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Finding My Own

@ VOL 2 ON FEB 20, 2015

Billy Harrell shares that inspiration can also be locally grown. Billy speaks about seeing other places, gaining experiences, and finally, going back to his roots and finding a connection with everything around him.

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Who Am I

@ VOL 3 ON JUN 05, 2015

Jampa Dorje takes you through his beautifiul journey of opening a bookstore in rural Ellensburg, becoming a Buddhist monk and writing poetry. Through rhythm, repetition and an openness to life's gifts, Jampa has returned to a small town, becasue "why not."

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Rural Famous

@ VOL 7 ON AUG 25, 2016

"That landscape and rural culture around it not only continues to inspire the work I make as an artist but inspires me as a husband and father, as a friend and a human."

In Rural Famous at PechaKucha Night Ellensburg Vol.7,  Justin Beckman shares his love of "open spaces". His journey from the smoggy city of Los Angeles to the rural views of Ellensburg have led him to create photography that highlight the beauty of rural landscapes and accentuates the differences between rural and city life. 

This was "PechaKucha of the Day" on Monday, January 30th, 2017.

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Living the High Life

@ VOL 7 ON AUG 25, 2016

There's a new cash crop in rural Kittitas county, it's called marijuana.  Entrepreneur TJ McDonald takes you thtough the history of different cash crops of the area and shares his story as a pioneer with his partner to start BinxBuds.


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in 23/75 Waterway Drive Coomera QLD 4208 Australia


Miami @ Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden
Apr 25, 2010


Rio de Janeiro @ Studio-X
Nov 27, 2012

PAST PechaKucha Event

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Jan 20, 2014


Halifax @ Wolfville Farmer's Market
Mar 11, 2015


Wolfville @ Wolfville Farmer's Market
Mar 11, 2015


Manila @ ASPACE Greenbelt
May 05, 2016


Monterrey @ Nave Generadores - Parque Fundidora
Mar 28, 2017

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Powered by PechaKucha @ Prestige Lakeside Resort Nelson
May 31, 2018

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Mar 30, 2019

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Shaping Healthy Communities

@ VOL 11 ON FEB 19, 2014

Gary Gaston, Design Director at the Nashville Civic Design Center, discusses some of the major concepts in the upcoming publication, Shaping Healthy Communities. Issues that are addressed include future transit options for Nashville, access to food, parks and open spaces, and making the city more pedestrian-friendly. He also differentiates betwteen natural, rural, suburban, urban, and the downtown core areas.

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How to Bring New Life to the Countryside


Roland Hagenberg talks about his Architectural work in the country of Vienna. He creates beautiful guest house in the rural part of Vienna. He also talks about some of his future projects in Japan and Europe

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Japan's Small Town Solutions

@ VOL 23 ON DEC 19, 2014

Akira Sakano introduces various projects in Kamikatsu, including their Zero Waste declaration. These projects help spread awareness to Japanese rural villages and help reduce waste.

"Presentation of the Day" on March 11, 2015.

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The Sun Rising on Dundee

@ VOL 123 ON MAR 20, 2015

Lyall Bruce explores the town of Dundee in Scotland. He talks about the landscape, architecture, cultural history, as well as the gorgeous sunrises and sunsets of his beloved city. 

"Presentation of the Day" on April 17, 2015.

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From Puffin Hunters to Prostitutes – Portraits from the last 15 years

@ VOL 2 ON MAR 31, 2016

Tessa Bunney is an accomplished photographer based in Vientiane, Laos who is fascinated by the intricacies of rural life. For her PechaKucha presentation she shares 20 of her favourite portraits from the last 15 years, during which she has met and photographed a diverse range of people both close to her home in rural North Yorkshire (UK) and around the world.

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The Power of Radio

@ VOL 16 ON SEP 01, 2016

Originally from Caracas, Venezuela, Carlos Chirinos’ work explores innovation and creativity in emerging global music industries, looking at the role of music in public health, international development and social change. He has been a key consultant for radio and music projects in Europe, Africa and Japan - and most recently worked to develop Africa Stop Ebola, a global music campaign to raise awareness about Ebola in West Africa that was featured in the New York Times, The Guardian, BBC and CNN, for which he received an award from the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the U.S. Department of Defense, and USAID.

Currently, Professor Chirinos collaborates with the David Rubenstein Atrium at Lincoln Center, curating music performances to engage the Latin community living in New York City. He is also involved in projects in the UK, Tanzania, Cuba and other countries, looking at the role of music industries in economic development, tourism and social entrepreneurship. He also runs New York University's Music and Social Change Lab

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Rural Arts Activism

@ VOL 21 ON SEP 24, 2016

"These days, arts and artists are mostly urban, this is not news, but whenever things are brought from the wilderness to the country, to the city, they are brought to make a point."

