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Bratislava @ A4 club / YMCA house
Oct 28, 2015


Birmingham @ BCU Curzon Building Rm 502
Mar 15, 2016

PAST UNHCR Innovation

Istanbul @ Atolye Istanbul
May 22, 2016


Buffalo @ Hayes Hall
Sep 24, 2016


Waterville @ Thomas College, Student Commons
Feb 03, 2017


Bratislava @ Berlinka
Apr 26, 2017


Manchester @ Fairfield Social Club
Aug 02, 2018


Medicine Hat
Nov 09, 2018

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The Lucky Country

@ VOL 3 ON SEP 13, 2014

Marc is an advocate for social justice and for the rights and living conditions of refugees waiting for judgement as to whether they will be allowed immigration visas.

Marc recounts his experiences as a social worker on the Australian Immigration Detention centre on the island of Nauru and the appalling conditions that refugees were had to endure due to the constraints of the Australian Government's Department of Immigration.

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Heavy Metal Crossing Borders

@ VOL 3 ON FEB 20, 2015

Marwan Al-Samara'e, who grew up in war-torn Iraq, has survived death threats - all in the name of heavy metal! Featured in a documentary called Heavy Metal in Baghdad, his band Acrassicauda was forced to leave Iraq and became refugees. He now believes dreams can come true (even if that isn't very metal) and lives in New York - preaching the power of music to cross borders.  


"Presentation of the Day" on June 2, 2015.

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Disabling Labelling

@ VOL 3 ON SEP 22, 2015

"By and large, most people thought it was time for change. And I was going to be part of that change."

In "Disabling Labelling" from PechaKucha Night St. Neots Vol. 3, writer, mentor, and idealist Ann Hawkins passionately talks about equal opportunity and the modern world lessons that she insists we must learn that race, gender, physical ability, sexual orientation, and all the various labels that we are so accustomed to assigning each other, have very little to do with the kind of people we actually are or how effective we can be in the world. "It's time to tidy up our language" she adds referring to limitations labels give us, concluding "we owe it to the next generation."

This was "PechaKucha of the Day" on Thursday, October 15th, 2015. 

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Bringing Relief

@ VOL 5 ON MAR 15, 2016

Shannon Brandt takes us with her on this sometimes funny, often moving trip she made to Lebabnon to bring releif supplies to refugges fleeing the conflict in Syria.

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Atlanta Has Something to Say: Refugees Welcome

@ VOL 29 ON MAY 22, 2016

Bee Nguyen has something to say on behalf of Atlanta: Refugees are welcome here. But, what exactly does that mean? What is involved in welcoming a family who is immigrating to the United States? Bee's family knows firsthand what that means having immigrated from Vietnam. Now, Bee is growing her Syrian family right here in ATL and she wants to tell you all about her "ice cream boo"! 

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Cultural Confusion

@ VOL 5 ON JAN 08, 2016

In the light of recent wave of refugees and migrants arriving in Europe, Hasnain Bokhari speaks about his experiences living in Germany about how it is being like living like a foreigner or a migrant in Germany/Europe.

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Rethinking Resettlement

@ VOL 18 ON SEP 24, 2016

"How can we make our endeavors clear and approachable enough that we can actually contribute to the public debate at a very high level?"

In Rethinking Resettlement from PechaKucha Buffalo Vol. 18, Assistant Professor of Architecture at the University at Buffalo, Erkin Özay, reviews some of the social and design issues involved in rehousing and supporting Buffalo, New York's new Americans. Özay's Spring 2016 UB graduate studio explored the potential for temporary and long-term housing for newly arrived refugees and immigrants, as well as the role of supporting institutions, community assets, and reimagining the existing housing stock. Özay's project investigates "compassionate urbanism." He is interested in how groups of limited means--new and existing residents--support each other through careful intersections. 

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3 min changed my life

@ VOL 16 ON MAR 01, 2018

I was a leading rights activist in Sri Lanka for decades, my passion being peace with justice and freedom of expression with social responsibility. I came to Geneva on 24th May 2009 to make a intervention at UNHRC special session on Sri Lanka for post war justice. That 3 minute speech changed my life, I was not able to go back home and became a refugee, Geneva became my second home.

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Visions through a unifying flag

@ VOL 8 ON JUL 13, 2017

In a recent project, physicist and artist Federico Faraci focused his thoughts, ranging from social changes that are currently taking place in Europe and the World in general, all the way to the connection of each of us with the universe, to design a new flag for Europe, reflecting openness and and a welcoming society.

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A Journey to the Motherland (Cambodia)

@ VOL 9 ON MAY 31, 2018

Vith Ing, Photojournalist

“A Journey to the Motherland”

A survivor of the Cambodian Killing Fields, an athlete, a reporter with L.B. in Your City News, in a wheelchair and an all-around "bad ass" describes his journey to the motherland after escaping several years prior from the Cambodian Killing Fields.

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An International PechaKucha Poster Exhibition

Annette Scheibel, the organizer responsible for PKN Aalborg, along with artist Helena Sokol have collected nearly 300 PechaKucha Night posters from around the world and have begun showing them at a small curated exhibition in their Danish harbor town. Annette has put together a small photo-set of the exhibition, which also allows its visitors to purchase posters whose proceeds will go to the assistance of refugees in Syria (by way of the Jesuit Refugee Service). Syrian organizer Harout Ekmanian (of PKN Aleppo)helped coordinate with Annette to make this effort possible -- a fine example of the PechaKucha family coming together on an international level.

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Exhibition of PechaKucha posters from all over the world at HUSET Aalborg

PechaKucha poster exhibition in Husets Galleri december 2012 Frem til jul kunne man se udstilling med PechaKucha plakater som vi har fikpå mail fra hele verden, og det strømmede ind med plakatkunst i hundredevis :-) Vi valgte 70 A3 og 15 store vi har trykt og viste alle dem vi har fået på en skærm i galleriet. Vi fik også plakater fra PechaKucha Night Aleppo i Syrien. Cityorganizer Harout Ekmanian har i stedet kastet for alle sine kræfter ind i hjælpearbejdet med flygtninge i fra borgerkrigen i Syrien. Sammen med den kristne hjælpeorganisation JRS forsøger han at samle tæpper, mad, penge og anden nødhjælp. Vi har fået lov at trykke og sælge PechaKucha Aleppos plakater til 50 kr. stk., og salget går ubeskåret til hjælpearbejdet via JRS. Kom ind og støt - læs mere om JRS her: Untill christmas you could see an exhibition of PechaKucha posters received on mail from he whole world - and we've received hundreds :-) We chose 70 A3 and 15 big ones for print and we showed all of the posters we received on screen in the gallery. We also received posters from PechaKucha Aleppo in Syria. Cityorganizer Harout Ekmanian has cast all is efforts into helping refugees from the civil war. Together with the christian helporganisation JRS he tries to collect blankets, food, money and emergency aid. We have been allowed to print and sell their PechaKucha posters for 50 kr. each, and sales go entirely to emergency relief through the JRS. So come by or support through

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A collectively presented Pecha Kucha

At our March 2013 event, PKN Coventry Vol 12, we tried a new twist on the improvised Pecha Kucha presentation. To fit with our theme of "The 10 things I would do to make Coventry a better place", I prepared 20 slides - images of aspects of Coventry. In the interval, cards showing one of these images were randomly handed out to people in the audience, with the request that they come up with one (20 second) 'thing' inspired by that image to add into the presentation. Here is an short version of the list of the things the audience came up with: 1. (image of the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum) Open for longer and later. Still free entry and expand the programme of groups using the space. 2. (image of the Cathedrals) Open up the recently discovered 14th Century crypts and let people see the bodies! 3. (image of the Ellen Terry Building) Bring back the cinema for the public! 4. (image of alleyway by Druckers off Hertford Street) Make sure the lights always work and it's safe to use. 5. (image of ring road flyovers by sports centre) Get the chicken knitters (as mentioned in Richard Tomlinson's PK earlier) to knit some socks for the ring road legs...(yarnbombing!) 6. (image of the river at the back of Palmer Lane) Open up the river. 7. (image of back of sports centre) I'm amazed that these used to be steps up to a restaurant! 8. (image of the side of St Mary's Guild Hall) Keep the heritage weekend. 9. (image of County Hall) More independent, and less w*nk bars! 10. (image of timbered former tourist info building next to Holy Trinity) Should be Tourist Info and a tourist destination. 11. (gate near Bishop St) This is near the Refugee Centre. The Refugee Centre has been welcoming refugees for more than 10 years, but it had to remain hidden for a long time. The refugees that have settled here over the last 10 years are now making a huge impact in the city. Reinvention, positivity and social value. 12. (image of the precinct) We should all be 'Poogilantes' to prevent people from stepping in undesirable poo on pavements, always carry a chalk to circle, label and help others avoid! 13. (image of stairs near Coventry Market) Step into Coventry Market - Coventry is full of interesting buildings, spaces, nooks and crannies. Go and explore - and champion - them. 14. (image of the circular cafe in the Lower Precinct) Create a public painting - or guerilla weaving workshop here. Cover it in colour. 15. (image of Cullen ceramic mural in the Lower Precinct) Give more jobs to glass blowers, artists and other people who put the colour in. 16. (image of public artwork in Shelton Square) Make a hidden art trail - so people can find these. 17. (image of former Evening Telegraph building) Offer this building to artists and craftsmen... 18. (image of Whitefriars Monastery from the subway) Crowdsource some citizen photos of Coventry - what its people see as beautiful - and use these as the images on official council and other establishments websites. An ever-changing selection which showcases current events and developments and maybe even engenders civic pride! 19. (image of graffitti) A paint amnesty. 20 (image of the cross on the ground of the Priory Place visitor centre garden) Coventry obviously needs more pirates - there's buried treasure here that needs digging up....!

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From Billboards to Changed Lives

How can we address other's needs and suffering by using our excess?  Many of the refugees fleeing from their countries to America have been sent to Clarksville, Georgia. Speaking no English, they have a difficult time finding work. In "From Billboards to Changed Lives" from PKN Atlanta Vol. 20, Jeff Shinabarger created jobs for them out of what other people thought of as just trash - old billboards. They turn these billboards into things like wallets, bags, and pillows.

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Heavy Metal Crossing Boarders

"This practice space no longer exists cuz it got blown up."In Heavy Metal Crossing Boarders from Brooklyn, Vol. 3, Marwan Al-Samara'e, who grew up in war-torn Iraq, survived death threats - all in the name of heavy metal! Featured in a documentary called Heavy Metal in Baghdad, his band Acrassicauda was forced to leave Iraq and became refugees. He now believes dreams can come true (even if that isn't very metal) and lives in New York - preaching the power of music to cross borders.  Rawk On!

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Friend Crisis

"Refugees are coming to Maastricht ... we want to make them feel welcome."In "Friend Crisis" from PechaKucha Night Maastricht, Vol 27, progressive chaplain Petra Kai Kormendy explains that there is no such thing as a "refugee crisis" but rather a crisis of friendship. At Refugee Project Maastricht, refugees are called friends, and from that idea a new dialogue can open up about our relationships to the situation and to each other as humans.


Presenter Bio: Remy

Announcing one of our presenters, Remy: Remy was born in Burundi and has been living in Dzaleka for over 8 years.  Remy founded TakenoLAB which aims to empower young people with computing techniques focused on the development of Android applications.  Started in April 2016, TakenoLAB is a nonprofit initiative developed and designed by refugees, they already have 10 students, motivated to create technological solutions for field problems.   So happy to have Remy presenting for us about People At Their Best!


Presenter Bio: Fredy

Fredy is Congolese by nationality, but since 2014 has been in exile in Malawi.  His family values of education and service for humanity led him to dedicate his efforts to fight for a noble cause: denouncing the human rights abuses in the Congo. Since coming to Malawi Fredy has experienced life in a refugee camp.  Discouraged by the multiple legal, socio-economic, socio-cultural, and psychological bounderies that refugees are faced with, Fredy and his brother saw enormous potential in the youth at the camp and founded Salama Africa in 2014. Only two years later, Salama Africa has promoted youth who were nominated vice-champions in a national-wide dance competition, youth who won the Malawi’s Got Talent competition, and have attracted attention of American filmmakers who produced a documentary about their work. This has been a renaissance of Fredy's desire to serve, and also a fresh start for the youth who are developing their potential and living just some of their dreams. Forced, and forged, Fredy has experienced many new beginnings.