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Thessaloniki @ GaiAlive
Dec 07, 2010


May 31, 2011


Nov 15, 2011


Genève @ UOG
Nov 14, 2011


Launceston @ Mud Bar and Restaurant
Jun 18, 2012


Grand Rapids @ San Chez Cafe
Nov 06, 2013


Dumaguete @ Byblos at Oriental Hall
Feb 12, 2015

PAST Questtonó 20X20, Powered by PechaKucha

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Sep 11, 2018

PAST Questtonó 20X20 powered by PechaKucha

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Apr 24, 2019

PAST Questtonó 20X20 powered by PechaKucha

Powered by PechaKucha @ Questtonó
Apr 24, 2019

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Questioning the Dream House

@ VOL 2 ON APR 25, 2013

Eva Diem discusses the realities of architecture through her personal experiences. Her ironic photo documentation about one family house in Vorarlberg questions the idea of the "dream house" and living out this fantasy.

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Challange Conventions & Ask Questions

@ VOL 12 ON MAY 08, 2014

Drummer / Composer / Producer / Designer / Critical Aestheticist, Justin Peake, shares his collection of principles, ideas and processes that he has collected through his work and travels in creating his art. Check out some of his work at Articulated Works.


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Opening Up Architectural Questions

@ VOL 8 ON JUL 22, 2015

Douglas Carson is co-founder of Carson and Crushell Architects with Rosaleen Crushell. They design landscapes, buildings, interiors and furniture and also teach and write about the built environment.

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Understanding Cancer

@ VOL 3 ON SEP 22, 2015

"We believe by doing this basic research in our lab that we can have new ways of preventing cancer."

In "Understanding Cancer" from St. Neots Vol 3, scientist at Cambridge University, Kelly Holmes breaks down what cancer is, why it develops and what laboratories, like the one she works in are doing to fight the disease.

This was "Presentation of the Day" on Wednesday, November 25th, 2015.

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@ VOL 130 ON NOV 25, 2015

建築家の白井宏昌さんが問いかけます。 当たり前だと思っていることを疑うこと。そこから新しい(建築の)可能性が見えてこないだろうか?国内外のご自身のプロジェクトから、建築家が今後力を入れていくべきジャンルや手法を紹介されています。目から鱗の連続です!

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Complex Questions - Simple Answers

@ VOL 3 ON APR 10, 2015

Anna Hargrave shares how having a child made her understand the importance of community as an action.

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How can each individual solve Europe’s problems?

@ VOL 32 ON FEB 06, 2017

As a consultant, Duc Hoang often asks a lot of questions to understand more about his clients’ situation and then he finds the answers from their own responses. At the age of 25, he experienced a quarter-life crisis (the period of life ranging from twenties to thirties). He felt stressful, doubtful about his life and his future. Then, a monk asked him to ask himself a lot of questions and luckily this helped him survive his personal crisis.   

In 2017, Europe will be 25 years old, the same age when Duc had his quarter-life crisis, and it is also going through a crisis. Therefore, he would like to invite the PechaKucha audience to try and act like a consultant, and ask all European citizens the same question: What is the meaning of that number?

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Burning Questions: Why Dance, and Why Pakistan?

@ VOL 5 ON APR 29, 2018

Being a dancer in Pakistan raises a lot of eyebrows and a lot of questions. In her presentation, Gillian Rhodes answers the two most common questions - what inspires you to dance, and why are you here?

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To Be, or Not To Be; That Is The Question

@ VOL 21 ON MAR 25, 2019

Dr Corné Davis is senior lecturer at the Department of Strategic Communication at University of Johannesburg where she teaches both undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Strategic Communication and supervises master’s degree students. She is known for her work as a gender-based violence activist and she is a Trustee of Matla a bana, a well-known NGO that campaigns against child rape and secondary abuse. While she is predominantly known as an academic and expert in the field of strategic communication, she is starting her career as a motivational speaker with a primary focus on personal development and wellbeing.

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Street Wisdom - Answers are Everywhere.

@ VOL 4 ON JUN 05, 2019

Understanding how we can tap into the busy world around us for problem solving and inspiration - Bryony Taylor explains.

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Art in Japan After 3/11

Art is Powerful or Powerless? That's one of the questions that Tokyo Art Beat's Tomomi Sasaki and Xin Tahara try to answer in this presentation that looks at the Japanese art scene post 3/11. It was recorded at the last month's PechaKucha Night in Tokyo Vol. 83.

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The City of Tallinn

In this presentation, Liisa Pakosta welcomes everyone to Tallinn and especially to the Fish House (Kalamaja) area, known for its wooden architecture and special atmosphere. When old houses meet new ones with high building standards, it raises many questions about the value of living, space, transport, etc. It was recorded at PechaKucha Night in Tallinn Vol. 3, part of Global Cities Week.

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Food Myths: Right or Wrong?

Are the calories one consumes at night more fattening than those consumed during the day? Many would have you believe that they are. In her presentation from PKN Bangkok Vol. 6, nutritionist Judith Coulson answers questions about some of the most commonplace food myths, and debunks quite a few of them.

