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Miami @ Miami Beach Convention Center
Sep 15, 2009


Reykjavik @ The Reykjavik Art Museum
Aug 22, 2009


Nov 13, 2009

PAST Hills Breakfast Vol. 29

Powered by PechaKucha @ Hills Cafe/Space ・ヒルズカフェ/スペース
Jul 26, 2013


Portsmouth NH @ The Portsmouth Gas Light Co - Third Floor Nightclub
Feb 16, 2014


Yakima @ Russillos Pizza
Mar 20, 2014


Amsterdam @ Radion
Jul 08, 2015


Markham @ Varley Art Gallery
May 06, 2016


Jihlava @ DIOD
Oct 06, 2017

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Pizza Life

@ VOL 2 ON OCT 16, 2014

Anthony Falco is an artist, family man, and professional pizza maker. From Texas to New York, Anthony has been active in the food industry - from a widely popular french fry stand to a now famous Bushwick pizzeria. Anthony shares his thoughts and feelings about his adventures along the way. 

"Presentation of the Day" on February 3, 2015.

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Shipping Container Architecture

@ VOL 8 ON JUL 31, 2015

What is it like to design and build the largest shipping-container building in the US?

Myles Alexander is the founding and managing principal for Form & Function Architecture. He shared his experience designing the Smoky Park Supper Club and provided some behind-the-scenes knowledge about the property, the process and the challenges along the way at PechaKucha Night Asheville: "The Art of Science."

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La cocina inspiradora

@ VOL 11 ON OCT 02, 2015

Andrés Martínez, chef de Concepción, cuenta como la cocina lo inspira en la vida.

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The United Nations of Food

@ VOL 7 ON DEC 04, 2015

Hear Charles Bibilos, writer of the United Nations of Food blog, talk about his quest to eat food from every country in the world (160 countries), without ever leaving New York City. Yum!

Help Charles finish his quest! Help him eat: East Timor, North Korea, Papua New Guinea, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Botswana, Burundi, Central African Republic, Djibouti, The Gambia, Kenya, Mauritania, Mauritius, Namibia, Republic of the Congo (Congo-Brazzaville), Rwanda, Swaziland, Togo, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe

If you can help, or want to go out to eat with Charles, email him at

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At the Intersection of Cuisine and Culture

@ VOL 8 ON JUL 09, 2016

Hien Ngo shares on his restaurant venture. You have probably never wondered how a restaurant set up by an amateur restauranteur, once a trained biochemist then a salesman (who was born and raised in Saigon, grew up in Sacramento, CA and left America from Boston, MA) would turn out. Here is what Hien Ngo said: "I'm a wanderer who has a passion for food especially Vietnamese food, so why not making something fun out of food while I'm here in Vietnam, why not adding another interpretation about Vietnamese food to the table." So let's find out what has he done.

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The Urban Chill


日本のカフェ文化や飲食業界を牽引し、 地域に根差した店舗作りから商業施設のプロデュースまで行う、 バルニバービの佐藤裕久さん。 「街灯り 人が遊びて 生まれけん」をテーマに、 ご自身のこれまで手がけてきた数々の店舗や空間を通じて「街づくり」のあるべき本質を語られています!

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Vientiane Foodies Group

@ VOL 5 ON MAR 02, 2017

Ana Arenova’s presentation really all made us very hungry and thinking about our next food adventure! She briefly introduced us to her home country’s delicacies and then shared with us the inspirations and challenges which have led to the creation of the Vientiane Foodies Group. With her, we discover some of the group best food voyage in Vientiane from Pakistani cuisine to North Korean or South Indian cuisine and many many more choices to tempt our taste buds.  Ana and her foodies group can definitely help us find our way in the city’s proliferation of restaurants and cafes without going bananas!

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Cricket Shelter: A Modular Insect Farm


"Eating bugs is good for you, good for the planet, and good for the future!"

In "Cricket Shelter: A Modular Insect Farm" from PechaKucha Night New York Vol. 18, architect Maria Aiolova discusses her obsession with cricket farming. Her firm, Terreform ONE, built a sustainable insect shelter on site to conduct extensive research on crickets - studying their growth, social development, and reproductive habits...before harvesting the adults and turning them into tasty treats!

