommes tous concernés par la somnolence et quelles en sont les conséquences pour la conduite ou l’exécution de tâches à risque. Vous découvrirez également comment des lunettes, développées à l’Université de Liège, vous empêcheront peut-être de vous endormir au volant et de faire un accident. Clémentine vous expliquera l’histoire du projet sur lequel elle travaille et qui a permis de concevoir ces lunettes, depuis l’idée jusqu’au processus de création d’une nouvelle entreprise. Sa motivation ? Vous aider et améliorer votre sécurité !

Drowsy driving kills as much as alcohol! This surprises you? In her presentation, Clémentine François will explain why we are all affected by drowsiness and what are the consequences in driving or in performing hazardous tasks. You will also discover how a pair of glasses, developed at the University of Liège, may prevent you from falling asleep at the wheel and make an accident. Clementine will explain the story of the project on which she works and which has led to the development of these glasses, from the idea to the process of creating a new company. Her motivation? To help you and improve your safety!

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@ VOL 13 ON NOV 25, 2015

Veilig buiten spelen is essentieel voor de ontwikkeling van kinderen. Oud worden voelt prettiger in je eigen buurt dan in een verpleeg- of verzorginshuis. Voor alle mensen geldt: een woon- en leefomgeving met veel groen, ruimte voor lichaamsbeweging en ontmoetingen op straat voelt als vertrouwd en veilig. Inzichten als deze klinken simpel. Maar bouwen we onze dorpen en stadsbuurten met die kennis? Nog te weinig! Dat kan beter, vertellen Gijsbert van Es en Pieter van der Straaten. Beiden werken als strateeg bij de gemeente Leiden. Hun motto: “It takes a village to raise a child and live your life”. Over de opkomst van ‘stadsdorpen’.

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Tokyo Smart Driver


「東京スマートドライバー」 をご存知ですか? 悪い運転を叱るのではなく、良い運転を褒めよう!と呼びかけ、楽しみながらの安全運転をモットーにセイフドライバーの輪を繋げるソーシャルデザインプロジェクトです。従来の交通安全運動から、大きくリ・デザインされたこのプロジェクトは、いま交通安全業界に新たな潮流を生み出しています!ディレクターの真田武幸さんと一緒に、これからの交通安全を楽しみましょう!

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IronMan Safety

@ VOL 14 ON SEP 07, 2016

Kari Stuart is an athlete and trainer with a love of yoga, nature, her family, all things inspiring.

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Creativity and Play as Medicine


Transpersonal Arts Counsellor Anna Atkinson’s practice incorporates art, movement, creative writing, voice and body work. She explores the potential of creativity to impact on health and wellbeing. Anna gives the audience an insight into the true happiness the freedom that art can give to those who are willing to embrace it. 

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Show & Tell: Talking about the Taboo

@ VOL 31 ON MAR 28, 2018

David Bradley talks about being a structural architect for life-saving devices on bridges.

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Vehicle Safety: A Crash Course

@ VOL 3 ON APR 11, 2019

Paul Sharp's talk is a brief history of vehicle crashworthiness, design and development.


The PKN Sendai Team is Safe

It took a while, but we've finally gotten word from the organizers of PechaKucha Night in Sendai -- the hardest hit area following the March 11 quake -- and they are all safe. Led by Daisuke Suzuki of Hiroto Suzuki Architects & Associates, we've been told that all the people who work at the office are safe, but some of them have lost their homes. The damage to the city is not as bad as near the coast, but there are many damaged buildings and homes. In a coincidence that we still have a hard time believing, they told us that they went to view a potential venue just two days before the earthquake, and that they were planning to have their first PKN on April 16, which is the day we are holding our Global PechaKucha Day - Inspire Japan event. The PKN Sendai team is hoping to participate in the global event somehow, although for now finding a venue is of course an issue. We'll keep everyone posted as we find out more.