In "Rural Arts Activism" from PechaKucha Night Halifax Vol. 21, Associate Professor at NSCAD University Karin Cope presents the many creative opportunities in Halifax to explore the arts to enhance the lives of the members of her rural community. 

Karen is a poet, sailor, photographer, videographer, writer, activist, and blogger. Her publications include scholarly works (Passionate Collaborations: Learning to Live with Gertrude Stein,) popular histories (Casting a Legend: The Story of the Lunenburg Foundry), poetry (What we’re doing to stay afloat), short stories, and substantial blogs. A founding member of Art and Activism at NSCAD, Cope is also a community activist on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia. 

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Value of Water: Perspectives from India

@ VOL 1 ON JAN 25, 2017

Kenny Khoo presents about how in order to enable sustainable access to water in rural India, creating economic value in water is critical. 

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How a Cafe Can Change a Community

@ VOL 152 ON NOV 22, 2017

Architect Osamu Sakai along with his wife, also a designer, helped save a public housing complex from demolition last year in the town of Sakura, Tochigi Prefecture. They’ve since established a cafe and community center in a corner of a housing complex that, after renovating, they are now tasked with activating by curating gatherings, activities, and workshops to harmonise with local environment and community. In this presentation Osamu will suggest how projects such as their cafe can help to find solutions to problems many rural cities in Japan face, such as population reduction, traffic congestion, and beyond.


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Kaiseki On A Farm

"It took us about six months from start to finish to turn this wooden and metal barn into a fully functional state-licensed kitchen." In Kaiseki On A Farm from Byan Vol. 3. husband wife team, Brian & Amanda Light share about their successful business endevor, proving a unique dining expereince on a 15 acre farm in rural Texas. Their company "Ronin Cookin" provides meals for special events at their farm, and a venue for evey occasion from 9-course dinnerst to whole-hog roasts with bonfires, to weddings to family reunions and everything in between, and with meats & vegetables sourced from local Texas farmers/ranchers/fisherman, all prepared out of an old barn they converted into a commercial kitchen.

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Skyscrapers to Corn Fields, A Quest for KiloWatts

"I think there is probably a better way to better use this monetary and land resource that the U.S. is gifted with."In Skyscrapers to Corn Fields, A Quest for KiloWatts from Knoxville Vol. 15, Hoi Chun Ho, shares the story of moving from his native Hong Kong megapolis city to rural Fort Scott, Kansas, a town with a population of 8000, when he was 16, adding that to call his experience cultural shock would have been an understatement  Goodbye skyscrapers, busy sidewalks fulll of pedestrians, and the fast pace of the city. Hello open plains, wide roads, big skies, and corn fields. Aside from feeling lonely and bored, he also felt immensely excited. In the open fields in America, he saw opportunities to learn about a rural way and a chance for a Hong Kong city boy to boost America’s clean, reliable, domestic, base-load, renewable energy production.

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Inside My Green Book

"...because I wanted to convey the joy of being in nature to people I see. And that's when I was introduced to photography."In Inside My Green Book from Chennai Vol. 8., an ambitious nature photographer and educator, K. Ramnath Chandrasekhar passionately shares a quest to connect us to the nature through photography. Hailing from rural India, and given a camera at a young age, he used photography as a means to better observe, understand, and appreciate his natural surroundings. Here he shares his experience of spending months at a time in the wilderness and how it informed his photography and appreciation of his home country. Lastly he touches on "backyard wildlife" a project he shares with school kids to keep them connected to nature.  

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Different Rhythm of Life

"With a global trend towards simple life style, there is an undeniable need to just slow down and rethink our priorities and regain our connection with nature." In Different Rhythm of Life from PKN Tokyo Vol. 135, entrepreneur Asako Hibi shares about Tabica, a collaborative consumption service that enables farmers and artisans in rural areas of Japan to connect with those looking for off-the-guidebook experiences. Tabica advocates simple, sustainable lifestyle and wants to support the repopulation and development of local communities throughout Japan.

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PechaKucha People: Mona Cummings

This week we salute Mona Nyandoro Cummings, organizer of Pechakucha Night Harare, who after relocating her Zimbabwean-American family to the city two years ago, has been helping local artists connect with international markets as well as providing support to international foundations focussed on improving educational opportunities for rural schoolchildren.  Now in the process of becoming a personal trainer, she recently founded SAZIMS, a unique travel experience combining the pursuit of lifestyle change with world-class “bucket list” African safari experiences. PechaKucha Organizers can do it all! 