Maria is an architect, educator, designer, and community builder in New York City. She is an innovator in ecological design, smart cities, sustainable urban infrastructure, water, transportation, and waste. Maria is a leader in interdisciplinary education focused on future cities.

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Good Morning Agency

@ VOL 16 ON MAR 01, 2018

Voici une présentation qui raconte les grandes étapes de la construction de l'entreprise de mes rêves. Une agence qui créé, redresse ou duplique des concepts de restauration. Il s'agit d'humains, de food, de partage, de voyages, de social.

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Мой взгляд на работу бариста и участие в чемпионатах

@ VOL 1 ON APR 08, 2018

Артем Винокуров может сделать утро любого человека чуточку лучше, ведь он работает бариста и более 4-х лет радует посетителей вкусным кофе. Артем выступает на чемпионатах, и в его копилке уже такие титулы: Чемпион Урала 2017, 2-е и 3-е место на Уральском чемпионате в прошлых годах. 7-е место на Российском чемпионате бариста.

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PKN Gothenburg Vol. 16

PechaKucha Night in Gothenburg Vol. 16 was held in late October, and the 600+ who were in attendance is certainly a sign that Gothenburg is putting on an amazing series of PKNs. Organizer Jesper Larsson gives us a the lowdown on all the presentations, with photos courtesy of Jonas Mosesson. Gothenburg is starting to get spoiled with fantastic PechaKucha Nights, and Vol. 16 was no exception. Well over 600 people filled our venue Park Lane in order to experience ten equally great and different presentations: Organisational developer and coach Maria Gustafsson spoke about courage and how your boundaries can be seen as rubber bands that needs to be stretched sometimes in order not to turn stiff and fragile. Jon Wingborg who was the Team Manager for Chalmers EcoMarathon described how a car can drive from Sweden to Italy on one litre gasoline. Emma von Brömssen presented about how she creates her amazing pattern designs Erik Thorstensson about Creatables – a Gothenburg based network of product designers that develop smart products from industrial surplus materials and waste. Industrial designer Sigrid Strömgren talked about “quiet design” and how she tries to make products that reduce noise. PhD candidate at Chalmers University of Technology Christian Sandström is fascinated by digital technology and the turmoil it has created around us. His research interests concern technological shifts and how they change industries. He presented about Facit and Kodak, two companies that weren’t able to adopt to the technological shift from analog to digital. Theatre director Anna Sjövall presented how a steering document from Region Västra Götaland called “Det goda livet” (“The good life”) can be used as a manual for everyday life, and turned into a touring performance art piece. Navid Modiri got tired of spending all his time in front of different screens, and decided to do some thing for real instead. It started with riding a horse, and then turned into a whole movement called “365 saker du kan göra” (“365 things you can do”) based on a blog were he suggested one thing you can do each day. He is also setting up a free idea database called Idépedia. An english version of the 365 things you can do-blog is set to be released in 2010. TV-personality Tore Kullgren who claimed his fame as a player in the soccer docusoap FCZ presented about “Slacktevism” (slacker activism) with such examples as wearing ribbons and starting Facebook groups. Tavern-keeper Anna Reimegård presented about the ups and downs of running restaurants and night-clubs, and how you should behave in the bar. Below, a few more photos from PKN Gothenburg Vol. 16. The next edition (Vol. 17) happens December 17.

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A Guide to Landscapes, Improving a Train Station, and Rampant Inspiration in Gothenburg

