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PAST IxDA Interation 13 OCAD U Reception

Toronto @ OCAD University
Jan 27, 2013


Honolulu @ Honolulu Museum of Art School
Aug 15, 2014


Barcelona @ Museu del Disseny de Barcelona
May 23, 2014


Barcelona @ Museu del Disseny de Barcelona
Sep 26, 2014


Göttingen @ Nörgelbuff
Jul 13, 2017

PAST Life's fragile patterns

Coventry @ The Tin Music & Arts, Canal Basin Vaults
Jun 29, 2017


Christchurch @ Cardboard Cathedral
Jun 01, 2018


Madison, WI @ Monona Terrace Community & Convention Center
Nov 29, 2018


Providence @ Askew
Nov 28, 2018

28 FEB


Manchester @ The Whitworth

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Reset Reality

@ VOL 13 ON NOV 07, 2014

Maximilian Erbacher’s oevre, including installations and interventions in public space, is concerned in one way or another with artistic examinations of subtle shifts, which force us to re-assess the supposedly known. Led by his discerning gaze, we come to places where communication between people and their environment seems no longer possible. Erbacher slightly refocuses the way we usually look at the world and makes us rethink what we consider our true experiences and our knowledge of places and stories.(K. Stremmel, Cologne 2007). 

His works have been previously shown in Mirko Mayer Gallery (Germany 2011), Jonkang Lu Art Shanghai (China 2010), Städtische Skulpturenmuseum Heilbronn (Germany 2009), Zentrum Beeldende Kunst Rotterdam (Netherlands 2003), Taipei Fine Art Museum (Taiwan 2002) amongst others. With a DAAD stipend he has also taught media arts and performance at the University of Pécs (Hungary 2011).

Erbacher studied graphic arts at University of Applied Sciences Augsburg, Germany, Media arts at University of Ulster Belfast, North Ireland followed by the Academy of Media Arts Cologne, Germany, with Valie Export and Jürgen Klauke. 
Currently he curates the off-space Boutique- Raum für temporäre Kunst he founded in 2011 in Cologne where he lives and works.

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Prints & Repeat


Allyson Bousema is a graphic designer living in the heart of Sioux Falls. She enjoys trying to make it to every art show on First Fridays and loves connecting with the creative and brilliant people who support this city like she does. She made a lot of artist connections at her last job and misses working with them. It's because of those connections, that she decided to start her own large format print shop, Prints & Repeat.

She wants to share her story and the path that led her to where she is now. She dreams of inspiring at least one other person to invest in their passions as well. There is something in her brain that wasn't there before. The confidence that she has earned now motivates her everyday to do things even when she thinks she can't. She's Allyson Bousema, and she is here to help.

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No Pictures, Please!

@ VOL 6 ON OCT 19, 2015

Writer, photographer, and artist, Jared Thiele moved to New York City and abandoned the idea of nursing school in order to pursue a career as a creative in advertising. Listen to learn about his exploration into social media through his photography, illustreations, and current events.

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.GIFs: an Emotive Vocabulary

@ VOL 6 ON OCT 19, 2015

Sha Hwang takes us through the history of .gifs, and their use in society, as an emotive vocabulary for current events, sports, and every day life.

Sha is an information designer and technologist based mostly in Brooklyn. A failed architect and an accidental entrepreneur, Sha has designed and built work for clients such as the New York Times, MTV, Flickr, and Adobe. Previously, Sha worked at Stamen Design and later cofounded the company Movity, which was acquired by Trulia. Sha spends his nights trawling Tumblr and printing gifs as Gifpop and his days working with Nava to improve and other parts of government.

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Retreating Into Silence

@ VOL 2 ON JAN 21, 2016

“In a lot of ways, the most significant things I have learned have come from experience. In that experience I discovered that there can be both harm and value in speaking and listening, thinking and acting. ”

In Retreating Into Silence from PechaKucha Dubuque Volume 2, Speaker Kelly Larson takes us on a journey to explore how she is learning to balance thinking, listening, speaking and acting. She weaves in stories from family, friends, and co-workers around this exciting presentation!

This was "PechaKucha of the Day" on Thursday, May 19th, 2016. 

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Respect the Process

@ VOL 21 ON NOV 17, 2016

In this presentation Chef Jesse Newmister, owner of Kaizen in Knoxville, discusses his past experiences, the path to opening his own restaurant, and how he develops a dish.

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Time Is a Relative

@ VOL 6 ON OCT 27, 2017

Listen to see why Scott Walsh believes, "We age not by years, but by stories."

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Houseplants, Transplants, and Replants

@ VOL 10 ON OCT 26, 2017

Melissa Even gives us her story about being a transplant and a replant.

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The Courage Report

@ VOL 62 ON MAR 07, 2018

Jane Ruffino, Content designer and content manager at the digital agency Daresay, talks about courage and what differs courage from bravery and recklessness. Also, her point is that pizza is an essential ingredient for success!

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Learn, Create, Repeat: CHCHin1

@ VOL 35 ON JUN 01, 2018

A husband, father, influencer and story teller help to define the person that is Caleb. Raised from a tiny tot in Christchurch this half cast Maori has spent over a decade working alongside the leaders of our tomorrow at the University of Canterbury. Presently, Caleb Ward brings his enthusiasm, energy and mahi to Vodafone.

Amidst the paradigm shift from an analog to digital society Caleb and his Whanau have a shared passion to create space for communities in Christchurch to flourish, within the narrative of 1 minute video's. This growing movement formally known as CHCHin1 are motivated by the growing tide of innovation, the dream to influence and a deep affinity for the creative essence that makes us human! 


PKN Bogota video report

Digging through the PechaKucha video vault we found this great video shot at Pecha Kucha Bogota in Colombia. It gives a really amazing feeling of the creative energy in their city and their PechaKucha Night.


PKN Paris Vol. 8 Video Report

Following yesterday's look at PechaKucha Night in Paris Vol. 8 through photos, here's a terrific video report on the event, directed by Mathias Garnier. The interviews -- in French -- cover how each presenter tackled the PKN format.


Video Report on PKN Zagreb Vol. 2

httpvh:// As we've just posted, PechaKucha Night in Zagreb Vol. 3 takes place tonight (June 11), but here's a video look at the previous edition, held in April.

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PKN Barcelona Vol. 6 Presenter Report

We've already posted a general report and photos from PechaKucha Night in Barcelona Vol. 6 courtesy of organizer Petz Scholtus, but here's a bit more from Petz on some of the night's presenters. For the first time in Barcelona, we had a 6 minutes and 40 seconds live concert. British singer-songwriter Samantha de Siena (pictured above) and her guitar sang three of her beautiful songs to the amazing photographs she took in the streets of Barcelona to illustrate her lyrics. The title of all this talent: “…you watch me with eyes of stone as I try to grow and while I dream of the end you forget that you are the dream...” Artist Gino Rubert, who illustrated the Spanish Stieg Larrson books with his black humour, also had a go at singing “Ay Amor” (“Ouch Love”) a capela, after reading a fragment of his poem “Apio” (“Celery”). Then, Carlos Díaz of the guerrilla marketing group Poko Frecuente invited us to give homage to Michal Jackson by doing the Moonwalk backwards up the Ramblas, the famous street in Barcelona. It worked: some 200 people turned up last Sunday and walked up the busy street backwards. Have a look (below), it’s hilarious! httpvhd:// Last but no least, we showed DJs Contra la Fam (DJs Against the Hunger)’s “2 Minute Pop-Up Party” video as a warm up to last Sunday’s 5th Festival in Barcelona. httpvhd://

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Haiti Progess Report

As you are probably well aware, all of our "PechaKucha for Haiti" efforts are made possible because of our collaboration with Architecture for Humanity. In this post you'll find the latest Haiti progress report from Cameron Sinclair, with details on how things are going, what is currently needed, and more info on how to volunteer. A lot has been happening in the past several weeks as we establish our Rebuilding Design Center in Port-au-Prince and distribute our manual of earthquake and hurricane construction advice on the ground and online (via the Open Architecture Network). Following are some recent news and needs from the Haiti team. We will be sending out updates regularly as Haiti progress reports. Yes, you can unsubscribe:) See below. Immediate Needs: Currently our field team are looking to fill the following immediate needs urgently. If you can help, please email us. 1) Diesel SUV (any brand, Toyota easiest to repair and maintain in Haiti) 2) Creole/French Speaking Design Fellows. Please see the design fellow opportunity. This is a great opportunity to give back and be a part of the long-term recovery effort. 3) Structural Engineers (on-going). Please sign-up to volunteer if you are interested. 4) House Share: We're considering renting house if you are working in the area and want to share accommodation, please email us. We can let you know what the rates would be. Team on the Ground: Our program management team is currently on the ground in Haiti. It includes two regional program managers.... Learn more. School Site Visits: Work is beginning on the Haiti School Initiative. Our Haiti team recently paid a visit to Cité Soleil–an extremely impoverished neighborhood of Port-au-Prince–to evaluate the conditions of schools affected by the quake... Learn more. StudentsRebuild We're very excited to be partnering with the Bezos Family Foundation and Global Nomads Group to inspire students to support and follow the long-term recovery effort in Haiti. We'll be working with middle and high school students over the coming years. Know a smart kid? Haiti Inflation We're beginning to put together preliminary costing for schools and managing the reconstruction program. Inflation means that our funds will be stretched to the limit. Milk? $12. If you are working on costing, email us and let's share notes. Volunteer Opportunities: Our goal is to invite volunteers to support projects in the field starting in the summer. This is contingent logistics and security on the ground. If you read the cost information above, you'll see that housing and transport are going to be hurdles. If you are interested in going, we'll be sending a followup email with instructions in the coming weeks. Please look out for it. Please Note: Architecture for Humanity's funding is limited. All volunteers will need to cover the costs of their own travel, food and accomodation. More details to come! Volunteer Sign-up: Friends who are interested? Let them know how to sign-up. We'll add them to this email.


Video Report on PKN Istanbul

Want to know what a PechaKucha Night in Istanbul looks like? Well, good news, because the city's organizers have put together a video promo that gives us all a peek at their recent events. Embedded in this post is a short version, and you can watch a longer version here. The last PKN in Instanbul was in November (Vol. 12), so we expect that an announcement on the date for the next volume should come out anytime now.

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Inspire Japan Video Report from Marseille

Marseille has done a lot to contribute to our global Inspire Japan efforts -- not only did they hold an all-day event that attracted over 900 attendees throughout, it's also the city that raised the largest amount of money for the cause. Here's a video report on the event, to give you a better idea of how it all went down.

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Letters from Poland

From the Polish city of Koszalin, we heard tell of some changes in the wind. It began with a correspondence saying Gall Podlaszewski (PKN Koszalin founding organizer) would be taking himself and his new family back to Weimar, Germany -- upward and onward to new things. Gall went into detail, in this very heartfelt post, on the past, present, and future of PKN Koszalin (Weronika Teplicka will take the helm as PKN city organizer). We couldn't help but be moved by this tale from another continent. Best of luck to Gall and those of Koszalin!

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PKN#19 in Dunedin Report

Awesome night last night. Our third Pecha Kucha event was held at the University of Otago as part of the University Student Association's annual Art Week. Thanks to everyone who came and to all our presenters. The presenters were: Jed McCammon and Clarke Hegan | Performance Artists | The Yellow Men Brian Miller | Writer, Publisher & Photographer | Dunedin artist Ralph Miller Katya Gunn | Bead Artist | Go to your studio and make stuff Sarah Flourish | Artist | Flourishing and other F words Aroha Novak | Visual artist | Fairy tale Remix 2013 Keir Russell | Circus, Fire, and Social Entrepreneurship | Fire and Fun Roel Wijland | Caretaker of the Brandbach | Why The University Brand Should Be An Artful Fragmentation Bomb Jacque Ruston | Visual artist | Wild and foraged art Henry Johnson | Ethnomusicology | Taiko: Drumming Japan and Beyond Catherine Cocker | Artist | For all the new arrivals Derek Morrison | Photographer | Dunedin Light  The photo is by Henry Johnson who is an ethnomusicologist at the University of Otago and Taiko drumming enthusiest. More photos of the event have been posted on our Facebook page. Our next event is on 14 November in partnership with the Historic Places Trust. Until then!

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Retreating Into Silence

“In a lot of ways, the most significant things I have learned have come from experience. In that experience I discovered that there can be both harm and value in speaking and listening, thinking and acting. ” In Retreating Into Silence from PechaKucha Dubuque Volume 2, Speaker Kelly Larson takes us on a journey to explore how she is learning to balance thinking, listening, speaking and acting. She weaves in stories from family, friends, and co-workers around this exciting presentation!