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Poster for PKN Bemidji Vol. 12

PechaKucha Night in Bemidji Vol. 12 happens tomorrow (April 26), and here's organizer Samantha Nienow with all the details (and you'll also find all the presenters listed with links on the official event page):Pecha Kucha Night is your all-expense-paid vacation from wifi. Turn off your iDevice and show your colon-hyphen-right-parenthesis face April 26th at the New City Ballroom at 6:30. You can tweet in person and LOL—no hashtags or abbreviations required. (ROFL is okay, but not recommended for your safety.)If you have attended a PKN, you know why it has been described as “social media in real life.” This is your opportunity to connect with old friends and make new friends. You can like things you never even knew about! You could even gain a few followers. “What the heck is PKN?” Put down your Droid. I’ll save you some googling. PechaKucha Night is a celebration of stories. Speakers share six-minute-forty-second snippets of their lives, ideas, passions, or work. While they speak, twenty images will play for twenty seconds each. That’s why it’s also called 20×20. You can start a discussion, share a joke, and enjoy handmade art by local artists. Listen to your neighbors’ stories. Even if you’ve heard them before, we promise they won’t go over six minutes and forty seconds. We want the New City Ballroom to exceed 140 characters. We’d like to see the whole community come out and share in stories, laughter, and the spirit of making new connections—in person! Participate in a real social network at Bemidji’s Pecha Kucha #12!

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The X-Ray Lady

In this edition of Presentation of the Day (from PKN Wiliamsburg Vol. 2) Lita Tirak examines the early history of the X-ray, and the roles women and the upper class played in the commercial support of the new technology. She looks at the early X-ray industry, and the cultural role the new technology played in social interactions, from advertisements, to wedding announcements, before safety concerns overtook the popularity of this new experience.

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Save Our Cyclists

Any cyclist in the city will tell you, it can be a dangerous place to ride.  Which is why, in today's Presentation of the Day, "Save our Cyclists" from PKN Bangkok Vol. 8, Khun Panx talks about her campaign to keep cyclists safe on the streets. The Save our Cyclists movement focuses on communicating street safety tips to riders, promoting accident prevention, and emphasizes the role of drivers in keeping the streets safe. 

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Branto: the Brain, the Eye and the Ear of Your Home

How a beloved mother feels, whether the children are doing their lessons, whether the cat is in the fridge ... in short what is going on at home you can find out without leaving the office with the help of this wonder ball – Branto. For you, it will become whoever you want: a household assistant, a “secret agent" or a reliable guardian. This amazing device of Victor Sergienko, Director of R&D, Branto and a start-up team was presented in his presentation from PKN Dnipropetrovsk IT::Start-up Vol. 9 that looks like a usual beautiful decor item and is easily controlled with any mobile platform: phone, tablet, etc.

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Providing Safe Water

“There are 800 million people who lack access to water, and 2.5 billion without a toilet.” Shilpa Alva co-founded and directs Surge: an organisation focused on bringing safe water and sanitation to those in need. In “Providing Safe Water” from PKN Chicago Vol. 30 Shilpa speaks on the creation of Surge, the plight of those without clean water or plumbing, and how she and her colleagues are enacting positive change.

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"When I see that little locomotive, I smell the engine oil, it takes me back — I’m a kid again." TV screenwriter Andrew Gunn reveals to us his dirty little secret -- his love for model trains! In “Loco-motives” from PKN Christchurch Vol. 20, Gunn expresses his love for model trains, and how they allow him to escape into a fantasy world. He compares his job as a script writer for children's films to these miniature train worlds and says that he enjoys the feeling of safety and wonder these worlds provide. 

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A Little Polar Bear's Big Journey

“Creating a sense of security and safety for this little bear was absolutely imperative.” Mammal Curator for the Louisville Zoo Jane Anne Franklin tells the story of a little orphaned polar bear’s journey from Alaska to captivity. In “A Little Polar Bear’s Big Journey” from PKN Louisville Vol. 8, Jane tell us how she was thrust into the role of surrogate mother for this little polar bear, as well as how she’s struggled and triumphed in helping the bear grow.

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The Truth about Islam

The word Islam comes from salam, which means “peace” and “safety.” Abulelah Alalsheikh seeks to help others better understand Islam. In “The Truth about Islam” from PKN Osaka Vol. 7, he retraces the history of Islam and debunks some misconceptions about this religion.

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Two Wheeled Tomorrow

  "There aren't many things that have survived this sanitization and overly safety focused modern life like the motorcycle has." In Two Wheeled Tomorrow from PechaKucha Night Special x MINI @ BMW Group Tokyo Bay, Matthew Roberts makes the case that raw, gritty, internal-combusting motorcycles are here to stay. Roberts argues that custom motorcycles are one of the last outlets for the human desire to be daring and adventurous.