Presentations João Nunes is an architect, and in this presentation (in Italian, from PKN Catania Vol. 10) he talks about the challenges involved in working with landscapes. This usually means having to balance elements such as time, conditions, and the type of terrain, along with very different materials. In "A Rough Guide to Wakefield Kirkgate" (from PKN Barnsley Vol. 4), Sharon Shepherds shares a few ideas on what could be done to make the historic Wakefield Kirkgate station look better. Posters We've got two new additions to our Tumblr blog, including the poster for PKN Manizales Vol.  3 you see pictured above, as well as the two sides of the PKN San Antonio Vol. 6 flyer. Photos We have quite a few photo galleries to share with you today, some from PKNs that happened a while ago (so not necessary from a city's latest volume). Pictured above, PKN Hanoi Vol. 1.PKN Manizales Vol. 2 [Flickr]PKN Sao Paulo Vol. 9 [Flickr]PKN Marseille Vol. 17 [Facebook]PKN Catania Vol. 6 [Flickr]PKN Albury-Wodonga Vol. 1 [Flickr]PKN Hanoi Vol. 1 [Flickr] We shared a report by PKN Gothenburg organizer Jesper Larsson recently (about the city's recent Vol. 31), and here's a follow-up on the topic of instant inspiration:Sometimes inspiration travels fast. The day after PKN Gothenburg Vol. 31, presenter and sushi chef José Seruda went out in the city to find edible ingredients inspired by Klara Hansson who presented about "The edible city" the same night, and during the beer break served up a 'Kokoro salad' based on wild city plants. José's own hunt resulted in a brand new starter dish using Daisy, Garlic-mustard flower and Dandelion Leaf served as part of the omakase offering the same night at his restaurant Hoze. I'm guessing it's this kind of passion for experimentation with ingredients and flavors that might be the reason many consider Hoze one of Sweden's best sushi restaurants. Below is a video of Klara going hunting for wild plants in Gothenburg city on a previous occasion and within 30 minutes serving up a fresh mushroom salad. How has a PechaKucha presentation inspired you? Calendar As we covered yesterday, tonight's (Wednesday, May 23) calendar includes PKN Prague Vol. 29, PKN Ekaterinburg Vol. 3, PKN Leksand Vol. 4, and PKN Copenhagen Vol. 20. Tomorrow is a big Thursday (May 24), with the following events on tap: PKN Istanbul Vol. 14, PKN Seattle Vol. 35, PKN Helsinki Vol. 21, PKN London Vol. 6, PKN Kosice Vol. 18, and PKN Yerevan Vol. 16.

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By Jean-Paul Toonen Het was er weer, dat opwindende gevoel van een stille, overvolle zaal en een doodnerveuze spreker met een thema dat zo breekbaar is als glas. Je weet nooit of het weer gaat lukken. En als de avond dan ieders verwachtingen overtreft, is dat een geschenk. Toen mijn dochters nog dochtertjes waren, stonden ze elke week op het podium. Hun Tangramschool in Eijsden trommelde namelijk elke vrijdag de ouders bijeen en liet alle klasgenootjes in het spotlicht demonstreren wat er weer aan liedjes en toneelpartijtjes was voorbereid. Een frappante cocktail van opwinding, plaatsvervangende podiumangst, trots en sentiment borrelde op in je gemoed. Misschien is het diezelfde adrenaline die mensen drijft om met 300 tegelijk naar Ainsi te rijden op een ijskoude winteravond. Terwijl op zaterdag een stad vol kroegen en restaurants lonkt, zit de zaal knotsvol en maakt het gniffelende publiek zich op voor de eerste spreker. Het podium, het licht, geluid en de projecties staan nu eens niet in dienst van beroepssprekers maar van onze eigen amateurs. Mensen zonder podiumervaring, geen spoor van broodwinning en zelden het stabiele zelfvertrouwen in de eigen taal. Als één grote reünie van de tangramschool. Dat is Pecha Kucha. Gisteren, zaterdag 20 februari, ging dat weer geweldig. De Amerikaanse Susan Shaefer was al PK-fan en ontpopte zich nu als een dichtende Diva die moeiteloos de spits afbeet. Haar gedichten zijn van grote klasse en gebracht met Amerikaanse flair. Dus lag de lat meteen hoog, zou je denken. Maar Christianne Rousseau nam het op een geheel eigen manier mooi over, met het opschudden van onze slaapkamers, de vergeten leefruimte in huis. En daarna gaat het snel… elke zeven minuten een nieuw onderwerp, compleet haaks op al het voorafgaande. Catalina Goanta – Master student at the Maastricht Graduate School of Governance – doet een pleidooi voor Scholarships en maakt op gevoelige manier duidelijk welke impact dat op levens heeft. En Mark Post knalt daar een ‘rollercoaster’ achteraan over het slimme gebruik van stamcellen in de vleesindustrie. Het klinkt bijna even futuristisch als hilarisch, maar is nog allemaal echt ook. Ook Eric Joris blikt in de toekomst met vergaande theaterproeven. Eric vertegenwoordigt een van de avontuurlijkste gezelschappen van Vlaanderen met voorstellingen op de grens tussen technologie, theater en wetenschap. Ainsi-manager Fons Dejong raapte de handschoen op om in eigen huis zijn pleidooi te houden voor meer fonteinen in de ‘Euregi-au’. Aan zijn betoog en afgetrainde gestalte kon je zien dat hij nog maar pas de voettocht naar Santiago de Compostella heeft volbracht. Ook opvallend was Mirek Hazer die met een vlammend betoog ten strijde trok tegen het Internet. Koud makende voorbeelden en komische details die ons wat realistischer maken rond de effecten van het web. En dat terwijl politiek dier Nelleke Barning juist pleitte voor de omarming van het authentieke communiceren in blogs en social media. Dus hadden die twee elkaar wel wat te vertellen in de ‘beer break’. Hoe Danielle Bakkes Maastricht tot een eigentijds Brugge gaat verbouwen, zie je vast spoedig in Dagblad de Limburger, want Claire van Dyck en fotograaf Rob Oostwegel waren er ook. Met deze vijfde aflevering haalde het event maar liefst 11 nationaliteiten. En was voor de vijfde keer op rij uitverkocht.  