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A Brief Memoir of Architectural Space

"This is my 6-minute memoir. A mediation on impermanence." In A Brief Memoir of Architecural Space from PechaKucha Buffalo vol. 17, independent arts consultant and co-organizer of PechaKucha Buffalo, Joanna Gillespie, delivers a meditation on twenty of the fifty places she has lived since birth. From Victorian-era structures in Buffalo, NY and San Francisco, CA, to the wilds of the 1970's California coast, to modern and efficient rural Japan, to a Postmodern art utopia in Maine, and beyond, Gillespie recounts a particular memory from each space. Through all of the temporal landscapes we find ourselves in, Gillespie concludes, "We forge on, either clumsily or assuredly. We keep on keeping on." Even if we move fifty times.

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Rural Famous

"That landscape and rural culture around it not only continues to inspire the work I make as an artist but inspires me as a husband and father, as a friend and a human." In Rural Famous at PechaKucha Night Ellensburg Vol.7,  Justin Beckman shares his love of "open spaces". His journey from the smoggy city of Los Angeles to the rural views of Ellensburg have led him to create photography that highlight the beauty of rural landscapes and accentuates the differences between rural and city life. 

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Thought Bubble: The first Birstein PKN

Two days later. The first PKN in Birstein is over. No, I was not nervous before the event — but somehow eased after it … There are different ways to look at PKN Birstein #1. In the front end I was not really enthusiastic that we had zero people for speaker's slots. I also felt disappointed about the rather small audience. Well, I knew we would not have a head start here on the countryside, where cultural events sometimes make me feel like one needed to create a new expression for not to misuse the word "culture". :-) We (Anke and I) tried to make up for the missing speakers and prepared five lectures ourselves — instead of the expected two that we wanted to add to the zillions of applications. We really invested in our first PK speeches. Especially Anke did a great job and I have the strong feeling that she personally grew that evening: She delivered wonderful speeches about natural gardening and memories of the last years renovating our historic farm. Thank's for all of you support and enthusiasm, Anke!   It was so good to see how much the audience liked what we delivered. People were quite amazed that something like this PKN did happen in our region. Even though I wished things were a little easier — we set up a nice event, the audience was as enthusiastic as the speakers and everyone was happy in the end. How come I was happy — not having external speakers and a small audience only? Well, we already started to plan our next PKN event and we have some speakers in the pipeline! People start to notice that this is serious and a good thing to support. I guess it will be a long way to achieve my goal to build a PK community here in our "Vogelsberg" region though. We made a start and sometimes this first step is the most important action in such a project. I am thankful that Astrid and Mark gave us the chance to use the PK organization and network bring something to Birstein that is outstanding. I never expected that they would accept our application considering that we live a a small community "out in the woods". After our first PKN I feel that both Astrid and Mark in Tokyo and we in Birstein did the right thing. Birstein for sure is not Tel Aviv — but we will make PKN something that is unique for our rural region. And one day we might be a blueprint for other areas where "culture" is mostly defined as something that happens in the big cities only. Cheers, Frank

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PechaKucha People: Yoshiharu Nakayama

Our weekly PechaKucha People feature highlights PechaKucha Night Kumamoto organizer, Yoshiharu Nakayama! As a Doctor, CEO, dedicated community organizer, Nakayama-san stands out for spearheading a number of inspiring initiatives, one aimed to eliminate the disparity of medical care between cities and rural areas, another focussed on community creation triggered by the 2011 East Japan great earthquake and the 2016 Kumamoto earthquakes, and more. Nakayama-san, it's a privilege to have such on-target people amongst the ranks! 

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We're getting used to it!

PKN Birstein #2 is over.  It was a huge progress compared to our first event.  Speakers and the audience were happy both — no difference to last time here.  But our events growing is a nice thing to experience. Five additional speakers to our core team (Anke an me) were quite a success.  Even though one of them got sick that day we still had six lectures which was excellent if one knows the circumstances in our region (check out the older blog posts).  The range of themes was amazing and we even had a friend from Cologne who visited us that weekend — and delivered a lecture! As one can easily tell by comparing the pictures from PKN #1 to PKN #2 our audience grew.  Well, not enough for me considering that we again got some good coverage by the media — but progress can be seen.  We will have to work on that though. I got a call from one family two days later.  They drove nearly an hour to join the event.  It was pointed out how impressed they were and how wonderful the evening was.  I am sure we will see them again at out Birstein PKN #3 — and that's why we already set up a date for that. Cheers, Frank