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My Story, Superman, Bruce Lee and Everything in Between

@ VOL 10 ON JUN 20, 2017

Life is 10% about what happens to us and 90% about what we do with it and how we take it. In these 20 slides Luca Senatore takes us through the journey from Italy to Cambridge where he learns that the apple might not fall far form the tree... but we almost always have the power to make it roll in whichever direction we want. 


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Los Angeles @ LA Convention Center
May 25, 2010


Samara @ Rhetoric Centre Logos
Mar 22, 2012

PAST PechaKucha Event

Powered by PechaKucha @ NE kunnskap AS
Jun 18, 2014

PAST PechaKucha Event

Powered by PechaKucha @ Cultural Congress, Seattle Center Armory
Apr 29, 2015


Harrisburg @ Stage on Herr
Jun 19, 2015


Cape Town @ The Assembly
Jul 07, 2015

PAST PechaKucha Event

Powered by PechaKucha @ NLA - The Building Centre
Feb 21, 2017


Xiamen @ 万物社·创想公社
Apr 01, 2017

PAST PechaKucha Event

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Aug 12, 2017

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Paper Models

@ VOL 19 ON DEC 13, 2013

Chris Ritson's work serves to create dialogue with the environment and imagine new ways of interacting with nature. His art speaks to cultural anxieties and relationships with nature, and analyzes the myths and prerogatives specific to a psychology of the self.

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The Importance of Business Models

@ VOL 36 ON JUN 26, 2014

We tend to talk about business models quite often lately. But what exactly does it imply? Does it need t be a long detailed report or can it be more empirical? Carlos Perez will demonstrate that business models are a part of everybody´s company, no matter how big or small or how consciously or unconsciously it was made.

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Inspiring Women of All Manner

@ VOL 5 ON OCT 28, 2014

Local tattoo artist Sailor Cher tells us about some of the women who have inspired her through the years. The one who has inspired her most may surprise you.

"Presentation of the Day" on November 10, 2014.

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Disabling Labelling

@ VOL 3 ON SEP 22, 2015

"By and large, most people thought it was time for change. And I was going to be part of that change."

In "Disabling Labelling" from PechaKucha Night St. Neots Vol. 3, writer, mentor, and idealist Ann Hawkins passionately talks about equal opportunity and the modern world lessons that she insists we must learn that race, gender, physical ability, sexual orientation, and all the various labels that we are so accustomed to assigning each other, have very little to do with the kind of people we actually are or how effective we can be in the world. "It's time to tidy up our language" she adds referring to limitations labels give us, concluding "we owe it to the next generation."

This was "PechaKucha of the Day" on Thursday, October 15th, 2015. 

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Paper Models

@ VOL 37 ON MAR 01, 2016

Designer Tom Greensfelder shares a history of paper modelmaking.

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Media's role in nurturing talent

@ VOL 5 ON OCT 16, 2016

Khushbu Choudhary. A popular media personality stresses on the role of media in nurturing and spotting talents in the community.

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Woman Hold Up Half the Sky

@ VOL 4 ON SEP 15, 2016

Teresa Foard presents a selection of images of strong female role models, past and present, from around the world. She grew up around strong female role models both in her family and in the society around her, and is inspired by these examples of strong women.

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Many masters, many lessons


Daniel Mazzini takes us on a journey through time and tells us about the most important masters, teachers andmentors he met throughout his life.

He would like to help to make us aware of the important people in our lives and how they influence us. He hopes that his story will encourage us to feel grateful about our masters and for the way in which they helped us become the persons we are today.