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Distinction Through Typology

Christian Webb has some unique photographic methods. In "Distinction Through Typology" from PKN Bedford, Vol. 1, Christian explains that he takes pictures of similar things and arranges them in a grid-like formation. It's the perfect mix of chao's and structure, and his work produces striking results that lead to questions about typology, diversity, and change.

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Pecha Kucha Bemidji: FAQ

For Presenters What file format should images be in? .JPG  You do not need to put your PK in a PowerPoint file! We assemble all the presenters' images into one file for the event. Where can I find images for my presentation? You can use your own photos, stock photography, your own illustrations, and any images you have permission to use or that are in the public domain. Here's some good information about images and copyright. If you have any trouble locating images for your presentation, don't hesitate to contact us at We can help! Contact us with any questions and we’ll be glad to help with your images. Please number the files in the order they should appear in the presentation. In the case of more than one image per slide, simply name them 1a, 1b, 1c, etc.  They are due two weeks before the event.  I’m presenting and I am nervous. Help! PKN audiences are open-minded, generous, and appreciative of your time and effort. Many of the people in our audience have presented in the past, so they know how you feel! Relax. You’re going to have a great time! Contact our PKN team for further resources and encouragement. We're happy to help! What do I need to do before the big event (besides prepare my presentation)? Fill out the biographical information so the emcee can introduce you. (This will be sent in an email.) Send your numbered images to PK coordinators two weeks before the event. Tell us your presentation’s topic and title. When should I show up? PKN starts at 6:30, but the doors open and the creative showcase begins at 6:00. If you are speaking, please arrive by 6:15. What kind of microphone is available? A handheld mic is available, as well as a clip-on lapel microphone and a stand microphone at the lectern. What kind of podium/lectern is available? We understand that this is being updated: TBD. Can I bring visual aids? Yes!   PKN Attendees What is the ticket price? Free! Where is PKN held? The Sanford Center, 1111 Event Center Dr NE, Bemidji, Minnesota. Beer and wine are available for purchase. What time is PKN? Creative Showcase starts at 6:00, PKN starts at 6:30 I want to present! What do I need to do? Email, Facebook message, or tweet at us!, PKN Bemidji on Facebook, @pknBemidji on Twitter  When are the PKNs in 2014? February 20th, May 15th, September 18th, December 4th   Prospective Speakers What topics can I present about? There are only two things not allowed: You may not sell a product or service, and you may not attempt to persuade the audience regarding your political or philosophical leanings. Everything else is allowed. Please keep in mind that the audience is our entire community—all ages and backgrounds--so your content should be family-friendly. I have a friend who would be amazing at this event. What should I tell them? PKN is a fun and friendly environment for everyone, no matter what level of experience they have in front of an audience. After you present at PKN, you will want to do it again! Is this only for experienced presenters? No. Anyone can sign up to speak at a PKN. Anyone. And our PKN Bemidji team is happy to help you put your ideas together.   General Questions Is PKN a non-profit? Yes! PKN is for fun, not for profit. What is the cover charge/ticket price? PKN is always free, fun, and family-friendly! Who are your sponsors? Amity Graphics, Red Zest Design, The Sanford Center, Kitchigami Regional Library Legacy, Glass Doctor of Bemidji, Green Janie, Garden of Edits, Blue Ox Marathon, Real Living First Realty.  Can I be a sponsor? Yes! Contact us for more information. How did PKN start in Bemidji? That’s a whole other blog article—coming soon! Tell me more about Pecha Kucha International. There’s some good information here: The PKN Internation blog is another good resource for all things PKN: And this great book is available if you want to read more. How do you pronounce Pecha Kucha? With Muppets, of course! What tools are available for creating my own pecha kucha? We have a worksheet that is very helpful for putting everything together. Our PKN team is always available to help you with your presentation. Just send us an email! I don’t think I have anything to present about. My life is pretty ordinary. Everyone has a unique experience and/or perspective to share about something. You can present. We would love to hear your story. I would like to be on your mailing list. Just drop us a message on Facebook (PKN Bemidji), Twitter @pknBemidji, or email How many other PKN chapters are there? As of January 15th, there are 727 chapters around the world! There are two others in Minnesota, in Duluth and Minneapolis. What is a Pecha Kucha Night, in a nutshell? PKN is a night of short stories and good conversations! Presentations consist of 20 images shown for 20 seconds each. Topics can be anything including but not limited to hobbies, travel, athletics, science, history, art, cooking, photography, volunteerism, and on and on. Check out our YouTube channel to see many of the past presentations. (link) Here’s PKN International’s FAQ. Are you trying to sell me something? No. Are you sure? Yes, we’re sure. Do you have any fun links pertaining to Pecha Kucha? Yes! Check out these cool posters from all over the world! Here’s an excellent article about PKN.   Volunteers I don’t want to present a PK, but can I volunteer at an event? Yes! We need photographers, greeters, artists for the creative showcase, emcees, poster hangers, and people to spread the word about this fun community event! Contact us:  I would like to be in the creative showcase. Who should I talk to? Jane Hastig or Heather Johnson. Send us an email 


Volume 2 happening in October

We're gearing up for PKN Volume 2 in October! Please submit your ideas by September 1. Presenters will be notified by September 15. Contact with any questions!