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PKN Posters: Delhi Vol. 16

Delhi, India while be holding their Vol. 16 evening this Thursday, February 28. PKN Delhi has this to say about the upcoming event: This PechaKucha Night hopes to initiate a conversation ... by bringing together a range of representatives from India’s entrepreneurial community. Speakers will include entrepreneurs who work in fields as wide ranging as music, organic farming, online retail, education apps, art and craft artifacts, restaurants, design and much more, as well as mentors, advisors and curators of India’s entrepreneurial culture. To see more great posters from PechaKucha Nights all over the world, check out our Tumblr blog.

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Idle Idol

Edward Harrison scours the country of Japan in search of a very unique (and sometimes adorable, sometimes frightening) quarry -- in this edition of Presentation of the Day (from PKN Tokyo Vol. 73) he shows off the amazing mascots and statues he's come across in front of convenience stores, pharmacies, and restaurants throughout the island nation. Edward has composed a book detailing his experiences and of course highlights the background of these anthropomorphic characters and human caricatures to boot; the title of which is "Idle Idol", of course. 

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iPads and Innovations

One of the speakers at the last event was Alexander Ryzhkov — head of the «November» and the project «Vyhodnoj», which highlights the fresh and up to date information about events and places in Dnipropetrovsk. He talked about owners of different cafes or restaurants that face with problems connected with POS terminals, because they are quite expensive and inconvenient. Alexander and his team offer a great solution — POS terminal based on the iPad. Intuitive, user-friendly and with very affordable price, it simplifies the work of the waiters, which saves both their time and the time of visitors. 