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The Changing Role of the University Art Gallery

@ VOL 1 ON JUN 29, 2017

Indra Lacis, Curator + Art Historian : Contemporary Art and Community - The Changing Role of University Art Gallery

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The Role of the Military Chaplain, an Artist Explores Creativity, and Photos from Castellon de la Plana

Presentations Erin Riley was curious about the role of military chaplains, and so she set out to find the stories behind these people. Her presentation (from PKN Toronto Vol. 15) reveals the results of her interviews and photographs. Tyler Weiss follows up his "Thoughtless Experiment" (from PKN Williamsburg Vol. 1) with an exploration (from PKN Williamsburg Vol. 2) of what creativity means to his artwork. Posters We end the week with two additions to the Tumblr blog, starting with what you see pictured above, for PKN Moncton Vol. 8, part of the International Festival for French Cinema in Acadia (FICFA). The other new poster is for last night's PKN Taos Vol. 8. Photos Here's a photo gallery [Flickr] for PKN Castellon de la Plana Vol. 2, which was held just over a week ago. You'll find the full list of presenters with links on the official event page.  Calendar The weekend starts with the following events tonight (November 9): PKN Shanghai Vol. 20, PKN Oulu Vol. 19, PKN Las Palmas Vol. 8, PKN San Luis Obispo Vol. 18, and PKN Honolulu Vol. 16. On Saturday you'll find PKN Williamsburg Vol. 3, PKN Auckland Vol. 32, and PKN Olsztyn Vol. 1, and then PKN Azores Vol. 4 on Sunday.

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Journey into Eldership

The communal lifestyle and ritual of the Cree aboriginal tribes played a key role in the lives of the two presenters of today's edition of Presentation of the Day (from PKN Edmonton Vol. 15). We hear from Elder Gilman Cardinal and Tashina Makokis, two members of the Cree tribe, separated by a generation. Gilman speaks of his childhood with the tribe, his adulthood outside of it, and his return through eldership. Tashina speaks on the importance of perpetuating the Cree's cultural memory. She discusses her role in bringing together the youth and elders of her community in an effort to preserve cultural traditions.

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My Role as a Storyteller

Though the phrase "a picture is worth a thousand words" is a cliché, photographer Jeanie Adams-Smith takes the concept to heart, and uses her snapshots to tell stories with leagues of emotional depth. In her presentation (from PKN Bowling Green, Vol. 1), Jeanie lets us peek through her viewfinder, and into the lives of kids and parents experiencing pain and exclusion, joy and wonder.  To see more of Jeanie's photos, check out her online portfolio. 

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The Role of an Art Director

In this edition of Presentation of the Day (from PKN Miami, Vol. 21) Mylinh Trieu Nguyen explains the role a traditional art director plays, and compares it to her role as art director of the Wolfsonian using some of her exhibitions as examples. She shows the amount of planning put into creating promotional materials, identities, as well as some of her own projects.

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Health of Africa

In this edition of Presentation of the Day (from PKN Memphis, TN Vol. 6), graduate student Susannah Acuff talks about her journey from pre-med to anthropology. She began by shadowing her grandfather, a physician, in free clinics, and examined the cultural opinions and use of health care and insurance, which eventually led her to Africa, where she examined alternative models for health insurance, instead of the for-profit model found in the United States.

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Rethinking the Role of the Orchestra

"You have to forge meaningful connections with the communities you are in. Ultimately...we want everything we do to matter to the people in this town." In Rethinking the Role of the Orchestra from PechaKucha Night San Antonio Vol. 21, Conductor Troy Peters poses the question, "How does one know a good orchestra?" He thinks your neighborhood policeman just might know the answer.

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Bringing it Down to Size

"I'll be concentrating on one aspect of my art making, practice, which is small-scale sculpture, models, miniature landscape." In Bringing it Down to Size from Pechakucha Night Beacon Vol.5, Brian Higbee talks about his series of sculptures that use scale models to provide wry political commentary on the larger world.

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Tramping Huts

"It's somewhat unheard of at architecture school. Most people build models or make drawings...I built a complete building."In Tramping Huts at PechaKucha Night Auckland Vol. 17, Callum Dowie shares how he brought his own unique structures into fruition, shying away from the standard models used by ordinary architecture students.

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PK People: Kate Levina

This week's PechaKucha People spotlight lands on the lovely Kate Levina and the PechaKucha Night Volgograd Team. Taking a few cues from her leading role in running and curating PechaKucha Nights, Kate has also recently landed a key role in the preparation for FIFA 2018 in Volgograd. Three cheers for this hardworking team of inspiring and creative individuals - wishing them luck at their upcoming event PechaKucha Night Volgograd Vol. 3. Keep the ball rolling, Volgograd!