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A Number of Questionable Decisions

"What I focussed on was creating this building that could act like a binocular or a telescope to the landscape."In A Number of Questionable Decisions from PechaKucha Night Buffalo Vol. 14, Architect with CannonDesign Michael Tunkey, shares the story of how after 18 years of traveling the world, he and his wide decided to return home to a small farm in Upstate NY to build a eautiful contemporary with a scenic view ...and all the trials and tribulations of doing so… hilarity ensues.

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Something New and Exciting is Coming to #ldnont

Date: Wednesday, January 25, 2017Time: 6:20pm – 8:20pmLocation: Innovation Works (201 King Street) Something new and exciting it coming to #ldnont – something that is connected to a movement taking place in more than 900 places around the world! It’s PechaKucha Night #ldnont – and vol. 1 is coming on Wednesday, January 25, 2017! Are you looking to meet awesome and creative people? Do you love to hear cool experiences, ideas and stories? Are you attracted to the idea of sharing YOUR story with others in a relaxed, fun and unique way? SO COOL! What kind of stories can I anticipate?Literally anything that people think worth sharing including a personal story, an idea, a project, a passion, interesting snaps and experiences from your last adventure (not a sales pitch); these are just a few examples. During each PechaKucha Night #ldnont event, there will be up to a maximum of 8 stories and time to mingle before the event and at intermission.I LOVE IT! Can I present my story?Absolutely, and don’t let the word “presentation” alarm you. The beauty of PechaKucha is that anyone can present! Some meetups will come with a theme, yet for PechaKucha Night #ldnont vol. 1 on January 25th, we will leave it open for presenter proposals. The stories are chosen based on diversity of topics, people and ideas. If you don’t make the cut for PechaKucha Night #ldnont vol. 1 we will get in touch about PechaKucha Night #ldnont vol. 2 on Wednesday, April 25, 2017.EEEP! Not sure if I’m ready to submit a proposal!All good! Come on out to PechaKucha Night #ldnont vol. 1 on Wednesday, January 25, 2017 and experience the evening as a supportive audience member! After the first event you can decide if you are ready to submit a presentation proposal for PechaKucha Night #ldnont vol. 2 on Wednesday, April 25, 2017.WHOA! What happens when I subscribe to the PechaKucha Night #ldnont webpage?The more supporters we have, the more people will learn about this new and fun networking event in London, Ontario! The database of your contact information will not be used for any purpose but information about updates of PechaKucha Night #ldnont.

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PechaKucha People: Kevin S. Fox

For PK Person of the Week, Kevin S. Fox, PechaKucha Nights are a 21st-century forum “where the professional, the poetic, and the personal find their public.” Over the past 2 years this American cultural geographer has presented at 9 PechaKucha Nights in Austria, Slovakia, Poland, Germany and USA. For the presentations he usually discusses his monthly radio show, Geographical Imaginations, where he explores the geographies of everything and nothing with a wide range of people—including academics, artists and everyday geographers. He asks questions and explores themes through dialogue and experimentation. Inevitably, these explorations return to simple, yet complex, questions: How does _____ inform the way I picture the world in my head? How does that picture, in turn, limit or expand my place in the world? Check out his Salzburg, Austria based radio program or his recent presentation from PKN Aalen, Geography of PechaKucha.

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We're back! Announcing PechaKucha Night #ldnont vol. 2 - April 25

Date: Tuesday, April 25, 2017Time: 6:20pm – 8:20pmLocation: Innovation Works (201 King Street)  Building on the awesome success of our inaugural night in January, we are so excited to announce vol. 2! Coming April 25, 2017 - PechaKucha Night #ldnont vol. 2 at Innovation Works London! A night of powerful, concise talks. Prepare to be inspired and spread the word! PechaKucha 20x20 is a simple presentation format where you show 20 images, each for 20 seconds. The images advance automatically and you talk along to the images. Register to attend at (admission is free!)We will ask for a $1 donation at the door to the PechaKucha global fund that goes to such things as maintaining the global website that hosts all of the talks from around the world. We are also collecting items for the London Food Bank. With PechaKucha Nights now happening in over 900 cities around the world, PechaKucha Night #ldnont puts our city on the international stage through the PechaKucha platform and website (check out to learn more and see talks from around the world). This is a great way to network and engage our community thirsty to share their ideas, passions and interests. WANT TO SPEAK ON APRIL 25?Presenter Proposals - Due Friday, March 17, 2017 by 4:00pm ESTWe will be choosing up to a maximum of 8 presenters. Submit your presenter proposal online at A big thanks to Chaun McLellan, Loyalty & Lead Generation Expert of 201 Solutions and also one of the awesome co-tennants at Innovation Works for sponsoring our PechaKucha Night #ldnont events! Check out their services here: