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May 18, 2008

PAST IxDA Interation 13 OCAD U Reception

Toronto @ OCAD University
Jan 27, 2013


Madison, WI @ Monona Terrace Community & Convention Center
Apr 11, 2013


Maastricht @ De Brandweer
May 22, 2017


Chengdu @ Fangsuo Commune Chengdu (方所成都)
Nov 10, 2017


Dayton @ Top of the Market
Oct 26, 2017


Coventry @ PVC Priory Visitor Centre
May 08, 2019

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Pancake Love

@ VOL 12 ON DEC 13, 2012

One of the co-owners of Saturday Manufacturing, Brian Sauer, explains the roots and logic behind his company’s fascination with pancakes. He explains exactly what a pancake is, where the recipe originated, how it evolved, and the art of making a proper American pancake.

"Presentation of the Day" on March 5, 2013.

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Great Service: A Recipe for a Life Well Lived

@ VOL 20 ON DEC 01, 2015

Steve McHugh is a renowned chef and restaurateur who shares his passion for great service through the people who have been most influential to him. His parents taught him to serve others because it brings happiness. Chef John Besh helped him develop a palette able to detect nuanced flavors many of us can only dream of tasting. And while he was beating cancer, his oncology team showed him even a hospital can create an inviting environment for guests. Most people can forgive a mistake; people just want to see you try.
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La Cuisine Comme Vecteur de Lien Social

@ VOL 29 ON DEC 06, 2016

Johanna Pestour, co-founder of Mamie Food, emphasises the kitchen as a culinary and a social space. With grannies and grandpas cooking their best recipes, authentic dishes are shared between generations to preserve culinary treats and battle loneliness among elderly people. 

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Ultimate Food Friend

@ VOL 29 ON DEC 06, 2016

Maxime Patte, co-founder of Mmmh!, introduces the idea of the digital ultimate food friend. Someone who is at your disposal to ask all of your food questions, based on your needs. Recipes, food origins or food health questions? Via your phone you have access to the food information you are looking for.  

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Keiki Club

@ VOL 17 ON MAR 09, 2017

Aviva Rowley and friends founded Keiki Club - an open social community for friends and flora fanatics to come together and grow plants, share knowledge, and trade collections. Attend a Keiki Club meeting in NY or California - more info here.

Aviva is a ceramicist / artist / florist from Brooklyn, New York.  She graduated from Cooper Union in 2011 with a BFA.  She has been finding nature in Brooklyn her whole life and stubbornly refuses to leave NY - thus forcing her to create an indoor jungle.  

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Natural Leavening

@ VOL 17 ON MAR 09, 2017

From Texas to New York to Brazil, professional pizza man Anthony Falco has been active in the food industry from a widely popular french fry stand to a famous Bushwick pizzeria, to perfecting delicious bread recipes with his kids. At PechaKucha Night NYC, he talks about the process and health benefits to naturally leavened dough!

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Ingrediente secreto

@ VOL 3 ON SEP 22, 2016

Los sabores, los olores y los recuerdos hacen parte de la receta secreta para convertir un helado en patrimonio de todos los barranquilleros. Antonio Mandralis  es Gerente general de la heladería americana y nos contará los secretos del helado más barranquillero del mundo.

Flavors, smells and memories are part of the secret recipe to make an ice cream become patrimony of all the barranquilla's city neighbors.  Antonio Mandralis is general manager of the "Americana" ice cream shop and he will tell us the secrets of the world's most "barranquillero" ice cream.

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From Siberia to Texas: Uncovering My Family’s Immigration Story One Recipe at a Time

@ VOL 33 ON MAY 22, 2017

Mary Kaltenberg best introduces her story herself:

"It started during a blizzard storm the first week I arrived back in the United States early 2016. As an activity for my mom and I during this cold snowy day, we gathered recipes and started compiling them into a cohesive cookbook. I asked questions about the origination of the recipe and through each recipe lived a different story. Translating and transcribing developed into a documentation of our family history, rich of funny, suspenseful and adventurous stories. One recipe at a time I uncovered the story of my Jewish, Russian, Polish family - how they became a family, survived in Siberia, were deported and stripped of citizenship and the humor of eventually adapting to American culture."

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The Last Ingredient

@ VOL 40 ON NOV 29, 2016

Interior designer, Paige Adams is the author of Last Ingredient where she shares her latest culinary adventures and design inspiration. 

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The climate diet

@ VOL 48 ON MAY 08, 2018

The Climate Diet is a global sustainable food initiative. They create accessible recipes that battle the effects of climate change. How? By collaborating with Master Chefs around the world that inspire a climate diet.

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Toronto Vol. 20 Recap

Toronto's PechaKucha Nights are always real soirees, but their Vol. 20 "Coming of Age" looked like an especially lively evening. Presenters included stormchasers, entrepreneurs, designers, IP lawyers, and more!  PKN Toronto organizer Vivien Leung had this to say about the affair: We had an awesome evening. Advance tickets were sold out online a week before the event. People were calling the venue the day of to find out if there's tickets at door. I had people came all the way from Niagara on the Lake just to attend the event. Mind you, that day was probably one of the coldest day of the week.  They have a set of pictures (including some of scrumptious-looking cupcakes!) of all the hoopla up on their event page, so be sure to give it a look. To see snaps from PechaKucha Nights near you and from all over the world, check out our Global Map.

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Sharjah Vol. 1 Recap

Just over a month ago in Sharjah, of the United Arab Emirates multitudes gathered at the Maraya Art Centre for PKN Sharjah Vol. 1! Sharjah organizer Salem Al-Qassimi had this to say about the festivities: ...the first PechaKucha Night Sharjah was a huge success! The event was a full-house! And the people and the speakers stayed for a long time after to mingle. We are already preparing for a PechaKucha in April and will be moving it to a bigger venue. You can find more photos from this PechaKucha Night on Sharjah's Vol. 1 event page. To see snaps from PechaKucha Nights near you and from all over the world, check out our Global Map.

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Osijek Vol. 2 Recap

Osijek, Croatia held their hip-and-happenin' Vol. 2 just a few weeks back, and they've posted some smooth photos from that Night. Presenters varied from CEOs to graphic designers, from stylists to psychologists, and more!  One of PKN Osijek's organizers, Mirta Matešić, had this to say about the evening: ...our second PKN went great. It took place at another cool venue (local billiards club), and there were even more people than the last time, who truly enjoyed themselves. We had 10 new excellent presentors, a great DJ from Budapest for the after party, and everything went smoothly in a great atmosphere. We plan to hold the next PechaKucha Night in an open space, sometime in June and we are very excited about it! In addition to all the great event photos posted on their Vol. 2 event page, they've also made a short video recap of the event. Check it out!

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Recap: Daegu Vol. 2

The South Korean city of Daegu hosted their lively PKN Daegu Vol. 2 evening on this past February 26. According to the Vol. 2 page, the soiree was "filled with creative and diverse presentations such as the current of PLACES in Daegu, an architectural approach to Daegulite identity as a national center for performing arts, Dutch coffee, cultural & historic interpretations of Korean traditional food, cultural identity through a lens of tatooing, textile-art, juxtaposing contexts, connecting people with like-minds, locally-oriented classical music performances, and publishing an infomation magazine for foreign readers." Photos of this event are up on Daegu's Vol. 2 event page and "motion-grapher" Hyun-Ki Shun has made a short video of the festivities as well.

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Copenhagen Vol. 23 Recap

Though the PKN Copenhagen organizer Maja Lund has been away from helm and helping us here at PechaKucha HQ in Tokyo; the show must go on!  And on it has gone -- the latest event (Vol. 23) in the Danish capital went off with a bang last week, with presenters like Jakob Lange, who talked on "Window Farms" i.e. gardens you can grow in your window box, Jan Kofod Winther discussed his airphotography, and Kjartan Arngrim told stories about his band "Folkeklubben" (Folk Club) -- they also performed as an intro to the event.  Naturally, there are slew of photos from PKN Copenhagen Vol. 23 up on their event page. Not only that, but a local news station was on hand to interview presenters and attendees (in Danish, of course), the YouTube link for those interviews can be found here. Last but not least -- and again, in Danish -- the Danish National Radio (DR) discussed PechaKucha recently as well in an interview titled "Japan Concept Tightens Lectures Up", found here.

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Recap: Kolding Vol. 20

The Danish city of Kolding celebrated their momentous Vol. 20 just this past March 7. Presenters discussed delectable and intriguing topics such as cheese, the relationship between art and death, and why humans have body hair.  As you may or may not be aware, the number 20 holds a special place in our hearts here at PechaKucha, and our founders (Mark Dytham and Astrid Klein) send out a greeting video when each city reaches their Vol. 20. PKN Kolding sent us a video reply, which can be found here.  To see some great photos from PKN Kolding Vol. 20, check out their event page.  

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Recap: Helsingborg Vol. 13

Helsingborg organizer Christel Knappe was kind enough to send us an image of PKN Helsingborg's Vol. 13. It seems as though it was a hit, with 7 speakers and over 70 attendees! To see snaps from PechaKucha Nights near you and from all over the world, check out our Global Map.

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Orlando Recapped: Vol. 9

Back in February, PKN Orlando blew us away with their inane and amusing presentation topics. Fast forward a few months as we're receiving word that their Vol. 9 was a grand, uproarious occasion!  The organizers have posted photos aplenty on their event page, so be sure to take a gander at that. But wait! There's more -- here's a nicely-edited video of the soiree to satiate your appetite for juicy PKN Orlando content:

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Volume 18 Recap!

The relaunch of PechaKucha Atlanta was a huge success!  Big thanks to Octane Westside for hosting us! Our kickass poster was designed by Dan Almasy: Organizer Kevin Ward of Midtown Arts Cinema opened the event: We had 100 PK buttons to give out to attendees, and ran out 30 minutes before presentations even started! Presenter Cameron Adams, sharing his street photography in "Stolen Moments": Jonathan Weidman presented on Atlanta's transportation history, and how the Atlanta Streetcar Project will modernize our transportation system: GA Tech's Andrew Ruff shared his students' vertical gardens projects: Ria Pell of Ria's Bluebird fame shared the 20 rock albums that influenced her career as a chef: Harrison Kris of Volpin Props shared his journey from hobbyist to full-time prop builder: UX analyst Beth Yeckley talked about returning to her roots, and discovering the connections between food and community: Jeffrey Wisard's presentation, "From Old Man Spandex to Millennial Flannel: The History of the Mobile Social," discussed Atlanta's cycling community: Artist Christopher Derek Bruno used questions to challenge conventional perspectives, and discussed his growth as a craftsman:  Johnjay Fitih shared his journey from his couch in London to the screen in Atlanta: Tyrie Smith of Braizen presented, "The Importance of Awesome: Working with People You Love": Derek Koehl introduced us to VerbalEyze, an organization offering publishing opportunities to young writers: Rick Glassman shared sustainable concepts and projects from Architecture for Humanity's Atlanta network of architects, designers, and builders: Leslie Caceda introduced us to Atlanta Streets Alive, a vibrant community event opening our streets to the public: Thank you to all of our wonderfully engaging presenters and the tremendous crowd who joined us! Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and stay tuned for details on the next PK Night -- August 11th! Enjoy more photos from Volume 18 HERE! 

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Guimarães Vol. 5 Recapped

On a spring evening in Portugal, PKN Guimarães held their fifth iteration of PechaKucha Night. Portuguese creative motion and video studio Damn Works put together a great video recap of the evening, which can be found here. As is customary, check out the Guimarães Vol. 5 event page for photos from this soiree.  To see snaps from PechaKucha Nights near you and from all over the world, check out our Global Map.