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The Future of Flooding

@ VOL 16 ON SEP 01, 2016

Samuel Lang Budin is a social documentary photographer living in Brooklyn and working primarily in the depressive realist mode. He makes 35mm and medium format slide shows about climate change anxiety, aging and death, naked people in their own homes, the personal discomforts of travel, and the encroaching sea. Just you wait!

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Death by Architecture

@ VOL 17 ON MAR 09, 2017

Architect Ananth Sampathkumar takes us through the world of architectural competitions - from historical examples of the Sydney Opera House and Pompidou Center to a cultural center in Sri Lanka. 

Ananth studied at the Illinois Institute of Technology and the School of Planning and Architecture in New Delhi, India before moving to New York. Here he co-founded NDNY Architecture and Design, completing projects in Srilanka, India, and the USA.


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Marseille-Provence @ La Cabane du Roucas
Jun 25, 2011


Aalborg @ Huset
Apr 10, 2013


Copenhagen @ Byens Lys
Mar 06, 2013


Fort Worth @ Four Day Weekend Theater
Nov 07, 2013


Albany, NY @ Tech Valley Center of Gravity
Apr 10, 2014


Cape Town @ The Assembly
May 06, 2014


Christchurch @ The Piano
Aug 25, 2016

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@ VOL 20 ON FEB 10, 2010

The ground has just been broken for Vandalorum an new international art and design center designed by Renzo Piano located at an historic crossroad in the middle of Småland, heart of the South of Sweden.
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The Miserable Hour: the Time After the Time When All is Good

@ VOL 19 ON MAY 25, 2014

Improvisational comedian Derek Flores, accompanied by Katie Cowan on the piano, tells the fictional story of Jarvis the meerkat, who becomes enlightened one day, learning how to create his own joy through the power of the library.

"Presentation of the Day" on June 16, 2014.

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Gesammtkunstwerk - Life Lessons on a Pianistic Journey

@ VOL 2 ON FEB 07, 2015

With music as her North Star, Rebecca Chin explores and continues to push boundaries of both inner and outer landscapes.  She shares the idea of Gesammtkunstwerk, which is a congregation and synthesis of art in all its form, as the philosophy of her musical journey moving forward.

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And you may ask yourself, did we get here

@ VOL 17 ON MAR 18, 2016

Maria Vyas set out to become a concert pianist...but life doesn't always turn out the way you expect. So, what do you do next? For Maria she turned to transportation planning. Salt Lake City is lucky to have such an energetic and passionate advocate for smart transportation planning and growth. Maria explains how thoughtful planning for all modes of transportaiton, walking, biking, driving, and mass transit contribute to the value of our built environment.

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Kofi Boakye - Pianist

@ VOL 3 ON MAY 06, 2016

Kofi Boakye shares on his passion for the piano. Boakye is a 16 year old pianist born in Akron, Ohio. Kofi has gathered musical experience from myriad venues across the United States, having performed in the Gospel Music Workshop of America as the organist for the National Children’s and National Men’s Choirs, as well as performing for the Ohio-Pennsylvania District Mega Assembly. Locally, Kofi regularly serves as musical director for church choirs, praise teams, and is often recruited to oversee the music production for stage plays. Although many of his experiences stem from within the U.S., Kofi has had the opportunity to refine his talents on the world stage, touring Germany and Prague with the Miller South Show Choir.
While music remains at the core of who Kofi is, he’s far from one dimensional.

In 2014, President Barack Obama and The White House awarded Kofi with the “President’s Education Award for Outstanding Academic Excellence” and he earned it while balancing school and his blossoming music career.

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Chickens at Home

@ VOL 1 ON MAR 25, 2017

Anne Hanson enjoys writing and drawing and playing the piano. Unexpectedly, some chickens came to visit in 2011 and never left.

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Kids Learn Photography Like Piano



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IN A LANDSCAPE: Classical Music in the Wild

@ VOL 26 ON JUN 18, 2018

IN A LANDSCAPE: Classical Music in the Wild is an outdoor concert series in stunning landscapes of the Pacific Northwest. Hunter Noack brings a 9-foot Steinway grand piano to the middle of forests, fields, calderas and historical sites for classical music concerts. To meet the acoustical challenges of performing in the wild, music is transmitted to the concert-goers via wireless headphones. No longer confined to seats, they can explore the landscape, wander through secret glens, lie in sunny meadows, and roam old growth forests.

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Shae Janiga

You may remember that it wasn't so long ago that Tokyo featured a presentation by an 11-year-old -- Kaden Cowan, whose presentation you can actually watch online -- and now it's Providence's turn to feature a very young presenter, Shae Janiga. Here's a report from organizer Stephanie Gerson. She was fabulous: her name is Shae Janiga and she's a 6th grader at Wyman School in Providence. She plays the piano, violin, and soccer, and Loves horseback riding. She also speaks fluent Slovak and Loves to travel. But most importantly, according to her, Shae is a great big sister to her 3 siblings. Her presentation was called "Global Soccer for All." She started by talking about how soccer has enriched her own life, e.g. by giving her the opportunity to make new friends, travel, and gain more self-confidence. Then she zoomed out to what soccer can do for countries, e.g. enabling the people of countries that have geopolitically tense relations to get along, and respect each other, on the field. (May I remind you she is 11!) But, there's one major problem. (And yes, she made us wait a whole 20 seconds on that 'problem' slide.) The problem being: that girls all over the world don't play soccer. In fact, in many countries, especially countries where women have fewer rights than men, women are actively discouraged from soccer. So how to solve this problem? Well, what she plans to do is live next year with her cousins in Slovakia, and start a girls soccer team there! (The entire audience erupts in cheer.) It was moving, thoughtful, self-aware, and well-delivered. And of course afterward, I got a slew of parents asking me if their kids could present, and we have a 10-year-old lined up for February.    You can see more photos from PKN Providence Vol. 10 in this Flickr photoset.

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The Grand Flat Piano

Some great news for the duo of Olle Bjekas and Jon Wingborg -- their project entitled "The Grand Flat Piano," which was presented at PechaKucha Night in Gothenburg Vol. 18, will be one of this year's "Honorarium Art Installations" at the Burning Man festival. As PKN Gothenburg organizer Jesper Larsson tells us, "every year Burning Man allocates a percentage of its revenue from ticket sales to funding select art projects that are collaborative, community-oriented and interactive." Here's a description of the project, taken from the official Burning Man announcement. The Grand Flat Piano is a 20 meter long flat piano. It has 45 keys in 9 octaves C#. The keys are connected to several synthesizers. The Grand Flat Piano is played by burners so just come out at the playa and play on the largest piano you have ever seen. If you want a whole jam session just bring your own instruments and jam along the piano.


PKN Gothenburg's Piano Break

httpv:// At its latest PechaKucha Night -- Vol. 28, held a few days ago -- Gothenburg invited pianist Bruno Bran to play at the event during the breaks, instead of a DJ. As organizer Jesper Larsson says, "I must say it was great for the atmosphere and perhaps something to spread and recommend to other PKN organizers." The video gives you a taste of Bran's playing, and we love seeing the reflection of our PechaKucha city loop on the piano.

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PKN Bucharest Vol. 8

Bucharest took part in the Global Cities Week with its PechaKucha Night Vol. 8, and here we post a few photos from the event -- with more to see in this Facebook gallery -- as well as a report from organizer Irina Ionica. You'll also find the full list of presenters with links on the official event page. Bucharest had its Cities Week PechaKucha Night #8 on the 23rd of February, in a great location provided by The National Music University. The "George Enescu" concert hall appears to be probably the best location we have had for PechaKucha Bucharest, although every and each location seemed to be perfect for the specific moment. This edition offered a few surprises: 1. Two piano pieces were played at the beginning of the show by Andreea Butnaru, from the “Musica Viva” trio and The National Music University. 2. Kolding, a Danish city that organized PechaKucha Night almost at the same time, made a presentation for us at the beginning of their show, and we made a presentation for them, at the end of ours. We used Skype for that, and the sound was perfect, while presenter’s image and the presentation film ran in parallel on a different screen. So we were together that night, once more. 3. At the end of the show we had an unexpected presentation on 20 images about Kolding, completely unknown by the 4 volunteers chosen from public. We had a lot of fun together. A wonderful night! If only it had lasted longer!

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The Miserable Hour: the Time After the Time When All is Good

"This is a story about a sad meerkat with a drinking problem..." Improvisational comedian Derek Flores, accompanied by Katie Cowan on the piano, tells the fictional story of Jarvis the meerkat, who becomes enlightened one day, learning how to create his own joy through the power of the library. In "The Miserable Hour: the Time After the Time When All is Good" from PKN Christchurch Vol. 19 Derek is ambushed with twenty images set to music, and asked to spin metaphorical thread into comedy gold.

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Playful Interventions

Where do you play in your city? Simon Bedford discusses the excitement that can be found at Coventry’s Warwick Arts Centre. In “Playful Interventions” from PKN Coventry Vol. 19, he begins by showing off the impact that interactive light sculptures, piano stairs, augmented reality advertisements, and speed limit lotteries can have on a community.

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Analog Synthesizers in CGA

"I quit after one [piano] lesson. Thats when I learned that you can quit something and that doesn't stop you from doing what you want to do."In Analog Synthesizers in CGA, from PechaKucha Night New Westminster Vol. 10, Wes Koopmans takes us through a sonic journey into the world of analog synthesizers. Prepare your ears for loops, waves, feedback and some pretty catchy synths in this offbeat (no pun intended) presentation.

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Performing, Creating and Collaborating

"The great thing about collaboration is that it is driven by structure." In "Performing, Creating and Collaborating" from PechaKucha Night Sunshine Coast Vol.18, Christopher Allery has had a 20 year creative career that has focused on the art of collaboration. This began with an art show during his second year of his Bachelor of Arts (Visual Art). Staged at the Majestic Theatre in Pomona, Chris worked with fellow friends and fellow undergrads to create an immersive installation and performance incorporating found objects, artificial light, and original music which was performed on the Majestic’s grand piano. In this presentation, Chris shares collaborative relationships that he has explored have been fruitful but also stretched him sometimes painfully, but also professionally, and creatively.