PK Erfurt #1

What an evening!  The day, however, had been quite warm by German summer standards with 27C.  This would mean that our venue at Franz Mehlhose Cafe would also be quite stuffy because there seems to be neither  air-conditioning nor fans present in (German) restaurants, bars and cafes.  Apparently, only the Japanese, a Spaniard and an American came prepared with their own little fans to activate a breeze in the room. Germany is a top-notch football country, and therefore, it is obvious that the national team would make it into the World Cup quarter finals with France.  Needless to say, the game started at 18.00 / 6pm and if all went well, would be finished by 8pm giving our audience enough time to reach the venue.  However, if the game went into overtime, we would have problems.  Fortunately, the Germans won and people started trickling in to the cafe at 7.45pm.  Although the three of us (Hasnain, Tim and myself) had checked the venue with the audio equipment and seating arrangements, one cannot forecast all possible glitches, which we then encountered (incompatible computers, incompatible programs, insufficient lighting at the stage for the presenters to see their notes) and fortunately solved with the help of the cafe's technician, Philip.  Finally, we were all ready to go with everyone seated by 8.30.  Yes, we were a wee bit late, but considering that we were the BREAK between one game ending at 8pm and the next game beginning at 10pm, I am happy to say that we had a great turnout of 62 people, 2 roving photographers, Victoria and Sara, and the three of us from the organization team.  The program began with me giving a short introduction as to when I first encountered the word PECHAKUCHA  (in a newsletter for English language teachers), and then how I had gone to the Weimar PK Night #1 last year with three friends followed by another PK#3 in Weimar in April  with three other friends.  Two of those friends and I then decided to set the paperwork in motion with a request to add Erfurt to the PK map, and with this thought the seeds for PECHAKUCHA NIGHT #1 Erfurt were born.  Just 24 hours earlier, eight presenters were to grace the stage, but then hours later, the number was reduced to seven.  Quality not quantity was the number one priority, and the feedback at the break, as well as afterwards was very positive re the presentations.  A number of the guests found not only the talks interesting, but also our introduction of the presenter and his or her background , especially the personal connection to one of the organizers.  This short interlude gave the audience some minutes to adjust their thinking caps and prepare for the next presentation.  Considering that we had four German and three English talks and that our audience was culturally diverse, the feedback was very positive with most people understanding most of the content. The break after the fourth presentation allowed us to get some fresh air and socialize outside.  In fact, a Turkish woman came up to me and said to me, "Barbara, ich will bei #2 mitmachen."  Great, I thought.  People feel inspired!  After the CITY LOOP images of 16 minutes, we all assembled inside and continued with the last three presentations, which then ended at 10.00pm / 22.00.  I closed by thanking the audience, the roving photographers, and of course, the owner of the cafe, Ralf, who also came up to the stage and smilingly commented with 'Ich war überrascht vom Abend und diese PechaKuchas.  Sehr gut.'  Never forget to thank those people who make the event happen, such as the technician, Philip, who then also came up to the stage.  Now that I think about it, perhaps I should have had Tim and Hasnain also come up to the stage because without their support the evening would not have been possible.  Thank you, Tim and Hasnain! We are all looking forward to PechaKucha Night #2 in November and already have our thoughts in motion for the event. 

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My New Everyday Life

“Obviously, living in a wheelchair is a challenge but is a normal life for many. Wheelchair living requires constant mapping out of acceptable routes and services –like bathrooms– and destinations –like restaurants.” In My New Everyday Life Speaker Nora Ames reprises her standing ovation presentation from the Chicago Architecture Biennial at PechaKucha Chicago’s 36th Volume.   Nora used to enjoy runs by Lake Michigan, running by herself or with coworkers and friends. 13 months ago she had a medical condition taking her out of the workplace and changing her perspective forever. In this presentation the effect of design on accessibility is discussed.

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Handlettered Signboards

"I wasn't worrying about money anymore ... by keeping money out of the social relationships, I also engaged entirely different with the people around me. It was just a much more natural way of being and it released a lot of freedom which was translated into creative expression."In Handlettered Signboards from PechaKucha Night Leiden Vol 15, Lilian Leahy shares quitting her job to trade it for a backpack, sketchbook, pencils, paint and brushes. She travelled for more than a year through South East Asia and India. In more than 100 illustrations she documented her experiences. She also handlettered signboards for guesthouses resorts and restaurants in exchange for food and accomodation and that is how she was able to afford a long time of travelling.

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Hand-Lettered Signboards

"I wasn't worrying about money anymore ... by keeping money out of the social relationships, I also engaged entirely different with the people around me. It was just a much more natural way of being and it released a lot of freedom which was translated into creative expression."In Hand-Lettered Signboards from PechaKucha Night Leiden Vol 15, Lilian Leahy shares quitting her job to trade it for a backpack, sketchbook, pencils, paint and brushes. She travelled for more than a year through South East Asia and India. In more than 100 illustrations she documented her experiences. She also hand-lettered signboards for guesthouses resorts and restaurants in exchange for food and accommodation and that is how she was able to afford a long time of traveling.